Sample Plantain Farming Business Plan Template

PLANTAIN FARMING BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE When listing ten top profitable farm businesses to venture into, plantain farming must for sure be part of it. I know you might be thinking how plantain farming can make you millions yearly. Agricultural business is a goldmine and its reward is beyond imaginable. I have seen results and that … Read more

Sample Christmas Tree Farming Business Plan Template

CHRISTMAS TREE FARMING BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE Christmas tree farming is a big business that any entrepreneur would really consider venturing into. In 2010, United States consumers purchased more than 27 million Christmas trees grown in farms, resulting in almost $1 billion in sales. There are several factors you must pay utmost attention to when considering … Read more

Sample Aquaponics Farming Business Plan Template

COMMERCIAL AQUAPONICS FARM BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE Are you an entrepreneur with interest in starting an agro allied business, particularly, an aquaponics farm? Are you wondering how you can effectively start one, guided by an effective business plan document? Wonder no more, as this article effectively handles these needs. Special focus is given to providing the … Read more

Sample Pepper Farming Business Plan Template

PEPPER FARM BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE The spice industry of which pepper is an integral part has experienced a steady growth over the years. It is for this reason that there is an increased interest among entrepreneurs in this field of agriculture. With an increased likelihood for profit, entrepreneurs venturing into this sector of agriculture need … Read more

Sample Maize Farming Business Plan Template

Are you seeking to start a maize business? One basic tool you’ll need is the maize farming business plan. Agriculture is a multi-billion-dollar industry with enormous potentials. So, establishing a business such as a maize farm offers loads of opportunities. COMMERCIAL MAIZE FARM BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE Why is a crop production business plan so important? … Read more

Sample Rice Farming Business Plan Template

RICE FARMING BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE Rice is a staple food across several countries around the world. This makes it a very important area of investment among investors. With different varieties to choose from, investors have taken advantage of the popularity of this crop to grow their investments. However, despite the interests and the investments committed … Read more

Sample Plant Nursery Business Plan Template

NURSERY GARDEN BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE The plant nursery business is a very profitable one. It is one business that can offer you the exciting prospects of enjoying your agricultural works while making good returns in investments at the same time. According to the Northwest Farm Credit Services’ website, the plant nurseries and greenhouse industry realised … Read more

Sample Moringa Plantation Farming Business Plan Template

MORINGA PLANTATION BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE Are you interested in starting a Moringa farming business? Sure, many of us have heard about the word ‘moringa’ before now. But what many of us might not know is that we could make hundreds of thousands of dollars growing Moringa. Yeah, anyone (irrespective of your class, gender, age, etc) … Read more

Sample Hydroponics Farming Business Plan Template

HYDROPONICS FARM BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE Hydroponics crop farming could generally be categorized under the hydro-culture industry. This business entails growing crops without the use of the natural soil, rather, by utilizing mineral nutrient solutions dissolved in water to grow crops. These crops are usually grown under glass or any other protective cover. The nutrients are … Read more