PLANET SMOOTHIE Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

For more than 20 years now, Planet Smoothie has been one of the best smoothie franchises in the world and also one of the most innovative as well.

The company was established in the year 1995 in Atlanta and they expanded in no time through the Southeast and presently, they can boast of more than 100 stores across the United States of America.

They are a customer-centered smoothie outfit, with focus on delivering the best smoothies in varying flavours, this is no doubt one of the reasons a lot of people search for information on how much is a Planet Smoothie Franchise?


Planet Smoothie is known for making healthy smoothies and that alone has helped the brand to develop a large followership among its numerous customers that seem to be growing by the day.

Demand for smoothies is growing and now that Americans are getting more conscious health-wise, they are seeking for food options that are not only healthy but are as well convenient and smoothies tend to present these benefits that the people seek.

In the year 2011, it was reported that the smoothie market hit $2.4 billion. This was a double of what was achieved some five years earlier.

In the making of smoothies at Planet Smoothies, they utilise fresh fruits and vegetables and also have their own line of supplements to boost the vitamins, protein content of the mixtures. What customers also stand to gain in accelerated fat-burning and increased alertness to help them achieve their health and life goals.


One question that we are sure you would love answers to is if Planet Smoothies sell Franchise? of course they do and it will be a life time opportunity if you can look into a franchise deal with one of the best smoothies company in the whole of United States.


If you have the desire to become a Planet Smoothie Franchisee, you will need to possess some requirements that will be accessed by the company and if they deem it fit to approve your application after you have passed these requirements, congratulations to you then.

A Planet Smoothie Franchisee is expected to be an outgoing personality and also have so much desire to provide his customers a healthier food option. You will be expected to have the zeal to go into the community and introduce your store to the people.

You will also need to build partnerships with different people, offices and organizations within the community as this is one of the major factors that will determine the growth of your store through increased revenue.


One of the important factors that will determine your approval for franchise with Planet Smoothies will be the availability of cash to run the business. As an investor, before you delve into any kind of business, you will do yourself good by doing the cost evaluation and that brings us to the question: what is the cost of a Planet Smoothie Franchise?

The investment that is required to open a Planet Smoothie Franchise will range from $78,000 to $300,000. You will also be required to have a net worth of about $200,000 and then a liquid cash of about $80,000.


As a Planet smoothie Franchisee, you will be expected to make an Initial Planet Smoothie Franchise Fee of $25,000. You will also need to make an on-going Royalty fee of 6% of the gross revenue from the sales of the store. And also an Ad fee of 2% of the gross revenue.


As most other franchises do, Planet smoothies does not offer financing but they have a relationship with other financial institutions that can help you with financing your cost of establishing your store and this financing will cover the following: the franchise fee, inventory, equipment, startup costs, accounts receivable as well as payroll.


As a Planet Smoothie franchisee, you are entitled to receive extensive training and coaching supplemented with manuals of operation. This will assist you to master the running of a Planet Smoothie store.

The training is expected to hold 4-10 weeks before the store is opened. This training will include a 5-day intensive classroom training at the company’s headquarters in Scottsdale and also another 5-day training at any operating Planet Smoothie store.

If the option you have chosen is the traditional Planet Smoothie, you have the chance or opportunity to invite 2 additional employees to join you in the training. If you are going for a non-traditional location, you can include an extra person without incurring more training fees.

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It is mandatory for all store managers to undergo training and you have the opportunity to send a new manager to be trained every year without any additional training cost.

The Planet Smoothies Franchise training covers the overview of the franchise business and also centers on operations of the store and then the Planet Smoothie systematic approach in providing exceptional services to their customers.


We want to believe your quest on how much is a Planet Smoothie Franchise has been revealed. You can get more information on the company’s website and also consult with your local Franchise attorney to help you with deals with the company

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