Retailing is a crucial part of the distribution chain. Without this sector, goods and services will hardly reach the end consumer. Thankfully retail businesses exist to offer such services. This is a multibillion-dollar industry with opportunities for investors seeking ways to join the retail industry.

It’s no secret that franchising has become a part of retailing. Retail companies now offer opportunities to individual investors and groups to join the action. In other words, you have an opportunity to own a retail franchise by partnering with your preferred retailer.

This article seeks to identify these retail franchises you can join. With such knowledge, it’s easy to get started on your journey to becoming a successful retail franchisee.

Top Retail Franchise Opportunities

In your quest to find the best retail franchises to buy, you’ll find the following examples helpful. These include Giant Tiger, BonWorth, Wild Birds Unlimited, and Presents of Mine. Other options include The Spice & Tea Exchange, The Puppy Pantry, Palmetto Twist, Surmesur, and Cubstore Outlet.

Other retail franchise options include Bruster’s Real Ice Cream, Phoenix Ecom, Hounds Town USA, Central Bark, DirectBuy Inc., Flower Tent, Flo Grills, NTY Clothing Exchange LLC, Eddie Bulls Cookie Dough, Sparket, Del Sol, Affordable Uniforms, Dollar Store Services, and Just-A-Buck.

i. Giant Tiger

The developmental program offered by Giant Tiger should interest any serious investor seeking to own its franchise. Upon contacting the franchisor, a franchise representative reaches out to determine your level of preparedness. All questions you have are comprehensively answered leaving you to decide whether to proceed.

ii. BonWorth

This retailer of quality women’s fashion items has been around for over five decades. Its franchising operations started in 1968 with over 160 retail stores scattered across 33 states resulting. To own a BonWorth, you’ll need an investment of $123,296 to $190,375.

iii. Wild Birds Unlimited

Wild Birds Unlimited caters to the wildlife food retail niche. As its franchisee, you get to benefit from ongoing ownership support that includes merchandising, marketing, store operations, and purchasing. What more? Franchisees are backed by over four decades of experience and brand reputation.

iv. Presents of Mine

This retail franchise specializes in personalized items. It started operations in 2015 while its franchise arm was launched in 2017. This opportunity goes for an investment sum of $194,000 to $266,000. Presents of Mine franchisees are offered phone & email support, grand opening assistance, and the chance to attend annual conferences.

v. The Spice & Tea Exchange

The Spice & Tea Exchange began franchising in 2008 and has since attained multiple milestones that range from its over 80 locations to 100+ products and a whopping 125% growth. These and many others are good reasons to take advantage of its franchise opportunity.

vi. Palmetto Twist

This specialty boutique is also included in our list of retail franchise opportunities to buy. Products include personalized apparel and accessories. You’ll need an investment of $132k to $242k to own a Palmetto Twist franchise. The franchise agreement is for a term of 10 years and is renewable.

vii. Surmesur

Surmesur Custom Menswear specializes in made-to-measure clothing for men. It’s a business that can be financially rewarding when fully leveraged on. As its franchisee, you’re taught all you need to know. Plus, you get as much support to help with the smooth takeoff of your Surmesur franchise.

viii. Cubstore Outlet

Cubstore Outlet is a retail franchise whose ownership requires at least $50,000 in liquid capital and a total investment of $350,000. Financing options are available including a 10% discount for veterans. Training is part of the ownership process every new Cubstore Outlet franchisee must go through.

ix. Bruster’s Real Ice Cream

If you’re looking for a reason to join a retail franchise, Bruster’s Real Ice Cream offers several. Such reasons include its more than 200 years of combined leadership experience, a proven franchise model, quality control from cow to cone, and being a privately-held company with a focus on family and community.

x. Phoenix Ecom

This fully automated Amazon wholesale business is yet another retail franchise opportunity to consider for investment. You’ll need an investment of $40,000 and a cash requirement in the same amount as part of the ownership requirements. Qualified franchisees are offered the opportunity and trained to succeed.

xi. Hounds Town USA

Hounds Town USA is a reputable retail franchise that promises freedom & flexibility, simple operation, outstanding revenue, and canine expertise. Its low financial investment of $358,900 is one of the reasons why many investors find Hounds Town USA attractive.

xii. Central Bark

If you’re looking to own a doggy daycare franchise, Central Bark is one such to consider. Franchisees enjoy benefits like multiple recurring revenue streams, extensive tools and resources, being part of a nationally recognized brand, and unmatched operational and marketing support.

xiii. DirectBuy Inc.

DirectBuy Inc. is a consumer buying club. Here, you’ll need an investment of $359k to $904k. The franchise term is for a period of $12 years with a chance to renew. Financing options are also available to qualified franchise candidates. Is this the right opportunity for you? The answer lies in your needs and feedback from the franchisor.

xiv. Flower Tent

This garden center is also on our list of the top retail franchises to own. All key details of Flower Tent’s franchise opportunity are provided in an electronic copy. This can be accessed by filling and submitting the form on its site. The full details of this franchise are provided upon contacting the franchisor.

xv. Flo Grills

Flo Grills is an outdoor kitchen design, sales, and installation business. It needs an investment of $159k to $226k to own. The franchise term of half a decade can be renewed. Training and support are also included in the ownership process to help new and existing franchisees succeed.

xvi. NTY Clothing Exchange LLC

This is a teen and young-adult-focused clothing resale store business whose franchise program you can join. You’ll need around $175k to $332k. With a franchise term of 10 years which is renewable, NTY Clothing Exchange LLC has financing options that you’re likely to qualify.

xvii. Eddie Bulls Cookie Dough

Eddie Bulls Cookie Dough franchise can be owned with an investment of $174,150 to $323,500. This opportunity can be highly rewarding if it’s something you’d love to do. Here, you’re not left alone but guided through every step of the franchise ownership process as well as its day-to-day running.

Has this information been useful? We hope it was. We’ve had to include several franchises in the retail category to allow you to have a fair understanding of what opportunities to apply to.

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