Vanguard Cleaning Systems Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

VANGUARD CLEANING SYSTEMS Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Do you have experience or passion for the janitorial business and aspire to be your own boss? Then look no further because Vanguard cleaning systems franchise comes with ample opportunity to set any aspiring/existing entrepreneur on a path to fulfillment.

Is Vanguard Cleaning Systems a Franchise?
From inception, the Vanguard cleaning services have adopted franchising as a means to spread its core values in the cleaning industry. Of the 2500 units under the Vanguard cleaning systems, only three are actually managed by Vanguard itself. The other outlets are owned by franchisees.

Vanguard cleaning systems franchise was founded in 1984 with a specialty to service cleaning needs of both commercial and corporate organization. It has become an authority in the franchise business, having built a reputation for excellent quality cleaning services, empathy to customers, and prompt service delivery over the years.

Naturally, it has become the go-to cleaning service for individuals and corporate organizations alike. The Vanguard system franchise stretches its reach all through North America with over 2500 outlets across the US and Canada.

The enormous opportunity that comes with franchising with the Vanguard Cleaning Systems is no doubt the reason for its being the most sort offer franchise for anyone with an entrepreneurial dream in janitorial services.

The standard maintained by the Vanguard Cleaning Systems has overtime surpassed expectations of clients, hence the quest for more; here are some of the methodologies that keep them on top.

  • They have flexible work hours, putting into cognizance their clients and often would work around any time that is convenient for the client to be serviced. Ultimately, they exist to meet a clients’ schedule, budget, facility, and a company’s ever-changing demands.
  • Their employees are often appraised to make sure the clients are satisfied with the services rendered. Integrity, high ethical standards, respect, excellent service delivery, empowerment of their franchisees and the high value placed on relationships stands Vanguard out from the packs.
  • They provide green equipment and products that ensure a client’s office is environmentally safe. They also assist with the implementation of recycling of waste to enhance environmental responsibility.
  • They have an effective customers’ support and encourage reviews from clients on their websites so that prospects could boldly see their pros and cons.
  • They have the capability to handle in-depthcleaning such as carpet cleaning, washing windows, floor care, building maintenance and more and even basic cleaning such as clearing trash, sanitizing toilets, vacuuming etc. It has wealth of experience in cleaning a variety of facilities which include schools, churches, fitness centers and general office buildings. They have sophisticated equipment that makes their task excellently done.

How Much Does a Vanguard Cleaning Systems Cost?
In order to know how much cost is involved in signing unto the Vanguard franchise network, it is worthy of note that the Vanguard Cleaning Systems offer two options to franchisees. I’ll keep you abreast with the offerings of the franchise offerings available so you can easily decide on the option that best meets your needs. The single-unit and master janitorial franchise are two distinct options available for any aspiring or existing entrepreneur in the Vanguard cleaning systems.

  • The Single-Unit Franchise

This provides investors with the opportunity to run the cleaning business on their own. The investor uses the Vanguard brand as a frontier whilst servicing the commercial cleaning needs of companies based on the contracted terms and agreements. This option provides investors with the privilege to be owners of a top-notch commercial cleaning system whilst enjoying the training and support that comes with the franchise. Individuals could also leverage the brand; “Vanguard” to acquire customers consistently, even without any sales experience.

  • Vanguard Single-Unit Franchise Startup Fee

The initial startup fee is reasonably small; about $8,550 and includes any equipment you need to clinch a contract. In-house financing opportunity is also available to help the aspiring janitorial franchisee get started faster. A $2500 liquid cash is all that’s needed to get started on this option.

  • Vanguard Master Franchise Startup Fee

The master franchise basically affords investors; mostly experienced business people the leverage to own, manage and take charge of a Vanguard territory. These investors don’t want to be frontiers but still want to be involved with the Vanguard franchise.

Investors in this option are tasked with sourcing for contracts for the single-unit franchisees (janitorial franchisees), recruiting janitorial franchise owners, paying sub-franchisees monthly, providing paper supplies to cleaning accounts through local suppliers, provide training and support in customer service, billing, and collections for both new and existing sub-franchisees owners.

The requirements for a master franchisee includes marketing/sales experience, team spirit, live near a major metropolitan area, you need a maximum of $32,000 franchise fee to run this option with total investment estimated at $35,000. The amount estimated for cash liquidity is the same as the franchise fee.

Being a master franchisee provides various ways to make revenues which include: revenue from royalty and administrative fees from special cleaning service orders, money from paper and cleaning supplies to cleaning customers’ sales, royalty and administrative fees on monthly cleaning revenues, unit franchise sales, extra account cleaning volume made to existing franchisees.

However, both franchise option requires a fixed 10% royalty that would be paid by franchisees for using the Vanguard brand name. The enormous privileges enjoyed by the franchisees cannot be overemphasized.

Vanguard Cleaning Systems Franchise Training and Support
One of the ways to know a company that you can invest in is; the proven years with awesome track records that it has. The Vanguard franchise has seen decades and still bouncing. It promises training and support to all its franchisees and has lived to invest super healthy training to its franchisees.

The Vanguard franchise promises to support you and your business through your journey; in that, they will provide the initial training which is usually comprehensive using DVD instructions, classroom interactions etc. They also employ the use of latest tactics like work loading and steam cleaning.

Vanguard cleaning systems have 22 master franchise offices with experts from various backgrounds. Usually, comprehensive training at the headquarters coupled with continual on-site support at the regional facilities is provided to the master franchisees, proprietary software plus marketing materials that aid sales.

They have readily available in every office; operation and office support staff that will promptly provide answers to inquiries from your customers. The personnel usually provide invoicing/collection services and customer support during the day. They also provide cleaning equipment with very high quality which includes high infiltration vacuums and microfiber cloths.

How Much Does a Vanguard Cleaning Franchise Make?
This cannot really be known as it would depend on the individual’s hard work, leadership qualities, customer relationship, marketing tactics etc. Even though a franchisee invests to leverage the Vanguard brand, he or she still needs to devise means to stay on top of competition that could come from other outlets of the Vanguard franchise or other competitors. However, there’s a huge market out there for the cleaning business which has often been described as recession-resistant.

Vanguard Cleaning Systems Franchise Terms of agreement/ Renewal
The length of the initial agreement is 10 years and subject to renewal for another 10 years if requirements are met.

How to Open a Vanguard Cleaning Systems franchise
Does this look like an opportunity you could leverage? Then sign up for either of the franchise options by visiting