Retro Fitness Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

RETRO FITNESS Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Retro Fitness is a fitness company in the United States. Owning a fitness franchise is a huge business opportunity that is worth exploring.

In this article, we shall be examining Retro Fitness and the opportunity it presents for entrepreneurs and business people.

We will start by looking into the history of the company. We shall also examine the startup cost for a Retro Fitness franchise and the franchisee fee required from the company’s franchisees.

We shall also go further by providing information on the training and support which the company provides for its franchisees.

In this article also, we shall be discussing the franchise terms of agreement and agreement renewals available for franchisees at the company.

To cap up this article, we shall also tell you how you can open a Retro Fitness franchise.

Is Retro Fitness a Franchise?

Retro Fitness is a franchise. Retro Fitness is a fitness brand. The company was founded 14 years ago in 2004. The company started franchising 12 years ago in 2006, two years after it was founded.

The company’s headquarters is located in New Jersey, in the United States.

Retro Fitness was founded by Eric Casaburi. Eric Casaburi is an entrepreneur from Marlboro, a township in the Monmouth County of the state of New Jersey in the United States of America.

Casaburi started showing his love for exercise and fitness from the young age of thirteen when he was first employed at a local gym.

Eric Casaburi also serves as the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company. Through his entrepreneurial success with Retro Fitness, Casaburi has been featured on Bloomberg TV, Fox Business, CNBC, Forbes and other notable media channels.

The equipment in use at Retro Fitness franchise gyms includes circuit training equipment and cardio equipment. The company’s gyms also have movie theatres which play retro movies from the 80s.

Retro Fitness is present in 17 states in the United States. The company also has its presence in Canada. Members at the Retro Fitness franchise gyms enjoy the services and attention of personal trainers.

Retro Fitness currently has more than 500,000 registered members across the United States.

The company now operates more than 150 franchise locations. Every Retro Fitness franchise comes with an inbuilt RetroBlend Juice Bar.

The company’s resounding philosophy is “More fitness, less money”, which underscores the company’s goal to provide health and fitness services at a reasonable cost.

The Retro Fitness brand has tried to stay dynamic with the changing times, especially through the adoption of technology in its business.

The corporate address of Retro Fitness is located at 43 Country Rd. 537 W. Colts Neck, NJ 07722.

How Much Does Retro Fitness Franchise Cost?

Retro Fitness requires a franchise fee of $69,000 (U.S. dollar) from its intending franchisees. The intending franchisees are also required to present a liquid asset of $300,000 (U.S. dollar). These are alongside other fee requirements by the company.

Retro Fitness Franchise Fee

Retro Fitness requires its intending franchisees to pay a franchise fee of $69,000 (U.S. dollar). The other fees required from the franchisees include a royalty fee of 5% of total gross revenue and an advertising fee of 2% of total gross revenue.

Retro Fitness Franchise Startup Cost

The required startup cost for a Retro Fitness franchise is at a low cost of $941,350 (U.S. dollar) and a high startup cost of $1,892,250 (U.S. dollar).

Retro Fitness Franchise Training and Supports

Retro Fitness provides training and support for its franchisees. The company’s training for its franchisees is conducted at the company’s headquarters in New Jersey in the United States. The company’s training follows a classroom format.

The company also provides on-the-job training for its franchisees.

Retro Fitness also provides support for its franchisees. The support which franchisees receive includes;

  • There is franchise location grand opening support for all franchisees of the company.
  • The company supports franchisees with on-the-job training.
  • Franchisees receive comprehensive assistance and site selection support from Retro Fitness.
  • All franchisees enjoy vendor partnership assistance and support with major sports apparel brands.
  • Retro Fitness supports franchisees with a toll-free support line.
  • Franchisees also receive regular consultation visits from the company’s team of consultants.
  • The company provides marketing support for its franchisees.
  • The franchisees also receive online support from Retro Fitness.

Retro Fitness Franchise Terms of Agreement/Renewal

The terms of a Retro Fitness initial franchise agreement have a length of 10 years. If the franchisee operates the franchise to the company’s standard, the franchise agreement can be renewed for another term of 10 years.

How Much Does a Retro Fitness Franchise Make?

How much that can be made with a Retro Fitness franchise can’t be stated for a fact. But the franchisee can leverage the growth of the company to make money with the franchise. The amount the franchise can make will depend on the location and size of the franchise.

How to Open a Retro Fitness Franchise

For entrepreneurs and business people interested in opening a Retro Fitness franchise, they would need to contact the company directly on its website at to fill out the franchise request form.

The company can also be reached directly by phone at 732-432-0062.