REALTY EXECUTIVES Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Are you planning on investing your resources in Realty Executives franchise? Well, this article will clearly present you with all the vital facts and figures you need to get acquainted with before you can make the step of signing up for a Realty Executives franchise.

This article covers the important things you need to know concerning the start up cost, how much a Realty executives franchise costs, and other details about the Realty executives franchise.

About Realty Executives Franchise

Realty Executives franchise is a business that was founded more than 50 years ago, and has since become one of the most successful businesses growing so strong into various countries all over the world. The company started offering franchise opportunity since 1987, more than 20 years since its inception.

The Realty Executives Company was founded in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. Today, its headquarters is still located in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. The founder and pioneer of the Realty Executives franchise is Dale Rector.

As at 1988, they had already had 31 franchises and 624 agents in total. Today there are several Realty Executives franchises around the world, numbering up to thousands; and more are even surfacing each single day.

The franchise is offered to prospective franchisees for the running and operation of a business that provides to clients; real estate service, which includes leasing, purchasing, listing, referral, trading, selling, as well as other related services. Many publications and magazines such as Entrepreneur Magazine have listed Realty Executives franchise as leader, using management stability and franchise growth as some of the ranking criteria.

In 2016, Realty Executives franchise was ranked #166 by the Entrepreneur Magazine in its Franchise 500.

Realty Executives franchise has a very unique and contagious competitive spirit in the industry, which they have inculcated into their executives. According to RISMedia, Realty Executives franchise executives boast of a massive 32% more than any other top franchises when it comes to closing deals per agent. Annually, they make revenues that amount to as high as several billions of dollars in their business transactions.

As a franchisee, you will be given a designated territory to operate your business. Also, as a franchisee, you must directly involve yourself with the managements, supervision and the operation of the business.

You must have a day – to-day participation with the business; and you must also, as a broker owner, fully complete the initial training programme offered at startup. They provide their franchisees with immense supports and resources to help them successfully establish and nourish their business. They provide all these services and supports to their franchisees for just a small cost of $2 per day.

How much you stand to make as a franchisee is largely rooted on several intervening factors. However, the success of your business depends entirely on you, and how keen you are to follow the successful model of the franchise, as well as imbibing the aggressive growth mentality needed in running and marketing your business. You do not require a lot before you can startup a Realty Executives franchise; the important thing is that you fulfil the financial requirements.

How Much Does a Realty Executives Franchise Cost?

Before you can start up a Realty Executives franchise, you should bear in mind the cost first. It will cost you an estimated amount that ranges from $20,000 – $200,000.

Realty Executives Franchise Fee

The franchise fee required from prospective franchisees range from an estimated amount of $30,000$60,000.

Realty Executives Franchise Startup Cost

The total start up cost required to start up a Realty Executives franchise is an estimated amount that ranges from $53,650$130,600.

Realty Executives Franchise Membership Training, Requirements and Support

Once Realty Executives franchise has fully accepted you as one of their franchisees, you will stand to benefit from the following supports and training:

  • You will be provided with a compulsory initial training programme that will last for five (5) days. The training programme will be held at their headquarters situated in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. Ongoing training is also available through annual conferences, webinars, etc.
  • You will gain access to using a proprietary technology suite called PrimeAgent, which has been designed to help support your business.
  • You will also enjoy marketing supports from their team, together with provision of marketing aides to help your business grow and flourish.

Note: Realty Executives franchise does not offer financial assistance to their franchisees, whether direct or indirect financial assistance.

Realty Executives Franchise Terms of Agreement /Renewal

The franchise sign up terms of agreement for Realty Executives franchise is a five (5) year period. This franchise term of agreement is subject to renewal after expiration, for four (4) successive periods of five (5) years each.

How to Start a Realty Executives Franchise?

Since you have shown your interest in starting up a Realty Executive franchise, and have become familiar with the necessary facts and figures about the franchise, why don’t you go ahead and log onto their website on and proceed with the sign-up process. Or you could simply place a phone call to the line 913-642-4888.

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