5ÀSEC LAUNDRY Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

5 a sec franchise is considered to be the top retailer in textile care and garment treatment in the world. The company was founded in the year 1968 and its concept was based on the rendering of services with a good quality/price ratio that can be easily afforded by everyone.

The company guarantees all its customers fast delivery of their jobs including a definite job rate with just 5 different price ranges, hence the name 5ASec. So now, how much will a 5ASec franchise cost?


Dry cleaning is a process that utilises the effective combination of a mechanical activity with the efficient of a solvent.

At 5ASec, the usage and handling of solvents are done in a well responsible manner to ensure the well being of both the customers and the employees and also for the sake of the ecosystem.

All 5ASec’s stores are equipped with machines that utilise water as the main cleaning solution and the process of cleaning is based on four different elements that are quite important to the efficiency of a washing system

  1. The mechanical action
  2. The laundry products
  3. The temperature
  4. The time allotted to each washing cycle

At 5ASec, they only utilise exclusive ranges of laundry products that degrease, purify and soften textiles for the customers’ maximum satisfaction.


The company was established in the year 1968 and it was an instant success as they started selling off franchises just a year after establishment in the year 1969. The good news is 5ASec sells franchise and you are welcome to be the newest franchisee of the company as they already have more than 2000 franchise outlets in about 30 different countries of the world.


With just a minimal budget, you can buy into the 5ASec Franchise opportunity and start running your own professional laundry and dry-cleaning services within your locality. As a franchisee with 5ASec, you will be presented with the following opportunities.

  1. You will be working as an independent entrepreneur while you are being guided and given the necessary assistance by the company
  2. You also stand to be a beneficiary of the public image that the company has built. That is one of the advantages of buying into a franchise; you won’t need to test the waters anymore as the hurdles have been crossed by the company with the established name already. All you have to do is leverage on this and achieve your goals faster.
  3. You will also be benefitting from the experience and technical capabilities of the company.
  4. Your customer base is already made as the 5ASec brand is already established in the hearts of a lot of people and this will serve as an advantage for you to acquire the customers within your locality.
  5. You will also benefit from a non-existent competition with the 5ASec Brand. The company seems to be in a class of its own with its cutting-edge technology in the area of laundry and dry cleaning.


As it is with most other franchises, you will be expected to be financially capable to run a 5ASec franchise before you can be considered for franchising. So what is the cost of 5ASec franchise? The minimum investment that you will require as a 5ASec franchisee is $100,000 and this will depend on the location that you choose to site your store.

You will also be making some on-going fees during the course of running your franchise business. These are royalty fee of about 5% of the monthly gross sales of the store and also an ad royalty fee, which is about 2% of the gross sales of the store.


As a new franchisee with 5ASec, you will be entitled to 5-week training before your store launches and then 2-day assistance after the store has fully opened. You will also receive assistance in the following areas:

  1. Getting a very good location for your store
  2. You will also be supported with the perfect interior layout of the store
  3. You will get adequate technical assistance by the company
  4. You will also be assisted with information in the areas of research and development by the company. Every franchise of 5ASec will be kept abreast of the latest information as regards the process of laundry
  5. Your store will also be assisted in the areas of marketing and communication. As a franchisee of the company, you will benefit in the broad advertisement campaigns of the company, which is the reason why you are expected to make an on-going ad royalty fee


You will not be getting any form of financial assistance from the company as a franchisee. What they do to assist the franchisee is to connect you with 3rd party lenders that will help you in the area of financing your franchise store.

Although you will need to meet up with the terms and conditions of these lenders before you can be considered for financing.