9 Rounds Membership Cost – Average Gym Fees

9 Round Prices – Gym Membership Fees

What is the cost of 9 Rounds membership? With the ways life has had a turnaround in this modern time, one of the major reasons why most adults don’t find time to visit the gym is just because of their tight schedules.

Moving down to the gym and working out can take a minimum of 1 hour or thereabout, which can be considered a very long time for someone that has a very busy time with work.


Now the good news is that there are now workout centres that now give members the opportunity to work out, not only under an hour, but within their own schedule. One of those gyms is 9 Rounds. So what 9 Rounds Membership Cost.


9 Rounds was founded in the year 2007 and it became a success instantly that they started selling franchises just 2 years after establishment. The company was founded by professional kick boxers, Heather Hudson and Shannon Hudson.

The techniques they utilise at 9 Rounds are the kickboxing fitness training methods and they give their members the opportunity to work out in 9 different session. Hence the name: 9 Rounds

As a 9 Rounds Member, your workout schedule will start with stations 1 and 2 where jump ropes, kettle bells, medicine balls and a whole lot of other equipment are made available for you to build stamina and muscular strength.

At the end of the 2 stations, you will need to proceed to stations 3 to 8. Here you will be presented with various bags to hit to increase hand to eye coordination, power, speed, timing and conditioning. The last of the stations is designed to strengthen the core muscles.

9 Rounds Members will not spend more than 3 minutes for each station and they will be trained by the trainer to perform various movements. After each training exercise, they will be allowed to rest for 30 seconds before moving on to the next session. This gives them the opportunity to conclude their workout in just 30 minutes

In all the rounds of workout at 9 Rounds, be sure that you will definitely achieve your workout goal in just a matter of few months. This style of workout has been proven to be so much effective and a lot of people want to associate with 9 Rounds, irrespective of the cost of 9 Rounds Membership.

In the year 2015, 9 Rounds was listed by Forbes as one of the most promising organizations in the world. Up till date, the company has about 300 locations spread across the United States, Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. They have their head office in Greenville, South Carolina.


Adults that have shown interest in trying out 9 Rounds will be giving the best gyming experience. When you become a 9 Rounds Member, you are not expected to make payment for your initial workout; this will give you the opportunity to see for yourself the result of the activities over there and then make a decision to join the club

If you eventually sign up at the gym, you will be expected to make a monthly fee. Price of 9 Rounds Membership starts at $59 per month.

Once you make your 9 Rounds Membership fee, you will be given a customised pair of gloves that are designed to allow you hit hard without getting injured in the process. Your 9 Rounds Membership fee will also entitle you to a hand wrap to help your support your wrist.

At the initial stage, you will also be given orientation by the trainers on how to dress up in your kits. This you get to master over time and get done without any supervision.


When you decide to become a 9 Rounds Member, you will definitely be tapping into a whole lot of benefits that you might not be able to get from other gym centres. There are some of the numerous benefit of 9 Rounds


  1. As a 9 Rounds Member you get to work out at your own schedule, meaning there is no class time. A new training session starts every 3 minutes. This indicates that there is not going to be any kind of lateness.
  2. You will also benefit from 9 Rounds Heart Rate Technology. This will help you stay within your fat burning zone
  3. You will be getting trainers on the job to guide and motivate you to get the best from your workout session
  4. At 9 Rounds you get maximum result in just 30 minutes
  5. Every new day at 9 Rounds is a day to try out new workout routines. There is no kind of monotonous activity to bore you.
  6. All the facilities at 9 Rounds are designed to keep you fit and help you achieve your workout goals in a matter of days.


There are about 300 9 Rounds Gyms spread across the United States and in other parts of the world. To locate the nearest gym to you, you can proceed to the company’s official website: https://www.9round.com/kickboxing-classes