TheHomeMag Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

THEHOMEMAG Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

This post is very useful for those who want to go start TheHomeMag franchise and needs to gather information since every business opportunity needs research. In conducting research or getting information for this franchise opportunity, all you need to do is to read this post which has all the details of TheHomeMag franchise system which you might need.

This post entails information about the history, startup cost, franchise fee, franchisee requirements and how to join the franchise system. This post provides basically everything you need to know about TheHomeMag franchise before joining as a franchisee.

About TheHomeMag Franchise

TheHomeMag is one of the leading local home improvement resource in America and its main product is advertising. The success of the business can be attributed to the combination of magazines, mobile QR ads and web directories which all are connected to each publisher directly. Each publisher ensures that their team delivers the best class products every day.

TheHomeMag comprises totally of advertisements not editorials or advertorials. The franchise combines good looking magazines with targeted web directories and local home improvement businesses and then the house owner receives a reliable and good source for updating and improving their homes without doing anything other than dialing the phone.

There was an inaugural launch of TheHomeMag in 2002 with the first magazine titled ‘The Home Improver’ which was delivered in 100,000 mailboxes in southwest Florida.

Why TheHomeMag Franchise

The following are the reasons why you should have TheHomeMag franhcise:

(1) Simplicity: TheHomeMag franchise is simple in the sense that it has no inventory, no capital equipment, no long term high rent lease and very low overhead. Everything about TheHomeMag has been designed to make the business simple.

(2) Purpose: The purpose of TheHomeMag franchise is to grow business in business which is not just a trademark but a core belief which is a solid reason why you should join TheHomeMag franchise system.

TheHomeMag Franchise Financial Requirements
How much does it cost to open a TheHomeMag store? 
Is TheHomeMag a franchise that is expensive?  What is the average TheHomeMag franchise fees? TheHomeMag is a very good franchise opportunity that when taken seriously and run well yields lot of profits. The initial fee required to join TheHomeMag ranges from $19,000, $34,000 to $68,000 depending on your market choice.

The distribution size of the market is also a determinant of the franchise fee. You should have at least $90,000 for the operating capital and should be able to sustain your personal livelihood for about 8 months following the franchise agreement.

TheHomeMag Franchise Ongoing Fees

TheHomeMag franchise has an ongoing royalty fee of 6.5%

TheHomeMag Franchise Term of Agreement

TheHomeMg franchise expects franchisees to periodically visit the website to review terms and agreement often. Franchisees will have to renew their agreement every five years.

How Much Does A Franchisee Makes

The money you make as a franchisee all depends on several factors such as labor cost, the state you live in, commercial lease rates and so on. You can only figure out the exact amount you will make after joining the franchise system.

However, there is always an assurance that franchisees will generate income considering the booming and thriving market for TheHomeMag franchise.

Veteran Incentives

TheHomeMag franchise offers 15% off incentive to veterans.

TheHomeMag Franchise Training and Support

The franchisees are given end to end support once they have joined the franchise system successfully. There is a three-day magazine training course in the corporate office, headquarters provided for all franchisees. Franchisees are also encouraged to bring their whole team for this training after which they continue learning via new products, new programs and the private learning site.

There will be ongoing support for franchisees via purchasing co-ops, internet, newsletter, field operation evaluation, regional and national meetings and a toll-free call in case you need assistance.

Ideal Candidate for TheHomeMag

To fit into TheHomeMag as a franchisee, you must possess the following qualities:

  • Ability to thrive in an existing business.
  • Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Good management skills and business knowledge.
  • Good customer services
  • Ambition to launch a new venture in your local market.
  • Ability to see potential in risks.
  • Can meet the financial requirements.
  • Leadership skills and ability to manage employees because the franchise is expected to be run by five (5) employees.

How to Open TheHomeMag Franchise Opportunity

If you feel TheHomeMag is the right franchise opportunity for you after going through all the information provided above about the franchise system, then you can visit the site to register and join. The site is user friendly so you will get directives on how to go about it.

On the site, you will see “FRANCHISE APPLICATION”, click on it and you will be sent to a form where you will ask to fill in your details.

Buying franchise helps lot of people to achieve their financial goals, fulfill their dreams and have an entirely different and successful lifestyle. You can always buy a franchise and grow it to the height of success or development you want. It is also important to buy the right franchise that will help leverage your skills and abilities.