Do you need online business tricks and strategies? What are the most successful online businesses for 2020? Are you interested in how to make money online without paying anything?

Here are some great ideas to make money online as a beginner:


Anyone can start an internet business at home with no capital required but with just a computer or smartphone and an internet connection.

No technical expertise is sometimes needed. Are you at home idle and would love to get something done online to make money? Are you in need of an internet business idea to start from home with no capital money?

If you are much interested in internet-based businesses with no capital money, put on your entrepreneur hat, and let’s embark on this magnificent journey, together.

Start Internet Business Ideas Online Free At Home With No Capital Money

The internet online businesses to be highlighted below allowed you to live anywhere you so desire, define your schedule, and work as much or as little as you want, it just depends on the scale you want the online business to grow.

  • Information Products

When you have a free-flowing internet business, it doesn’t mean it has to be about trading or selling physical products. You wouldn’t believe that digital information, product, or service is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money online at the helm of your living room.

Digital information products like the audio of a recorded teleconference that is of human interest, a recorded webinar, a “how-to” video, eBooks, an instruction booklet, a travel guide just to mention but a few can fetch you an enormous amount of money.

Be informed that, as long as those products are engaging, unique, and useful, no matter the way and manner you do it, you will earn your passive income even while you are at sleep so far you put them up for sale- even without your website.

  • Drop-Shipping

This is a fantastic internet business idea you can start online with no capital money directly from your home. The basic idea behind kick-starting this online drop shipping business is just that you wouldn’t have to maintain an enormous inventory of products as a small business owner or handle any form of delivery to your prospective customers whatsoever.

With this, the financial cost and the risk of owning a warehouse filled with products you might not be able to sell, plus the hassle and tussle of arranging as well as sending orders across the country will all be at the barest minimum.

But instead of this, you can work with an industry or company that specializes mainly in the dropshipping business.

To get started, it could be done in these super ways:

  • You list your desired products up for sale on any of these platforms Amazon, eBay, Etsy or so, better still, it is cool if you have your website.
  • Immediately someone purchases your product, all you need to do is to purchase the product directly from a reliable third-party company, i.e. the drop shipper (and they are usually a manufacturing company or wholesaler) at a relatively low price. This method is just as simple and easy as forwarding the direct order from your prospective customer.
  • And lastly, your drop shipper will just send the product to the customer.

This is cool, isn’t it? You can offer a range of products you like with drop shipping, just that there are a few weaknesses in dropshipping as an online business model.

You need to find a recognizable and reputable drop shipper you can trust in quick delivery-efficient service. The reason is, if a purchase is late for a delivery or doesn’t go out at all or the order is of poor quality — you will be the one to get blamed. But still, it is a lucrative and worthwhile internet business idea.

Affiliate marketing is one lucrative internet business idea that you can start at home with no capital money involved and earn enormously. Affiliate marketing is similar to drop shipping online business, but there exist some slight differences.

Just like the e-commerce model, on affiliate marketing, you also don’t have to own any products of your own or maintain any inventory and you needn’t worry about shipping orders to customers.

To get this business done, you just need to pick a profitable and comfortable niche for your online affiliate marketing business, and after that, you look out for an affiliate partner that has an available product in that your preferred niche (you may find these popular affiliate sites useful,, and the formal commission junction i.e. CJ Affiliate by Conversant).

These sites offer any resourceful digital information, product, or physical ones you may think of.

You just post the products up for sale, on your website, blog, e-commerce website, or your social media accounts. Each of those products has a magic link that will track back immediately to your account on your affiliate partner record and you will serve as the ultimate referral.

When any interested prospect clicks the link, he would be taken or redirected to your affiliate partner’s shopping cart, and once a sale is made, the purchase will be recorded and you have your 5-25% commission, depending on the terms and conditions of your affiliate partner.

  • Online Video

Posting online videos is another great way to start an internet business idea online free at home with no capital money. No wonder YouTube has claimed the number 2 world largest search engine after the mighty Google with over 1 billion users busy watching movies for millions of hours each blessed day.

You, too, can leverage and reach out to YouTube to make money online right in your home with no capital money. All you need to do is to create useful content, something engaging, and of human interest that people will love to watch.

To get started, the first step is you create your own YouTube account so that you can start uploading videos. After that, you will enable monetization on your YouTube account settings.

This automatically gives Google the command to enable short AdSense ads on your videos. If those ads that getting clicks by viewers, you get paid, and that’s it.

Above all, be enlightened that your videos can be so simple and natural, it does not have to be slick. Your own is to provide useful, engaging, and interesting content — funny ones do help too.

And lastly, you can extend your video to a larger audience by posting them on your Google+, Facebook business page, blogs, forums, Twitter, and other channels.

Create awareness to people and let them know that you are now in the video business.

  • Freelance worker

You can offer an endless number of things to people who are willing and ready to pay you on the internet, just like normal daily life. There are many services you can do offer online.

You can write unique articles online, create and design websites for people, etc. The problem most people do have is where to start? Well, there exist several websites out there that are ready to trade with you.

A typical example and the commonly used ones are and These two websites welcome wannabe online entrepreneurs and they both pay via Payoneer and PayPal.

As a freelancer, you can make available many kinds of direct services to people who need them.

So, if you so desire to make money from the internet free with no capital money, you can take up freelance work by following the strategies mentioned above. You need experience to succeed.

Putting It All Together

Best of all, the aforementioned internet business ideas are unlike the bricks-and-mortar business, it doesn’t need much capital to kickstart.

Some of them can be up and running with no capital money because there are free online services to facilitate them.

For instance, you can build your website or blog free of charge using WordPress and you can embrace third-party websites like Amazon and eBay to sell your products online locally.

Best New Internet Business Opportunities Online

If you are thinking of starting an online business and you are looking for the best online business ideas, here are the 10 best new online business ideas to start with little or no money in 2020.

There are lots of online business opportunities available on the net that anyone can venture into, but the question remains: Which is the best for you among all.

So, among so many online business ideas available on the net, I patiently took my time to sort out the ones I know vividly that are easy to start and are the best for any serious aspiring online entrepreneur.

However, because I listed these online businesses as the best new online business ideas does not mean you are not going to conduct your research to find out if they will be suitable and profitable for you.

10 Best New Online Business Ideas

  1. Blogging

This is one great online business idea that any passionate entrepreneur can run. Blogging is one of the fastest-growing business trends on the web now and so many people are taking leverage of it to make cool money for themselves.

If there is a particular subject that interests you and you are passionate about it, you can start a blog around that subject. You don’t need to invest much in starting a blog. With as low as $50, you can start a blog and monetize it.

  1. SEO Consultant

The fight to be on the first page of search engines especially Google is getting hotter by the day. If you know the in and out of search engine optimization, then you can make cool cash from small business owners.

Owners of small brands who are trying to create awareness online so they can increase their customer base or sell any of their products are always in search of SEO experts that can help them appear on the first page of search engines.

If you are that good, you can make money educating those business owners on how they can transform their websites into a more SEO-friendly property.

  1. Freelance Writing

If you are skilled and creative when it comes to creating good content, you can become a freelance writer. There are lots of websites and blogs looking for freelance writers to help them create engaging content.

There are some freelancing sites like Upwork, Fiverr,, and where you can promote your writing skills and get hired to write.

People are making thousands of dollars just working as freelance writers using these freelancing sites. Why not give it a try? It is free to sign up for!

  1. Online Boutique

Everything is moving online. If you have eyes for fashion and you would like to start a business around that passion, you can start an online boutique business.

With an online boutique, you don’t need to rent a store as you would do for a brick-and-mortar business.

With an online boutique, you are not restricted by location, as anybody can order your products anywhere in the world and you just ship the product to the person’s location.

All you need to start an online boutique is an online store and sign a deal with a reliable courier company to help in shipping your products to customers.

  1. Web Designing

There is a never-ending need for new websites with quality graphics and interface design.

If you have good knowledge of HTML, CSS, and have a good eye for design, you can launch a service-based business of web designing for small businesses.

You will have to start small by charging a small fee with your first clients and build up a portfolio for yourself that you will be using to pitch high-paying clients.

  1. Forex Trading

This could be a risky business but it is indeed a very profitable one if you first learn the trade of the business before venturing into it. There is so much free software you can use to learn before you start trading.

You should learn from a coach. This will prevent you from losing your money without making any dime. If you want to test the water, then head over to Etoro and sign up for their free and user-friendly social trading network.

They have plenty of resources on their site to help you learn how to trade stocks, shares, and currency.

Most free software has free fake money that will allow you to trade with for the sake of learning the business.

  1. Graphic Designs Business

This is one best new online business ideas that you can succeed in if you have skills in designing. There are lots of graphic designers online making money from this online business. You can also choose to focus on infographic designing, eBooks cover design, etc.

  1. App Development

The demand for new and creative apps for android and iOS phones is increasing more than ever and people are willing to pay good money as far as the app is useful. If you are good at app development, you can make lots of money as everyday apps are launched in either the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

An example is some apps that pay people to walk.

Becoming an app developer should be something you need to consider because it is a very profitable business opportunity; though it’s time-intensive it’s a guaranteed money maker.

  1. Sell Software

If you have an idea of creating a software that can help make life easy in terms of productivity and time management, help business organizations in their accounting, payroll, or whatever purpose, you can become wealthy creating this software and selling it to top business organization that the software will be of great help too.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

To become an affiliate marketer means that you will be promoting other people’s products and services. Whenever there is a sale, you get a commission and the most interesting fact here is that you don’t even need a dime of your own to start it and you get to partner with some of the biggest companies in the world.

If you have a site with a huge following and have built trust with your readers, it will be easier for you to make sales. Pat Flynn of makes over $5000 monthly from affiliate marketing.


Making money online requires that you have someone to guide you. Though some people make money online through self-practice, success is easier to achieve when you know what to do and why you are doing it. There are lots of internet marketers on the internet. People are involved in lots of new internet business ideas. The truth is that you need to carve out your niche, develop in that area until you become an authority there.

What is the best new business online idea? Well, the truth is this, whether new or old online businesses can be broadly classified into two categories. Some internet businesses are service-based while others generate products that are offered for sale. For instance, Long Tail Pro is a software application used for generating long-tailed keywords while seasoned bloggers like Jide Ogunsanya offer blog customization and blogger custom domain redirection services.

Many online entrepreneurs have exploited these methods in making money online. if you choose to go with online/information products, you can either sell your products or promote another person’s products through affiliate marketing. The same thing goes for business services online. Your choice of internet business to make money online is solely left to you.

While searching for top internet business opportunities to start, you need to look out for businesses with a focus on products and services that have high demand and which you enjoy doing. It is easier to sell products that people need than to force them to buy what they don’t see any reason to buy.

You can never be successful in a venture you are not passionate about so make sure you choose a business you enjoy doing. This will give you the determination and strength to overcome challenges and stay long doing it even when the result is not yet evident.

Below, I have listed some business ideas online that you should consider:

==> create a physical/digital product that adds values
==> Offer a business service online that solves people’s problems
==> make money through affiliate marketing programs
==> promote products or even re-sell on eBay, Fiverr, Amazon, SEOClerk, Alibaba and Etsy, and other online auction sites
==> start a membership site like forums that allow subscriptions.

All these business ideas online can bring you great wealth if you can put in all that is required and these include: passion, insatiable craving for knowledge and determination to succeed.

5 Most Lucrative Small Internet Business Ideas and Opportunities To Start

You know everybody is trying to teach you how to build a successful online business but at the end of the day, you are left feeling overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated.

Are you looking for small profitable online-based business ideas you can start immediately with little or no money?

Have you at a one-time venture into an online business idea but it did not go out well as promised by your online coach?

An overwhelming majority of folks whether they are online marketers, affiliate marketers, network marketers, etc. are not making any kind of significant money.

Here is the thing, the majority of folks who are operating an online-based business are not making any money online, not because they don’t know-how. They are not making it simply because they are following the CROWD.

Becoming an online entrepreneur will be easier if you focus on your strength that will help to carry out the activities efficiently to make good profits.

Today, the online-based business is flourishing worldwide, and thus, you can build up a nice setup with brilliant online business ideas you can start tomorrow.

Let me share with you some profitable small online-based business ideas you can start with tomorrow.

1. Web Design

If you have a good knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT, then web designing is the optimum field for you to venture into. And it will serve as one best online business ideas.

With the increase in the rise of people venturing into an online business, many people will need the help of a web designer because web designing is not what everyone knows or can easily learn.

This is where you come in when you position yourself as one. So many ladies are venturing into eCommerce and don’t have any slight idea on how to build or design a web and are looking for a good web designer.

To help yourself build a web design online-based business, you should go and register on top freelancing sites like Fiverr,, Elance, and Craigslist. These are places that most online entrepreneurs go to look for skills that they can hire.

2. Virtual Assistant

This is another small profitable online-based business idea where leading companies with a big size of tasks like data research, social media platforms managing, data entry, etc.

You can easily bring more clients and set up your team as a virtual assistant agency providing effective services.
Many companies that don’t have the budget to hire permanent employees do look for the services of a virtual assistant.

3. Affiliate Marketing

This online business does not require much presence online. All you have to do is just promote products of a particular brand and you can earn huge profits as commissions that will open the hidden doors to success.

This is one of the most popular small online business ideas in the world and many people are making 6 figures monthly from this business idea.

You can go on to sites like Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, and others and sign up as an affiliate marketer. And you will be given an affiliate code which you will be using to promote the brand’s products and earn a commission when the product is bought.

4. E-Book Author

Is writing your passion? Do you know you can start a small online-based business, gain popularity as well as good wealth as an eBook author? It cost little or no money to start an online business as an eBook author because all you do is write in Microsoft Word and convert it to PDF.

There are numerous places you can sell your eBook for your chosen amount of money you want. Amazon, eBay, Esty, ClickBank, or you can better still create your blog where you sell your eBook and keep all the money.

You can write as many ebooks as you like right from the comfort of your bedroom and sell at no expense. Anytime you are just out of cash and your old eBook sales have reduced, you write another one and promote. So sweet right? I bet you will agree.

5. Business Coaching

This is another category of options you can choose from the list of small online-based business ideas. If you are an experienced person in the field of business and you can help coach small business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve success in their business in a good time.

This business idea involves positioning yourself as a business coach who has come to help small business owners achieve success. You can first create a blog to build your online presence, and then, you take leverage of social media platforms to promote your message and drive traffic to your landing page to collect their email address in exchange for something valuable.

So, these are the topmost profitable small online-based business ideas that anyone can start tomorrow and make good cash in the long term.


I am always surprised to see job applicants fruitlessly searching for job vacancies that are not readily available to them when they can channel such efforts to start a genuine internet business with what they already know or are passionate about.

You see much jobless youth subscribing to mobile networks monthly paying as much as =N=1500 and above for pinging, chatting, and gossiping about the latest celebrities. It is the same amount of money I usually invest in my internet business that makes cool cash a month working from home without commuting palaver.

Genuine internet business ideas that you can start from home today with no money include any of these:

=> Blogging for money by monetizing the blog with contextual advertising like Google Adsense, selling advert spaces, or promoting affiliate marketing products.
=> Writing articles for webmasters for a fee.
=> Publishing your ebook and selling it online.
=> Domain and website flipping
=> Membership site management in your area of expertise
=> Just name it

All you have to do now is to learn how to get started with that internet business idea. And there are free online marketing courses for you to subscribe to without paying a dime.

My advice to anyone interested in running his/her online business idea.

=> Follow the KISS rule; Keep It silly Simple. Don’t complicate your internet business idea. Life is so simple, it is you think that way.

=> Be Highly focused. With the internet, you can do thousands of online businesses and this will make you lose focus but the funny thing is that instead of making money from thousands of online business ideas, you CAN focus on just one internet business idea or you might end up earning nothing at all!

=> Including selling something as part of your internet business idea if you want to make it big.

Sell informational, sell physical stuff to people, sell advert space on your blog, sell your realistic online business ideas to people if you really can, sell your service. And I will see you at the bank!

=> MYB! Mind Your Business.

Never poke your nose in another man’s internet business, have you made yourself there is no time, you see, when did enter the year? Now we are close to the end of the year, so a new year is nearly here, what great thing can you use your life to do before the end of the year?

Instead of following the guru, following that internet business expert map out your strategy critically and follow it through diligently, the sky will only be your starting point! So, MIND YOUR BUSINESS!

Step by Step guide on how to make money online for free

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