What are the most lucrative one-man businesses around?

Every gigantic business conglomerate started as the vision and dream of a single individual. Microsoft Incorporated, Apple Computers, Google Inc are a few examples of business entities birthed by the unrelenting motivation of visionaries, who took small steps toward achieving the reality of a larger picture.

Furthermore, every business sprung off the dashboard of an idea; a bid to inventively and ingeniously meet demands needs, and wants, in a cost-effective manner, to achieve profit.

Easy Small Scale One Person Business Opportunities and Investment Ideas

The global headwinds being experienced by increasing numbers of countries, occasioned by the drop in oil prices, mean that economies are shrinking with a resultant loss in jobs and job opportunities.

Hence one-man business ideas can serve as the engine rooms to create employment and to jump-start the economy.

The following one-man ideas can be started, after careful consideration and planning:


Transcription Services

Do you have a good command of spoken and written English? Or of any other language?

Are you thorough and meticulous in your approach to issues? Do you type quickly? Then working from home as a transcription provider could just be an ideal one-man business for you.

There is a growing demand for transcription services, especially in specialized fields like medicine.

Experience does not really count even though more experienced hires may command greater pay rates. However, acquiring necessary certifications can be achieved via enrolling in online transcription courses and programs.

All that is required for this one-person business opportunity is self-motivation, aptitude for industry, a reliable internet connection, headphones, and a computer system.

Proofreading Services

If have a love and a flair for the English language and you have the patience to meticulously scrutinize tons of written material, then starting a Proofreading service as a one-man business could be the way to go.

It entails ensuring the correct use of grammar and lexis, in a bid to help customers express their thoughts logically, correctly, and otherwise.

A major perk of Proofreading is the possibility of dealing with a wide variety of materials, ranging from medical journals to novels and opinion pieces. You can raise your charges as you gather expertise and a larger client base.

Proofreading is a good one-man business that can be carried out from anywhere.

Daycare/Babysitting Services

This one-man business idea can be a fulfilling venture for entrepreneurs who have a love for children and possess the talent and patience to build great relationships with them.

With increasing numbers of families that are on the rise economically, there is an urgent demand for caregivers who will tend children, in the absence of their parents/guardians.

A good place to start could be with the kids of close families and friends. You can decide how many kids you can start with, the ways and means of keeping them engaged amongst other considerations.

What is required is ample space, an online and offline presence, and call cards.

Gourmet Popcorn Services

This one-man business idea is predicated on the possession of excellent culinary skills, with a passion to serve sumptuous meals to other people.

This one-man business idea offers the opportunity to enjoy experimenting with different flavors in preparing the popcorn, thereby appealing to a wide variety of tastes.

Also, you could decide to get a mobile cooker for the preparation, to enable you to move around shopping malls, churches, parks, cinema halls and virtually anywhere there can be potential demand for popcorn.

It is a low-cost startup venture which promises high returns.

Sports Viewing Center

The passion for sports like football can be translated into starting a one-man business tailored to showing football games. With absorbing football competitions like the UEFA Champions League, the English Premiership, the Spanish Liga amongst others, there is a demand for viewing these games live.

The would-be investor can start by getting an affordable satellite TV bouquet, fairly used TV sets, ample spacing, and seating arrangements, and a couple of hands.

With appropriate pricing coupled with excellent customer relations, this one-man business idea promises handsome returns.

Event Planning Services

Do you have the creative acumen to decorate and put things together in a unique way? Do you also possess excellent interpersonal and man-management skills?

Then starting an event planning/coordinating business could be the right one-man business for you. From wedding receptions to birthday parties to house warming ceremonies, there is never a dearth of opportunities in that service sector.

Coupled with the fact people are increasingly outsourcing the task of organizing such events, event planners can be guaranteed a steady stream of income/profits.

All that is required is an eye for the creative, a competent team of assistants, some substantial experience, and referrals from friends and family.

This list of one-man business ideas is by no way exhaustive and these opportunities can be embarked upon, either augmenting a regular job or undertaken as a major means of livelihood.

All that the entrepreneur requires is the willingness to take calculated risks, the mindset of seeking knowledge, and the temperament to stick to a chosen business path, no matter the adversities.

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