Abbott’s Frozen Custard Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

ABBOTT’S FROZEN CUSTARD Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Do you have the interest of starting up an Abbott’s Frozen Custard franchise? This article will do well to present you with all the facts, figures and other relevant information you require before you can take the plunge of starting up an Abbott’s Frozen Custard franchise.

This article has done well to make known, as clear as possible, the brief information about the Abbott’s Frozen Custard franchise; how much an Abbott’s Frozen Custard franchise costs; the franchise fee; the required startup investment capital; term of agreement and the condition for renewal; as well as how to startup an Abbott’s Frozen Custard franchise store of your own.

About Abbott’s Frozen Custard Franchise

Abbott’s Frozen Custard is a franchise in the restaurant industry. The company was first established in 1902, several decades ago. And since 1977 (40 years ago), they have been offering up franchise opportunity to interested candidates.

The franchise has its headquarters at Rochester, New York City, United States. Their franchises have spread over most of the cities in the United States; from Syracuse, Massachusetts, Colorado, Florida, South Carolina to Rochester, and many others. One of the key persons in the business is Arthur W. Abbott.

People have always loved the Abbott’s Frozen Custard since way back early 20’s at the Charlotte Beach, this is because their products are well renowned for quality. The franchise is well reputed for upholding quality over the last several decades of doing business in New York City, United States.

In fact, providing quality products is the truest mark of the Abbott’s Frozen Custard franchise. The reason why Abbott’s Frozen Custard franchise has become so successful over the years is because of their driving principle; which is to produce the very best frozen custard that customers can find nowhere else.

Abbott’s Frozen Custard franchise owners come from various walks of life and background. But one thing that is very peculiar to their franchise owners is that they passionately apply the methods and processes that they had learned during their training periods into providing quality services to customers.

As a franchise owner, the maximum number of employees you require to operate the business is just fifteen (15). Also, absentee ownership is allowed in Abbott’s Frozen Custard franchise. Interested candidates must have enormous passion for the business, and must be so enthused about working with them.

Any interested individual must be a person who is very creative, motivated, and must possess an entrepreneurial and extroverted spirit to be able to communicate and interact well with their customers and employees. Also, interested candidates must be very resourceful, and always seek for new ways of doing things faster and better.

How much you stand to make as one of Abbott’s Frozen Custard franchisees depends on how much you are willing to put into the business.

How Much Does an Abbott’s Frozen Custard Franchise Cost?

An Abbott’s Frozen Custard franchise store will cost you a minimum amount that ranges from $150,000$500,000.

Abbott’s Frozen Custard Franchise Fee

The initial franchise fee that Abbott’s Frozen Custard will require from you as a new franchise owner is a sum of $35,000 only. Veterans are given an incentive where 10% is waived off the initial franchise fee.

Abbott’s Frozen Custard Franchise Startup Cost

The total start up cost that you will require before you can startup an Abbott’s Frozen Custard franchise ranges from $288,896$406,160. Also, additional fees come in the form of ongoing royalty fee which make up 5.5%, and ad royalty fee which is $0.19/gallon.

Abbott’s Frozen Custard Franchise Membership Training, Requirements and Support

Once you become accepted as one of Abbott’s Frozen Custard Franchisees, you will get to benefit from the following trainings and supports:

  • First, you will benefit from the 3 days training at Scoop School and 10 days training on site at the location you have chosen. These training sessions will cover all the core parts of the business you need to get mastery over, and these training sessions will imbibe into you the winning mentality and culture of Abbott’s Frozen Custard.
  • Supports will come from the management team in various ways; from marketing to administrative, and purchases. Marketing support include co-op advertising, and ad slicks.
  • Supports will also be provided to you in assisting you select a good location for your store, as well as in lease negotiation.
  • You will be provided with all the needed inventory and equipment to run your business.
  • Ongoing support will also be provided to you even after you have established your store. This ongoing support comes in areas as marketing, advertising, product promotion, and subsequent ongoing trainings when necessary.

Abbott’s Frozen Custard Franchise Terms of Agreement /Renewal

The term of agreement is ten (10) years, and renewal is for another period of ten (10) years.

How to Start anAbbott’s Frozen Custard Franchise?

Once you have indicated your interest to start up an Abbott’s Frozen Custard franchise, you should immediately proceed to contacting them by visiting their website on to get the application link, after which you must send an email to [email protected]. Or you could call 304-60-SCOOP to contact Brendon, the Director of Business Developments.

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