ACE SUSHI Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Have you heard of Ace Sushi Franchise and are thinking of subscribing to the idea? Then that would be a great decision. Roll with me on the ride through the details of the franchise.

Since inception in 1990, Ace Sushi franchise has been in the front of its industry, and its specific quest of dominating local supermarkets with high-quality sushi.

Today, the organization has over 600 stores spread across America, meeting the demands of so many thousand customers and constantly striving to beat their expectations. The parent company is Asiana Management Group Inc.

They also offer services such as setting up of sushi bars in supermarkets, and provision of ACE trained sushi chefs to deliver superior taste sushi products in their wide variations. The organization boasts a rich menu, containing California roll, Green Cal Roll, Krab Roll, Vegetarian roll etc.

Investing in Sushi Franchise in Supermarket

Ace Sushi, which has its headquarter in California, started franchising in 2005. As at the end of 2007, out of the 736 units that were in operation, 349 were franchised. What follows are the terms, description, and financial conditions that franchisees have to meet to qualify to operate an ACE sushi franchise in their grocery stores or supermarkets.

How Much Does Ace Sushi Franchise Cost?

The franchisee should boast an initial investment of within $16,832 to $40,519. The franchise fee to be paid is between $2,400 to $3,600. There are no royalties to be paid subsequently and no advertising fees. Liquid assets are required to worth at least $21,725 to open a single Japanese restaurants location.

However, there is no indication made as to a general liquid cash required of franchisees. To apply for their form, there can be reached at

Franchising Terms of Ace Sushi Franchise

It would involve the franchisee operating an Ace Sushi Bar in a grocery store, a supermarket, or any other place of equivalent category. In this bar, Sushi chefs would be at work and ensure that quality sushi would be on offer constantly.

It is a 1year franchise. And the franchise agreements permit the operation of one Main sushi bar, after the stores have been cross examined and ascertained to meet company’s requirements. The franchise also allows the distribution of the sushi products from the Main Ace Sushi bar to other satellite stores.

Ace Sushi Franchise Monetary Aid

The Ace Sushi group finances the new establishment for a period of one month without interest rates. The Ace Sushi Company would offer a monetary aid of $3,000 to $4,000, which would be paid in a period of time that depends of the agreement made concerning when the original franchise fee would be paid.

Ace Sushi Franchise Training Opportunity

A 42-hour training that precedes class room training is offered the franchisee. However, he would pay 4700 for the training and additional $500 for each new trainee. In the course of the training, the franchisee must meet the mark of satisfaction of the franchisor. On completion of the training successfully, the franchisee is then permitted to operate the Ace sushi franchise.

Choosing a Location for Ace Sushi Franchise

The Ace Sushi organization preserves the right to grant the permission as to the territory that the franchisee chooses to operate the sushi bar. Therein alone they are permitted to run the business. It must be mentioned that they would not have the exclusive rights to the franchised location itself.

The site where the main Ace sushi bar is located is totally within the control of the franchisee after the initial vetting of the organization as to the location.

Ace Sushi Franchise Conditions and Renewal Terms

The traditional Ace Sushi franchise has a term that lasts for 2 years. It is however possible for the agreement to be extended or renewed to cover an additional 2 years, it all depends on negotiation and performance.

A Major Rule of Ace Sushi Franchise

It is the utter obligation of the franchisee to participate completely in the running of the Ace Sushi bar. Except otherwise permitted, the franchisee is not to delegate the duty to some other employee, unless such an employee meets the minimum requirements of the Ace Sushi organization’s training.

Investments Breakdown for Ace Sushi Franchise

The following is a breakdown of some of the aspects in which investments would be made while securing the franchise and after doing so.

Initial Training $700
Franchise fee per Sushi Bar $3000
Equipment $2,500
Licenses $500
Insurance $5000
Initial Inventory $5000
Wares, supplies, and Uniforms for chefs $300
Computer system $1,200
Security deposit $5000
Capital Reserve $10, 000

Now, you have got the ball in your court, what remains is what sports you make out of it. I have just provided you with sufficient information about the Ace Sushi franchise, enough for you to color your supermarket with a nice sushi bar and become part of the ever-growing food industry.