6 Creative Technology Based Business Ideas For Startups


What are some trending new technology business ideas list for beginners? Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purpose. It’s a belief that technology is rocking the softened heart of the world. There had being different changes in the development of technology.

I will be sharing some low or high tech business opportunities and ideas in separate categories.

Information and communication Technology, is a show case that without technology, information and communications wouldn’t progress. To eat with ease, drink with ease, travel long journey with ease, doing menial works with ease is the product of the noble technology.

This is one technology related business idea that many people have not taught about because they are all looking for a get rich quick business for startups.

Here are few technological business you could venture in:


Investing in computer repair and maintenance is a reputable and lucrative idea.To become an entrepreneur in computer repair and maintenance, you need to have thorough knowledge about the computer system. You need to be conversant with the internal and external parts of any computer gadgets.

You must be taught how to put a bolt into an hole to fill the space. Computer accessories like laptops, keyboard, desktops, handsets and others must be your ‘do to eat’, though it cost a lot to start this business idea in technology, but as time goes on when people tends to love your advice and repair works, you will earn million times of what you’ve invested.

To start this successful tech business idea for Africa, meet a professional to receive some months of training on how it could be done and thereafter gaining access to the ICT world, you need to collect the license and certificate of profession and working tools.

After this, you are a boss of your own, and you could rock the world with your knowledge of computer.


Need creative business ideas related to information technology?

Cinema is the production of film. You are the most wanted in the film industry, where movies are shot and captured, to present it in the world of art. As a cinematographer, all you will have to do is to manage the camera, speaker, recorder and other kinds of machine in film production.

You could venture owning your own company of video coverage and computation.

To start this technology based business, you will need to have broad knowledge in the use of camera and other tools. You must go through serious training from professionals and through this, you will have more understanding about the tech business after that, due license must be paid for and this can earn you, your want from time to time.


World is rolling into a cylinder of technology. Thus, people will say,”computer age”. Yes we are in the age where technological machines had made rhetorically world an ease-fill place to live in.

Thus, everyone in the world needs to understand the nitty-gritty of computer. They must by possible means be a computer literate. As a computer guru, you can earn your cash by impacting knowledge into the lives of people who have the zeal to learn and make good use of it. This is one of the top computer based opportunities.

As a trainer, you must let the ‘trainee’ know the usefulness, the merit of become literate. Thus if you show them the nooks and cranes on the system. You will make your cool cash from this unique technology business startup idea.

To do this, you must be a master to impact into others, creating teaching, techniques to train them effectively and organize a certificate to issue to them after receiving months of training and through this, you could make your cool cash.


Everyone wants people who could offer the best technological improvements in their location.you could help in selling computer accessories and other parts of the computer like tablets, ipod, laptops, desktop, mouse, keyboard, flash drive and the likes.

Investing in a technology idea for business where these are sold will be of great opportunity for you and consumers.

Interested in small this IT sales business, get a conducive and marketable shop, money to buy your products and skilled apprentices could be employed and you could make you cool cash trading as often as possible.


You could be a solace in times of low and non-electricity supply. You can venture into the sales of solar engines like solar generator, touch light, televisions, battery and even bicycle and the likes.

This small green business idea in technology is a cool option, in a country like Nigeria where there is not light, high price of petrol, by venturing into this technology business opportunity, you will serve as a cool options for them and by making due sales, you can become rich even without much advertisements.

By taking the risk of doubtful client, ‘it is always better to give than to take. Invest in the small tech business idea and surely, you will be amazed of your income.