Property Damage Appraisers Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

PROPERTY DAMAGE APPRAISERS Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

The Property Damage Appraisers franchise was founded in 1963 and has Tom Dolfay as its current CEO. It began franchising the same year it was founded (1963), and today has its corporate headquarters located in Forth Worth, Texas.

The Property Damage Appraisers Franchise is a franchise opportunity with expertise in conducting property damage assessments, evaluations on a wide variety of property types that with its spread including all forms of property that include cars, boats, homes, mobile homes, motorcycles and many other forms of property assessments as the case may arise.

This is in addition to the provision of services that include mechanical warranty inspections, and lease turn-in condition reports among other services. In addition to providing these services in their Property Damage Appraisers franchises, prospective franchisees are required to have requisite experience in this field, although a training session will be organized for new franchisees.

Today, the Property Damage Appraisers Franchise currently has 250 units in operation.

Financial Requirements Property Damage Appraisers Franchise

To own a Property Damage Appraisers franchise, prospective franchisees are expected to meet certain financial requirements. These requirements are mandatory, as failure to meet those results in outright disqualification during the application screening process.

Meeting these requirements on the other hand grants the franchisee the rights to usage of its brand name, logo, business model, marketing campaigns a digital database system and business secrets among other benefits.

These ensure that all Property Damage Appraisers franchisees succeed in effectively running their franchises. Some of these financial requirements to be met by all prospective franchisees include an Initial Investment sum within the range of $21,530 to $49,250 and a Liquid Cash requirement of $9,000. There is also an Initial Franchise fee of $21,530.

Property Damage Appraisers Training for New Franchisees

All Property Damage Appraisers franchisees are required to undergo a compulsory training period, to acquaint them with the running processes and procedures of this franchise opportunity.

This period of training affords all Property Damage Appraisers franchisees the opportunity of gaining hands-on experience through its on-site training. The training process lasts a period of four and half day training at the franchisor’s corporate headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. This is also followed by a 3 day on-site training.

It is required by the franchisor that the franchisee personally attends and fully participates in this training process. In the event that the franchise will be run under the absentee ownership structure, a manager is required to be brought to the training session to train him/her, so as to effectively conduct the business affairs in the absence of the franchisee.

The training process is however not restricted to the training conducted at the franchisor’s corporate headquarters, or the on-site training. The franchisor makes this training process to be a continuous process. Hence, all Property Damage Appraisers franchisees benefit from ongoing trainings organized to update the knowledge of all its franchisees. This particularly benefits all existing franchisees.

Property Damage Appraisers Franchise Support /Marketing Support

A robust support network is enjoyed by all Property Damage Appraisers franchisees to ensure they are never stranded at any point during the duration of the ownership of their franchise opportunities.

The support given to all its franchisees covers quite a broad area that includes periodic newsletter publications aimed at helping franchisees keep up with industry trends, a toll-free line, field operations, periodic meetings, purchasing cooperatives, and the provision of internet services to all its franchise outlets.

There is also a marketing support enjoyed by all Property Damage Appraisers franchisees. This support is geared at ensuring that the franchises owned by its franchisees are effectively managed. The regional media is targeted under this arrangement.

How Profitable is Property Damage Appraisers Franchise?

This is usually the most important reason why any investor would like to commit/invest into any business venture. As it is with any worthy business activity, the opportunity of profiting from the Property Damage Appraisers franchise depends to a large extent on how the franchisee streamlines and strategizes his cash flow.

If business expenses are cut to the barest minimum, allowing for only the most basic expenses to be made, and volume of sales are increased considerably, then the franchisee will witness healthy and impressive profit growth, leading to further increase in the potential for growth.

How to Open Property Damage Appraisers Franchise

Owning a Property Damage Appraisers franchise opportunity requires that certain conditions and processes are met and followed. First, the interested prospective franchisee has to indicate his/her interests. This is done through carefully filling the online application form available specifically for this purpose.

This form is found in the franchise section of the franchisors website. The contents supplied in the online application form are screened for eligibility by the franchisor. If qualified, the franchisor contacts the franchise candidate through its representative who arranges for a meeting between the management of the franchise and the franchise candidate.

The discussion of investment details follows, leading to the franchisor handing the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) containing all the terms and conditions of ownership of this franchise opportunity.

It is required by law that a sufficient period of time (10) days is given to the franchise candidate to go through the document carefully. However, it is advised that the franchise candidate should seek the services of a franchise lawyer due to the legal nature of the contents of the document.


This article has been written with special focus on the Property Damage Appraisers Franchise. With the information supplied, it is strongly believed that the interested franchise candidate will be able to make informed choices using the contents of this article as a guide.