Pest control franchises are a great way to start a pest control business. They provide a low-cost way to create and scale up your business. They also allow you to start with a small amount of capital and grow your business over time. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing a franchise.

These include demand for products, expenses, potential profitability, franchisor track records, and more. While these are important, they aren’t the focus as we’re more interested in identifying some of the best pest control franchise opportunities to buy.

What Pest Control Franchises to Buy

Every investor seeking to own a pest control franchise wants to identify the best brands. The best brands will be those with a proven track record, known to have won investor confidence, and also one that is profitable and showing significant future potential.

Some of the top names in this category include Mosquito Joe, Mosquito Authority, Green Home Solutions, Mosquito Hunters, FlyFoe, and Critter Control. More options include Eco Safe Pest Control, Hitman Pest Control, Pestmaster Services Inc., Summit Solutions, and Truly Nolen of America.

There are still a lot of profitable pest control franchises like Mosquito Terminators, Mosquito Nix, Superior Mosquito Defense, Black Diamond Pest Control, etc.

i. Mosquito Joe

Mosquito Joe fits the bill if you’re looking for a pest control business that allows you to work for yourself. This pest control company gives you all the needed support and training to succeed as its franchisee. The best part is no experience is required to start. However, you’ll need to meet all other requirements it states.

ii. Mosquito Authority

With over 107,000 customers served in 2021 and 529 territories, Mosquito Authority is the national franchise brand to trust with your investment. New franchisees receive world-class training, exclusive cloud-based management software, managed online branding & marketing, personal success coaching, and customer acquisition.

iii. Green Home Solutions

This company specializes in indoor air quality maintenance and remediation services. You can become its franchisee with an initial investment of $84k to $164k. Green Home Solutions offers franchisees multiple financing options, marketing, and ongoing support covering several areas.

iv. Mosquito Hunters

Mosquito Hunters franchise is ideal for persons looking for low startup cost opportunities with promising returns. This recession-resistant business offers proven lead generation, a repeat clientele business model, and protected territories, amongst multiple benefits. You’ll need to research the ideal candidate to know if you’re qualified.

v. FlyFoe

To be considered for a FlyFoe franchise opportunity, you must meet its total investment requirement of $72,940 to $139,490. With FlyFoe, you enjoy a flexible schedule, simple operations, valuable service, recurring revenue, and bold marketing. Veterans get to enjoy special discounts.

vi. Critter Control

Critter Control welcomes prospective franchisees to apply to become part of its family. You can become part of a global brand by meeting all its franchise ownership requirements. New franchisees are trained and given all the needed support to succeed in their operations.

vii. Eco Safe Pest Control

Prospective franchisees seeking to join the Eco Safe Pest Control brand must meet financial requirements. This includes an initial franchise fee of $27,250, a total investment of $41,750 to $108,050, and a working capital of $7,000 to $15,000. There are lots of reasons why owning this franchise is beneficial. You’ll have to make further findings by visiting its site.

viii. Hitman Pest Control

With Hitman Pest Control, you get a guaranteed 100k in the first year and attend a fully paid training and client supply. These are why the Hitman brand is attractive to many investors. With this franchisor, there are territory considerations, including full access to its business model.

ix. Pestmaster Services Inc.

Joining this industry leader gives you access to a protected territory, volume buying power, expanded customer base, brand association, and the needed training to begin. No prior experience is required to own a Pestmaster Services franchise. You’ll need to meet its investment range of $36,400 to $85,400.

x. Summit Solutions

You may find this franchise interesting for several reasons, some of which may be similar to those provided for other pest control franchises. Here, you have a profitable business, a track record of excellence, as well as full training and support provided. It’s also a low-risk franchise opportunity to try out.

xi. Truly Nolen of America

The benefits enjoyed by Truly Nolen franchisees include corporate purchasing power, pest service systems, business planning & support, and reliable customer service systems. Truly Nolen’s national account program, industry experience, and training and support increase the likelihood of franchisee success.

xii. Mosquito Terminators

As the name suggests, this is a pest control service specializing in mosquito control. With an initial investment of $34k to $83k, you can become an owner of Mosquito Terminators. The company was founded in 2010 and began franchising the same year. As a franchisee, you can enjoy a 10 to 25% discount on the franchise fee.

xiii. Mosquito Nix

The financial requirements to buy a Mosquito Nix franchise include a liquid capital of $50,000, a net worth of $200,000, and a total investment of $100,000 to $200,000. Veterans enjoy a 30% discount on franchise fees while all new franchisees are trained, and ongoing support is also included.

xiv. Superior Mosquito Defense

Superior Mosquito Defense has a low initial investment requirement compared to similar franchises. It also offers a shorter take-off time, in addition to support and training. To know if it’s the right franchise opportunity for you, consider carrying out more research on different aspects of its service.

xv. Black Diamond Pest Control

This franchisor is looking for the ideal candidate who is driven to succeed, coachable, business-minded, demonstrate the ability to manage others, and is financially sound. You must also be hardworking and open to learning & fresh ideas. The potentials for growth are also enormous.

It’s always essential to have a lot of good pest control franchise options to work with. This way, you’re more likely to make a better choice of a franchisor to work with.

As a prospective franchisee, all the information provided here gives you more options to work with. You can compare as well as research your preferred pest control franchise. Also, the ownership process isn’t complicated, as you only need to follow the guidance of the franchise representative.


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