WIN Home Inspection Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

WIN HOME INSPECTION Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

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Are you an entrepreneur searching for a low-cost franchise to invest in? Are you searching for a home-based business to invest in? Are you interested in a home inspection franchise to invest in? If yes, then you should consider WIN Home Inspection Franchise.

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WIN Home Inspection is a company that specializes in providing services such as home inspection as well as providing a valid and well detailed report on whatever condition the property they inspect is in. WIN Home Inspection caters to both home sellers, realtors home buyers and even those acquiring a new construction.

WIN – America’s Most Advanced Home Inspection Franchise
WIN Home Inspection provides a wide range of services to its clients which involves full inspection of properties from the foundation to the last detail added to the property to make it habitable. This also covers all the major systems including electrical systems, wiring and even air conditioning. The point is just to make sure every part of the home is covered in other not to miss any detail.

WIN Home Inspection was founded by Thomas Knapp and Diane Knapp in 1993 and quickly rose to become one of the fastest growing home inspection company in the United States. This home inspection company has more than 168 locations in about 28 states.

Home inspection is one important aspect of the construction industry and there is always a growing demand for it as more people are becoming more and more aware of its importance. This makes it a great franchise to invest in. it is also one industry not easily deterred by recession issues.

WIN Home Inspection was ranked among Entrepreneur top 500 franchise in 2015 and was also ranked by Military Friendship Franchise and VetFran as a great franchise to invest in. The consistent and professional home inspection service WIN Home Inspection provides its customers makes it stand out in the home inspection industry.

WIN Home Inspection strives to be dominate every market it comes across and with its strong core values, you just cannot regret invest in this great franchise opportunity.

So what does becoming a WIN Home Inspection franchisee entail?

Startup Cost for WIN Home Inspection Franchise?
If you have an intention of investing in this franchise opportunity, it is pretty affordable as you would need a liquid capital $40,000. You would also need to have a net worth of $100,000. This is seen as affordable because WIN Home Inspection franchisees have been known to generate an annual revenue of $112,000 to $180,000.

WIN Home Inspection Franchise Training and Support

WIN Home Inspection offers its franchisees all the support and training needed throughout their journey to becoming a franchisee.

There is an online and offline training available for franchisees. This involves a two weeks training course in business operations, inspection techniques as well as in sales and marketing. They are also trained on how to interact well with clients. The training is done by industry experts at their national facility.

The WIN Home Inspection software package which includes checklists and easy report generation package enables franchisees to conduct thorough inspection on properties which includes checklists and easy report generation package

Franchisees are assisted in getting any state level certification they might need to successfully become home inspectors. They are also given operational and ongoing support with promotional materials, a WIN Home Inspection branded vehicle and even IT support.

WIN Home Inspection Franchise Financing

WIN Home Inspection offers franchisees financing that cover a part of the franchise fee. You could qualify for this financing if your credit rating is as high as 650 and you get to pay back with an interest of 8% annually. US military veterans interested in this franchise are offered a discount that is up to $13,500.

WIN Home Inspection Franchise Franchisee Requirement

To become a franchisee of this great home inspection company, you absolutely do not need to have a degree or even experience in construction or engineering. As long as you have a willing mind and an interest in learning the ABCs of the company’s local networking and marketing.

Basically, you just have to be a people-person if you want to be a franchisee of WIN Home Inspection. You also have to be disciplined, good at multi-tasking and a desire to help property owners perform a wonderful inspection.

WIN Home Inspection Franchise Additional Benefits  

The WIN Home Inspection branded vehicle which franchisees arrive at their clients’ home in, definitely makes this company stand out from other competition. It gives professionalism and much advantage. It also gives a wonderful first impression.

This is one business you can totally run from home and you get to enjoy flexible working hours decided by you alone.

How to Get Started with WIN Home Inspection Franchise
If you are interested in this great and wonderfully affordable franchise then you can easily fill out their franchisee interest form on or contact WIN Home Inspection on 1-866-430-9308, where you can easily meet up with their franchise team to guide you on getting started. From the day you make your interest to invest in this franchise known, you could be up and running in just 60 days.

In conclusion, WIN Home Inspection franchising is a wonderful way to start a business and this franchise opportunity that has great potential is great way to start.