Security is big business! This is evidenced by a multi-billion-dollar industry built around security.

Such firms or companies have varying specializations, including background checking, auto alarm sales, CCTV sales & installations, bodyguard service, firearms, cybersecurity, and guard dog training.

Other security business specializations include polygraph service, gun stores, residential security consulting, and private investigation.

Others sell security equipment, safe box manufacturing, uniform manufacture, security guard recruitment agency, self-defense academy, etc.

These security niches cater to different audiences. However, that isn’t our focus here. This article aims to help people interested in owning a security franchise with investment options.

In other words, we help you identify some of the best security franchises you can buy.

Security Franchise Opportunities

There are many excellent security franchises with some of these, including reputable names like Signal 88 Security and Pop-A-Lock Franchise System.

Others include Silbar Security, Shield Security Systems, Surveillance Secure, The Flying Locksmiths, Security 101, SHIELD, and Case In Point.

Security franchises include guardNOW, Specialized Risk, EZ Fingers Prints, EYESthere, My-Alarm Business, Pop-A-Lock, and Patrol Services International.

i. Signal 88 Security

Every franchise candidate will want to become part of a system that provides the essential guidance and support to succeed.

Signal offers several of these. Such include accounting, payroll & billing processing, a network of experienced & dedicated franchise owners, a rapidly growing industry and brand, etc.

ii. Pop-A-Lock

Pop-A-Lock is another security franchise you might want to consider. This locksmith franchise gives you all the tools you need to succeed with your business.

These include its proprietary equipment and training. No experience is required to join this franchise. However, you’ll need to meet its investment.

iii. Silbar Security

Silbar Security is a law enforcement-based security business. To get considered for this franchise, you’ll need to have a net worth of $100k, liquid capital of $30k, and be able to source financing when required.

More importantly, franchise candidates must pass Silbar’s background checks.

iv. Shield Security Systems

This security franchise offers all kinds of security gadgets and services ranging from remote access, central station monitoring, burglar alarms, security cameras, access control, and ancillary services.

As its franchisee, you’ll cater to both residential and commercial clients. You can get more details here.

v. Surveillance Secure

Surveillance Secure is a commercial electronic security service whose franchise you can buy for $116k to $174k.

It’s seeking to sell its franchise to qualified franchisees across the United States. Surveillance Secure offers a franchise term of 10 years which is renewable.

Financing options are available to franchisees and include in-house and third-party alternatives. Veterans are also given a discount.

vi. The Flying Locksmiths

Would you like to own a locksmith franchise? The Flying Locksmiths offers you the chance to become a part of its growing brand.

Services include security camera installations, access control, intercom systems, door hardware, commercial doors, locks & keys, and other locksmith services.

vii. Security 101

Security 101 is a security solutions business that handles jobs like visitor management, integrated systems, intrusion detection, access control, and video surveillance.

You can apply to its franchise program with a liquid capital of $85,000. This opportunity doesn’t require any experience. All you need is passion. Security 101 offers all the training you need.

viii. Case In Point

This investigative franchise opportunity is for investors interested in this line of operation.

The company boasts superior investigative results, office systems, case management, organizational skills, and other services. Franchisees get the backing of a proven business model.

ix. guardNOW

guardNow is a private security company that offers security solutions to residential and commercial clients. Such solutions include exceptional event security, security consulting, retail security, pest control security, crowd management security, and institutions.

x. Specialized Risk

At Specialized Risk, different types of security services are provided.

They include bomb threat management, security & vulnerability assessments, emergency management, tactical operations, grants, and grant management, counter-terrorism training, physical security consulting, etc.

xi. EZ Fingers Prints

The services offered by EZ Fingerprints include eye-opening fingerprinting & IT security content.

The minimum financial requirements for owning this franchise aren’t available. All such details are presented after contacting the franchisor.

xii. EYESthere

EYESthere is a digital video security systems company. It was founded in 2006 and started franchising in 2007. The initial investment needed to own this opportunity is around $190k to $310k.

The opportunity comes with a 7-year term of the agreement and is renewable.

xiii. My-Alarm Business

With an investment of $50,000, you can join My-Alarm Business’s franchise program.

Franchise candidates must have no pending, current, or previous felonious convictions. Also, you get trained on running the franchise while being given all the support you need.

Support services include a free dealer web page hosted on the My-Alarm website, a lifetime warranty on active systems and equipment, billing & collections for your customers, and free unlimited technical support for franchisees and customers.

xiv. Patrol Services International

This private security business specializes in crime prevention.

It offers on-site security, security patrols, money transfer, civil standby, prisoner transport, and civil standby. The investment cost includes liquid capital of $39,000 and a net worth of $200,000.

xv. ANV Video Alarm Services Inc.

ANV Video Alarm Services specializes in the deployment of video alarm services as well as monitoring and ensuring successful activation.

It caters to both residential and commercial clients. There’s a long list of commercial clients like warehouses, malls & stores, banking/insurance, government facilities, etc.

xvi. Ident-A-Kid Franchise Corp.

This security franchise specializes in children’s safety products and services.

It requires a low investment of $34k to $44k and comes with a lease term of 10 years, renewable. In-house financing opportunities are also available.

Asides from training, Ident-A-Kid offers full support to its franchisees. This covers critical areas like marketing, ongoing support, and operations.

xvii. Guard-A-Kid

This children’s identification and safety products & services franchise can be bought with an investment of $21k to $39k. You also need a franchise fee of $19,900 and a net worth of $25,000. Veterans enjoy a 10% discount on the franchise fee.

Security franchise opportunities are vastly profitable and can be fully harnessed to your advantage. All you have to do is research each to find one you’re more comfortable with.

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