Online Bakery Business Plan Sample


Most persons are familiar that one can sit right in the kitchen and bake a bigger purse, beyond baking a cake.

Culinary excellence can mean financial excellence if one is enterprising enough; specifically as a web based entrepreneur.

You must note however that in the Kitchen industry, passion is a fuel for the engines of productivity. With the right quantity and quality of passion, one can properly whisk the eggs of advertisement and go from making cupcakes to cups of wealth; and of course the reward is in the profession, but it could also come in financial parcels.

The online community is a growing one and it is becoming necessary for business persons to find for themselves suitable quarters, not excluding sales of goods that are as perishable and fragile as cakes.

Here is a sample business plan for starting an online bakery.

Starting an online bakery business is a very good and rich business idea that can make you rich in the long term and below are tips for an individual who intend to start an online bakery business:


Step 1: Have a Good Online Bakery Business Plan

You must carefully map out in precise sketches on how you intend to operate your online bakery business; your goals, objectives, and priorities. You must know that you are in the process of taking realistic steps to use a virtual platform in order to earn realistic cash.

The bakery business plan should be clearly conceived and thoroughly analyzed, and if possible written and documented. There are good online platforms that can assist you with this process.

Step 2: Obtain Relevant Licenses

Contact the health department to get your food manufacturer and distributor’s license for a hitch-free access to the distribution of baked items. You should also check out in your country the agency responsible for food administration and control for any requirements and labels, and obtain required document for your products.

This is to establish the legitimacy as well as professionalism of your business, except you have plans of limiting sales to family members and friends; for a wider array of customers to be welcomed, you should be a little more formal than you are informal.

Step 3: Get a Website

Getting a website or blog where your products will be listed is a must for your online bakery business to flourish. You should have in mind when designing a website to use designs that would resonate with quality aesthetic tunes; colors that would add taste to the eyes as good the cake you intend to sell.

It is so important that it could be a factor of motivation for potential customers, as well as an inhibitor if not properly designed—you have to beautify the outlook of your physical shop after all. Photographs of your cakes in a dynamic fashion should cloth your website.

Also consider adding features to your website that would make for the ease of navigation, and ease of placing orders.

It should pose least difficulty for customers to make purchase, to avoid any slight factor that would deter them.

Step 4: Advertising and Marketing

Haven set up your virtual bakery business, you are already now in position to be reasonably excited; but there’s still advertising and marketing. You can do this via social media platforms where you can link up your site.

Join social network groups of people in your line of business and get to know the trends, as well meet potential customers. You can put up a subscription box on your site where your potential customers can give you their email address for them to be receiving update about your products and also some valuable information on how they too can bake at home for their own consumption.

This will add value to your customers and it will make it hard for them to switch to another seller.

Step 5: Physical Address

Not to prevent any impression like “what if this cake has come from the Bermuda, how would I know?”, it is appropriate to include a physical address of your kitchen, however exquisite. This largely multiplies customer trust and reliability. Maybe a P.O. Box, and definitely an email. The more personal they get with you, the more loyal they become, and trusting too.

Step 6: Delivery Scheme

You could utilize the service of a local courier, Postman, or as an alternative you could use sites like eBay to market your products. Using a courier, you would have to reach business terms with the firm regarding quality delivery service and payments; knowing the nature of the commodity being delivered, extra care must be emphasized.

You must note that quality must never head down the slope, as a passionate culinary expert you should be thrown into the search for a better recipe continually—then you are only writing the first page of your success story of that online bakery business.

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