Taco Franchises

As Covid-19 restrictions ease across the world, the restaurant business is picking up steadily, with opportunities for investments also improving. Setting up a thriving restaurant operation is no easy feat, as it requires great planning. There are investment options where you get to choose a preferred business model.

Here, we’re talking about the franchise concept with a special focus on taco restaurants. There are lots of taco franchises you buy by simply following their own guidelines, but first, you need to identify these opportunities. This is where we come in.

This article will provide useful information on taco franchise opportunities you can go for. As expected, these offer varying incentives for joining. As you read, you’ll find information on that and more.

Best Taco Franchises to Buy

So you’re looking for excellent taco franchise opportunities to invest in? The following might help Taco Time and Del Taco Fresh Mexican Grill. More options include Taco Bell, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Quesada Burritos and Taco, Chronic Tacos Enterprises, Taco Johns, and R Taco.

More taco franchise opportunities include Taco Time, Rusty Taco, Taco Bueno, Mucho Burrito, Taco Casa, Jimboy’s Tacos, Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina, Maui Taco, America’s Taco Shop, Pedro’s Tacos, Crush Taco, etc.

i. Taco Time

This Mexican fast-food restaurant seeks to sell its franchise to savvy entrepreneurs seeking to replicate its success across the country. The financial requirements for ownership include liquid capital of $150,000, a net worth of $250,000, and a total investment of $331,150 to $734,800.

ii. Del Taco Fresh Mexican Grill

Del Taco Fresh Mexican Grill is another excellent taco franchise opportunity to own. There are several reasons to join. These include a chance to grow your wealth using a time-tested system, a fast food restaurant with proven performance, broad customer base appeal, and strong proven operations.

iii. Taco Bell

Taco Bell is an international brand that seeks to attract interested and qualified franchise candidates to apply to its franchise program. Whether you wish to learn more or proceed with an application, you must fill out and submit its online form to notify the company of your interest.

iv. Moe’s Southwest Grill

This franchise specializes in Mexican food. Founded in 2001, the restaurant began franchising a year later. Franchise candidates will need to make an initial investment of $566k to $1.6 million. As a veteran, you can enjoy a $10,500 discount on the franchise fee. This franchisor has a renewable franchise term of 20 years.

v. Quesada Burritos and Taco

Quesada Burritos and Tacos is a well-known fast-food brand. The company seeks to expand its operations across new territories by selling its franchise. To find out details about it’s about and how to join, fill out the online form it provides on its site for a start. A franchise representative reaches you through the contact details provided.

vi. Chronic Tacos Enterprises

To buy a Chronic Tacos franchise, you’ll need an investment of around $294,000 to $801,000. This franchisor assists you with restaurant design, site selection, equipment ordering, construction guidance, pre-opening initial training, marketing & graphic design, quality, and food safety.

Other support offered includes marketing, franchise support, a franchise advisory council, and a field support manager.

vii. Taco Johns

With over 380 restaurants across 22 states, Taco John’s allows you to join a growing and reputable Taco restaurant brand. The ideal candidate should have a business background, be passionate about food, have experience in restaurant operations, and have experience running multi-unit franchises or businesses.

viii. R Taco

R Taco is a franchise opportunity you can have for $512,425. As its franchisee, you get extensive support and training before and after the launch of your restaurant. R Taco’s proven business model guides your business toward profitability. This franchise offers opportunities for the expansion of your units.

ix. Taco Time

The costs and fees for joining Taco Time include a liquid capital of $150,000, a total investment of $331,150 to $734,800, a net worth of $250,000, and a franchise fee of $30,000. You can join the company’s network of successful franchisees while leveraging its brand strength.

x. Rusty Taco

Looking for reasons to join this franchise program? Rusty Taco has 4-day parts, including breakfast, lunch, happy hour, and dinner, with all-day catering opportunities. Its simple menu and authentic taco are prepared under streamlined work conditions.

xi. Taco Bueno

With over five decades of excellent services and products, Taco Bueno offers authentic recipes, great family value, and comfortable and convenient service. Taco Bueno’s franchise program offers many benefits like substantial unit volumes, a growing brand, and great unit economics.

xii. Mucho Burrito

What do you enjoy as a Mucho Burrito franchisee? Several things! These include ongoing support, marketing & advertising support, and training. Other benefits include store design & construction, popular products, business synergy, volume buying power, and corporate integrity.

xiii. Jimboy’s Tacos

Jimboy’s Tacos seeks local and international franchise partners for its expansion program. The ideal candidate for this investment is a person with food service experience, a passion for Jimboy’s brand, a commitment to delivering exceptional guest experience, and single & multi-unit operators.

xiv. Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina

To qualify for this taco franchise opportunity, you’ll need a net worth of $1.5 million, liquid assets of $500,000, and previous restaurant or hospitality experience. Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina offers a flexible concept appealing to experienced operators seeking non-traditional operating spaces.

xv. Maui Taco

At Maui Taco, franchisees are given all the needed support to launch and operate their units successfully. Key support areas include marketing & advertising, ongoing operational support, opening support, training, and construction. The process of joining is also simplified.

xvi. America’s Taco Shop

With over 20 years of franchisor experience, America’s Taco Shop offers you the chance to own your taco unit. Here, you get the backing of an experienced support team, are part of a franchise with solid customer value, and have a streamlined operation that increases your profit margins.

xvii. Pedro’s Tacos

Joining Pedro’s Tacos franchise program requires an initial investment of $377k to $542k. Veterans enjoy a 20% discount on franchise fees. This franchise opportunity comes with a 10-year franchise term which can be renewed. You’re also provided comprehensive training and support.

These are some of the best taco franchise opportunities you can own. For full details on what’s involved, consider researching each of these investments.