5 Restaurant Franchise Opportunities for Smart Investors

Here is a list of the five top restaurant franchises to own.

Starting a restaurant business may prove to be quite challenging for many entrepreneurs.

However, there’s a better way to go about achieving your objective. And that is, buying into a successful restaurant franchise.

Sounds interesting? Then read on as we discuss a few restaurant franchise opportunities you can become a part of.

There are so many to choose from. Despite that, we are focusing on only a few.

What’s more? These are among the best restaurant franchise opportunities you can take advantage of.


  • LemonShark Poke

LemonShark Poke is a poke restaurant that provides upscale restaurant services.

Apart from its quality products, one other feature it is known for is its unique and modern architecture. With its corporate address located in Santa Monica, California, LemonShark Poker opened its doors for business in 2016 and began franchising a year later.

The financial requirements for owning this cheap restaurant franchise include an initial investment ranging from $343,950 to $613,700.

Others include an initial franchise fee starting at $40,000, a liquid cash requirement within the scope of $70,000 to $100,000. Ongoing fees include an Ad Royalty fee and an Ongoing Royalty fee of 2 and 3-6% respectively.

This restaurant franchise also has financing options that cover different aspects of its operations. As such, its in-house financing covers equipment purchase, start-up costs as well as inventory.

There is also its third-party financing agreement. This provides financing covering start-up costs, inventory, franchise fees, and equipment. Veterans get to enjoy 15% off the franchise fee.

Support is provided on an ongoing basis and covers field operations, site selection, proprietary software, newsletter, grand opening, safety and security procedures, and more.

There is also training as well as marketing support.

  • The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill

This franchise opportunity prides itself on having a unique menu that is second to none. Also, you benefit from all forms of support. The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill also has solid partnerships.

One of such is with the United Franchise Group. This has helped it consolidate its gains as well as strategize effectively towards achieving huge acceptance from its business partners (franchisees), and clients.

To own a part of this solid restaurant franchise, you need to meet its requirements. These include minimum cash of $150,000, a franchise fee of $29,500, and an investment range of $300,000 to $400,000.

Franchises are only available within the United States.

If your franchise application is approved, you go through a series of training programs. These are designed to provide a detailed understanding of its operations.

Also, such training programs are backed by support. There are in-house financing options that are provided to certain categories of franchisees.

  • Checkers Drive-In Restaurants Inc.

Its delightful menu consists of burgers, desserts, hot dogs, fish, chicken, and fries.

Founded in 1986 with Location in Florida, it started franchising 3 years later and has since grown into a major restaurant franchise. You can apply for this franchise opportunity irrespective of your location within the United States.

Buying this franchise requires knowing its financial terms.

Thus, Checkers Drive-In Restaurants Inc. has the following financial requirements; an Initial Franchise fee starting at $30,000.

Others include an Initial Investment that fluctuates between $96,414 to $1,501,265, a net worth of $750,000 as well as Liquid Cash to the tune of $250,000.

What more? You get to pay Ongoing Royalty and Ad Royalty fees of 4 and 4.5% respectively.

There are financing options too. This consists of the franchisor’s agreement with third parties who provide financing covering payroll, accounts receivable, start-up costs, franchise fee inventory, and equipment.
Veterans benefit from a 100% franchise fee waiver.

  • Firehouse Subs

The Firehouse Subs concept was started in Jacksonville Florida by two brothers in 1994.

Their firefighting background was incorporated into their restaurant concept with firefighting artworks. With its franchising arm opened in 1995, its menu listings include hot and cold subs as well as salads.

To become a part of the Firehouse Subs family, you must scale its financial requirements. These include an initial investment of between $92,255 to $824,846 depending on your scale.

Others are a net worth of $300,000, liquid cash from $80,000 to $100,000, and an initial franchise fee starting from $20,000. There are also Ad Royalty and Ongoing Royal fees of 3-5 and 6% respectively.

Its third-party financing agreement covers inventory, franchise fees, equipment, and start-up costs. As a veteran, you stand to benefit from its 10% discount off the first-store franchise fee.

Support covers training, marketing, and grand opening among others.

  • The Counter Custom Burgers

This restaurant franchise opportunity began franchising in 2005, 2 years after it was first opened.

At The Counter Custom Burgers, customers are involved in the preparation of their burgers. This is done through a list of ingredients fastened onto a clipboard. This concept has endeared this restaurant franchise to both clients and partners.

As part of its requirements, you must meet its initial investment.

Depending on the option you select, you pay anything from $746,000 to $2,340,350. You also need to show a net worth of $1,500,000 as well as showing proof of liquid cash to the tune of $500,000. The initial franchise fee for this restaurant starts at $35,000.

There are also Ad and Ongoing Royalties of 2 and 6% respectively.

Are you looking for financing options? This franchisor has included a third-party financing arrangement. This covers your startup costs, the franchise fee, inventory, and equipment.

Comprehensive support is provided in the form of marketing and training amongst others.

These are a few restaurant franchise opportunities you can take advantage of immediately. Others include

All you need to do is visit the links and fill in the online form made available for this purpose. Some representatives will get back to you in no time and will guide you through the application process.