Startup Business Plan Executive Summary Sample

Start Up Business Plan Executive Summary Sample

Are you interested in writing an executive summary for your startup? Startups form the majority of emerging business across the world today. A common factor to all is that they do not start big, but pass through the infant stages of growth.

However, a lot of startups never outlive their founders as a majority of these eventually fail many not lasting up to 5 years! What could be responsible for this trend? An answer would not be sufficient enough as there is more to this trend than meets the eye. Our focus is on the startup business plan executive summary.

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We will focus on providing a start up business plan executive summary sample because we feel if there is going to be any failure in a business, it begins from the business plan. The business plan is the working document where every implementable plan is documented.

If these plans have been implemented with little or no success, then it shows that such a plan was not good enough. The picture on the importance of the business plan to any business venture, especially the startup should get clearer now.

Within the business plan document itself, the executive summary section is the most vital part of the business plan as it contains a summary of everything within the business plan. Other areas are just an expansion of the contents of the executive summary.

Our startup business plan executive summary sample will not be different either, as it would provide all the necessary information which any good executive summary should contain. This can be used to write a good executive summary for any startup business.

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The Executive Summary

Sigma Consults is a duly registered startup business which specializes in the provision of advisory as well as technical services for struggling businesses with limited funding or capital base. Located in Delaware’s Industrial District, Sigma Consults seeks to be among the foremost brands known for the provision of world class solutions to businesses. Our location is ideal for our business as there are several companies an business found within the district who require our services and expertise.

We are driven by a passion to provide top class technical expert advice which is aimed at proffering solutions to problems faced by entrepreneurs not only within Delaware, but across the United States. Our vision for excellence continues to spur us to breaking new grounds in the provision of exceptional advisory services and problem solving.

An advantage we have over our competitors is the adoption of global best practices. So, while operating local, we think global in the bringing far reaching solutions to our client’s businesses. In the employ of Sigma Consults are seasoned professionals who have had vast experience in the corporate world, and worked with global heavyweights such as General Electric (GE), Toyota and Italy’s Eni Corporation. These are our assets and would deliver only the best to our clients.

The funding for Sigma consults will come from 2 main sources which include savings which the founder Mr. Edwin Stuart has kept specifically for this project, and also from debt financing arrangements with finance sources which include financial institutions. Mr. Edwin Stuart himself is a reputable technical consultant who has worked extensively with major consulting companies within the US and Canada.

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We recognize the importance of laying a solid foundation for any business, and possess the expertise of bringing the desired solution to businesses having faulty foundations. Our desire to is achieve an enviable success rate within the industry that would make us have a prominent standing among our peers within Delaware, and across the United States.


The financing for Sigma Consults currently stands at $500,000. Out of this amount $200,000 has been realized from savings by Mr. Edwin Stuart while the rest will come mainly from debt financing.

Using a three year projection, we have estimated a substantial growth in our revenues which will amount to $100,000 in the short term (the first financial year), $300,000 in the mid-term range (2nd financial year) and $500,000 in the long term (year 3). This will be buoyed by the doubling of our efforts in effective marketing and the provision of top-notch solutions to our client’s problems.

Our Products and Service

Our products are mainly intangible products as they are mainly advisory and supervisory roles. We analyse problems by troubleshooting the entire business system through the use of our proprietary software which is fed the current business parameters. If the problems are spotted, the causes of such problems are traced and advice given on the best strategies to take in solving these problems. While these steps are taken to address these problems, a supervisory role is taken by Sigma Consults to ensure a complete solution to them.

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Further Information

Our operational area is not just tied to Delaware, as we are currently building capacity to provide services to clients outside Delaware and also to Canada. This is a strategy for growth which will be taken seriously by us to penetrate the market, thereby gaining our fair share of the market. We will continuously update the skills of our workforce by developing them to meet the very best standards. By this, our clients will be the better for it as only the best services will be provided to them.

Our Keys to Success

An Important area we will also focus on is to engage in extensive and effective marketing by establishing a world class marketing department which will oversee and develop all the marketing strategies to be used. As earlier mentioned, we are focused on being a global brand while applying the best strategies locally to achieve accelerated growth and realization of our business objectives.

There you have it, this startup business plan executive summary is aimed at providing the best solution to developing your own unique executive summary with little difficulty as all the tips and strategies are provided here. By using this sample as a guide, you will be able to produce a well written and sound startup business plan executive summary.