Open A Papa Murphy’s Franchise Store: Startup Fee, Owners Income and Other Requirements

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Papa Murphy’s Take‘N’Bake Pizza is one of the largest and leading pizza franchise chains in the United States of America. Papa Murphy’s Pizza sells what is known as a ‘take-and-bake’ pizza.

This type of pizza is prepared by the restaurant using a mixture of flour and water, sauce, cheese, toppings and condiments according to the taste and desires that the customer specifies and then hands the pizza over to the client to take it home and bake.

Papa Murphy’s Pizza was incorporated in 1982 and began selling franchises by 1982. The headquarters is located at 8000 N.E. Parkway Dr., #350 Vancouver, Washington. The Papa Murphy franchised stores feature its traditional take-and-bake pizza, lasagnas, fresh calzones and other related products.

How To Start a Papa Murphy’s Pizza Franchise

Papa Murphy’s caters to clients who want to eat something fresh when they get home and therefore, the pizza and pasta are freshly prepared every day in the Papa Murphy franchised stores and sold to customers, hence the“take‘N’bake” that comes with the name.

Franchisees get to run a Papa Murphy’s food outlet at the retail level and selling take-and-bake pizza, pasta, fresh calzones, desserts, salads and other products.  Regarding financial assistance, the franchisor doesn’t provide or arrange for direct or indirect financing. The franchisor does not also guarantee any financial obligations or notes in the setting up and running of Papa Murphy franchise.

Franchisors provide a familiarization program as well as training that spans four stages. The training series includes the selling of aids, specialized consultations in addition to teaching materials that comprises of handouts, videos, presentations, manuals and necessary tests.

The training also covers the preparation and presentation of products, information about the recipes, guidelines for employees, overall operations of the business, customer interactions, sales practices, management of franchise systems, financial and bookkeeping management.

It also covers control of inventory and acquisition, security practices, how to operate the equipment, marketing (which includes advertising, promotion, selling, publicizing, presentation, etc.), how to increase sales at the location and assistance in creating excellent rapport with clients.

The franchisor also has the option of providing other forms of aid, supervision, and services before the franchised stores start operations. It could be in the form of literature, advert materials, flyers, displays, etc. This is not, however, a requirement that is covered by the Franchise Agreement.

The Papa Murphy franchisee will not be given a specific territory but will be given a precise location from which to operate the franchised store. Meanwhile, the terms of the agreement and disclosure document, as well as renewal, are ten years. If the franchised store did not default in any way and can meet the necessary conditions, an extension period or renewal for an extra five years is granted.

The operations personnel or franchisee will see to the day-to-day running of Papa Murphy franchised store personally, except otherwise indicated in writing by Papa Murphy. Managers that are employed to oversee such daily activities must undergo the compulsory training course.

How much does a papa murphy’s franchise cost, owner make?

Total investment cost is around $280,000. The only products that must be sold in the franchised store must be entirely that of Papa Murphy’s and must be products that have been approved by the Papa Murphy franchiser. All products and services that have been spelled out and approved by the franchisers must be the only products that should be offered and sold by the franchisee.

The items listed on the menu, as well as the recipes and other requirements, must be in exact compliance with the requirements of the Papa Murphy’s franchisor. 

The unstable climate of the economy has been the causal agent of many entrepreneurs and business owners. One of the fastest ways to rise to the top is to follow your passions; and if you want to avoid the trial and error approach that most business owners experience in their quest for financial independence, then riding on the shoulders of giants that have gone before will be the best option.

The best way to jumpstart your business is by learning how to start a franchise business. Some advantages come with owning a franchise, such as instant recognition of the brand, feasible marketing plans that are already yielding positive results as well as buildings that are modernized and financial possibilities. The franchisor also offers continuing support as well as training and coaching of a system of techniques that has been proven over time.

Papa murphy’s franchise cost income

Franchising works when the energy and drive of a budding entrepreneur combine with the expertise and experience of the Papa Murphy franchiser. As franchising is presently riding on the crest of a high wave of worldwide evolution, franchising is the sure and preferred viable option if you have the means or financial backing to set it up and run with it.

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