4 Profitable 3D Printing Franchise Opportunities

Here, we’ll be focusing on 3d printing franchise opportunities to buy into. Each present opportunities for investors to own and manage their businesses while also benefiting from the support and expertise provided by the franchisors.

Best 3D Printing Franchises To Invest In Today

3D printing is fast attracting the attention of investors due to its wide applicability and enormous potentials. It is a capital intensive business that requires significant investments. There are also the challenges of starting and managing a new business from scratch to contend with.

However, the good news is; 3d printing opportunities exist for interested entrepreneurs.

Twindom 3D Printing Franchise

Twindom is one of the best 3D printing franchise opportunities to consider. This is a mobile full-body 3D scanning photography business that uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Its proprietary management software offers limitless 3D image manipulations.

This is in addition to its compact equipment which is easy to transport and quick to set up.

  • How Its Business Model Works

As a Twindom franchisee, you’ll be involved in running an effective franchise operation that involves traveling to your customer’s specific locations to shoot 3D images. Such images are then processed, managed, and delivered in 3D photo formats.

Franchisees are also required to promote the brand as well as passing on the benefits of 3D printing to your clients. The possibilities for entrepreneurs are endless with Twindom.

  • How’s The Income Like?

One of the primary things prospective franchisees look out for in a franchise opportunity is the earning potentials.

For Twindom franchisees, earnings are made through a variety of services provided such as the sale of 3D photography products in addition to other related services.

  • The Ideal Twindom Franchisee

The franchisor is seeking franchise candidates that meet certain criteria necessary for growth.

Such candidates must be interested in a home-based portable 3D printing business in addition to having cheerful and optimistic personalities. These attributes help franchisees connect easily with customers, thus attracting more patronage.

More importantly, prospective franchisees must have a passion for photography. Plus, they must have an eye for detail to help bring out the best in clients.

  • Advantages

By becoming a Twindom franchisee, you get access to lots of benefits. These range from its third-party financing arrangements which it provides to qualified franchisees, as well as flexibility with location. You can go to just about anywhere within minutes to set up your equipment and get the job done.

Franchisees also benefit from higher profit margins, access to an ever-evolving product variety, easy to share across social media platforms, and a hassle-free order fulfillment among several others.

Minuteman Press

Minuteman Press is yet another 3D franchise printing opportunity available for investment. Other services it offers apart from printing includes copying and sign. Once you apply for this franchise opportunity, your application will have to await an approval process.

Such an approval process largely depends on your qualifications. The franchisor will demand certain requirements which include proving adequate funds and capacity to operate its franchise. A variety of fees are required.

These include an initial franchise fee of $47,500 among several others. These amount to between $131,803 and $180,053 apart from ongoing fees.

  • Franchise Term

Minuteman Press allows a franchise term of 35 years. This is quite substantial because a lot of franchises have more limited terms. Not only do you get to operate this franchise for this period, but Minuteman Press also allows a term renewal of 35 years.

  • Training

Training commences immediately your franchise application is approved and the necessary payments are made.

Such training is crucial to the success of Minuteman Press’ franchisees. This program requires that all new franchisees attend and lasts for 10 days, held over two weeks.

This training is held at the franchisor’s corporate headquarters, with additional training provided (at the expense of the franchisee) on request. As operations of the new outlet begin, on-location assistance will be provided by Minuteman Press from time to time at its discretion.

3D Memories

Another 3D franchise option to consider is 3D Memories. This is a superb franchise opportunity for investors seeking to invest in a unique business that creates timeless treasures from unforgettable moments and events.

As a 3D Memories franchisee, there are lots of events, occasions, and activities that demand your expertise and services.

These range from anniversaries, accomplishments, growth of children, weddings, births, and relationships among a long list of memorable events.


There are several benefits of owning a 3D Memories franchise. These include an open and undeveloped market which holds lots of potential for growth.

Also, there’s the benefit of having a low fixed overhead in addition to high gross margins.

3D Memories offers franchisees protected territories which allows them to thrive by giving them exclusivity within their territories. What more? Its affordable start-up costs mean you won’t have to incur huge expenses when investing in this opportunity.

Training And Support

3D Memories offers franchisees a wide range of support services. It all starts with training. By teaching you the best way possible to run its franchise, you’re given a heads up on avoiding the common pitfalls which characterize lots of failed businesses.

Other types of support include marketing, as well as ongoing support. These help increase your chances of success significantly.

PostNet International

PostNet International is a 3D printing franchise opportunity that was founded in 1992. Not only does it provide printing services, but it also offers shipping services for a variety of businesses and clients. As its franchisee, you have the advantage of owning part of a global brand that is highly respectable.

Also, this franchise provides comprehensive support and training for all of its franchisees. These include initial and ongoing support. The relationship continues throughout ownership.

For PostNet International, the success of its franchisees translates to its success.

These are just a few of the many 3D printing franchise opportunities available for investment. You can search for further details on what their requirements are and what you stand to gain as a franchisor.

One thing that is common to all is that there are huge potentials for growth being offered. You also get access to use their successful business models to establish your operations.