Looking for unique nail salon ideas for your shop? Here are some catchy suggestions.

How important is a name to a nail salon business? Very important. The first impression clients will have about your business is likely to start from the name you give.

Cool Business Names For Nail Salons

The purpose of this article is to provide entrepreneurs struggling to come up with a suitable name for their nail salon with great ideas.

As you read along you’ll find lots of cute names for your nail salon. However, before we go further, it will be necessary to offer some tips on how you should go about choosing your preferred name.

Best Business Name Suggestions For Your Nail Salon

This section of the article will briefly provide tips on what to consider when picking the perfect name. It includes the following;

  • Your Nail Salon Image

Being able to conjure up a pleasant image in the mind of your clients through your name is a goal you must have.

People unconsciously have an image of how good or awful a business is just by the name. This may not necessarily be so in reality. In any case, you need your name to project a pleasant image.

  • Avoid Duplicating Names

There are likely going to be other nail salons around your location. Try as much as possible not to duplicate or adopt names that sound similar. Remember you want your business name to stand out.

  • Be Unique

Try to ensure your business name sounds unique. However while trying to sound unique, be careful not to complicate things. Simple, yet unique names will do the magic. You want to be very creative in coming up with one.

  • Naming Your Business After the Area You Live In

Sometimes, naming a nail salon business after your location might work out well. However, problems are bound to arise when you need to relocate or when the business grows and expansion to new locations is inevitable.

  • Name Search

If you think you’ve found the perfect fit for your nail salon, a name search will be necessary.

This includes an online search as well as a Secretary of State name search (in the event you want to incorporate the business). The name search helps avoid name duplication. It also helps check for its availability.

Catchy Nail Salon Names

The name ideas provided here help you narrow down your choices to the most preferred or most likely to pick from.

You get to sift through the list to be able to arrive at what you seek. The following are creative and unique nail salon names to choose from;

  1. Liberty Nails
  2. Nail Dreams
  3. Say it with Color
  4. The Nail Lighthouse
  5. Editorial Nails
  6. The Nail Process
  7. The Nail Doctors
  8. Imagine
  9. Nail Inspired
  10. Nail Shoot
  11. Imagine
  12. Craft Nails
  13. Gifted With Nails
  14. Nail Embassy
  15. Solo Nails
  16. Blue Lamp Nails
  17. The Nail Express
  18. Nail Art Salon
  19. GOAT (Greatest Of All Times) Nails
  20. Identity Nails
  21. Nail Rituals
  22. Nail Paint
  23. Artistic Nails
  24. Nail Spectrum
  25. Brush & Strokes
  26. Salon Create
  27. Nail Artists
  28. Iridescent Nails
  29. Picasso Nails
  30. Nails First
  31. Prismatique
  32. Deluxe Nail
  33. Luxia Nail Spa
  34. Nail Story Salon
  35. NailFlirt Spa
  36. Allure Nail Spa
  37. Splendiflora
  38. Royal Nails
  39. Colomania Nail Salon
  40. Hope Spa & Nails
  41. Girl Gossips
  42. Polish & Pour
  43. Be Fine Nail Spa
  44. Fabulous Nails Spa
  45. Pinkies Nail Salon
  46. Thai Spa & Nails
  47. Sweeties Nail Salon
  48. Beauty World Nail Salon
  49. Pamper Nail Salon
  50. Four Season Nails
  51. The Nail Palace
  52. Lovely Lady Nails
  53. Lishify Nail Spa
  54. Grand Slam Nails
  55. Poss Nail Spa
  56. Class Act Nail Salon
  57. Stylo Nevu
  58. Nail Delights
  59. Vivid Hue Nail Spa
  60. New Nails New You
  61. Nail Cast Saloon
  62. Splash Nails
  63. Mystiva Nail Spa
  64. Cutie Pie Nails
  65. Regal Nails
  66. Speedy Service Nails
  67. Nail Indulgence
  68. Speedy Service Nails
  69. Necessary Nails
  70. Twinkle Toes
  71. Nail Necessities
  72. The Golden File
  73. Cute-icles
  74. Filed Away
  75. Polish Me Pretty
  76. Dream Nails
  77. Posh Nails
  78. Pinky Toes Nail Salon
  79. Little Piggies Nail Spa
  80. The Little Piggie Nail Salon
  81. Hand Model Manicures
  82. House of Nails
  83. We Love Tips Nail Salon
  84. Infinity Nails
  85. The Nail Box
  86. Fingers to Toes
  87. Sin City Nails
  88. Get Nailed!
  89. Get Tipsy Nail Salon
  90. Grafitti Nails
  91. Sweet Feet Pedicures
  92. Happy Feet Nail Salon
  93. Manis and Pedis Salon
  94. Serenity Nail Salon
  95. Raise a Hand
  96. The Nail Place
  97. Hands Down Nail Services
  98. Glitter Girls Nail Salon
  99. AAA Nail Salon
  100. Glamour Girls Nail Salon
  101. The Nail Designer
  102. Everything Nails
  103. Designer Nails
  104. Tips and Toes Nail Spa
  105. Sweet Feet Pedi Spa
  106. Tip Toe Nail Salon
  107. Sweet Feet Pedi
  108. Tippity Toes Nail Salon
  109. Pinkies Nail Spa
  110. Art & Chemistry Nails
  111. Nails First
  112. Nail Activists
  113. Creato Nail Bar
  114. On Trend Nails
  115. The Nail Show
  116. Planet Nail
  117. Blank Canvas Nail Studio
  118. Hue Nails
  119. Mosaic Nails
  120. Nail Creations
  121. Personalized Nails
  122. Pink Me Up
  123. We Love Tips
  124. Well Nailed
  125. Salon Holding Hands
  126. Raise a Hand Nail Studio
  127. Get Made Nail Studio
  128. Red in Bed Nail Salon
  129. Manicure
  130. The Last Nail
  131. Nail Stones
  132. Ace of Fades
  133. ManiPedi
  134. Viva Nails
  135. Ruby’s Nails!
  136. Neat Nails
  137. House of Nails
  138. Pedi Passion
  139. Nailography
  140. Oh La La Nail Salon
  141. Radian You Nails
  142. Luxtique
  143. Voila Way Spa Nail
  144. Ladies Look Nails
  145. Elegance Nail Studio
  146. Daring Diva Nails
  147. Sunday Styles Nails Spa
  148. Radiant You Nails
  149. Noisemaker Nails
  150. Sublime Nails
  151. Nailed It!
  152. Nail Nurses
  153. Prim and Polished
  154. Pampered Nails
  155. Keep it Polished
  156. Design on a Dime
  157. Polish Professionals
  158. Polished and Proud
  159. Passionate Pedis
  160. Relaxation Station
  161. Nail Nation
  162. Happy Hands
  163. Pamper Party
  164. No Better Nails
  165. Healthy Hands
  166. Glam Nails
  167. Decorated Digits
  168. Nail by Design
  169. Speedy Service Nails
  170. Passion for Pedis
  171. Nail Knowledge
  172. Nautical Nails
  173. Holding Hands
  174. Delectable Nails and Spa
  175. Sublime Nails
  176. Be Better Nails
  177. Radian You Nails
  178. Knockout Nails
  179. Allure Nails
  180. Gold Tips Nail Salon
  181. Bows and Bells Nails
  182. Cutie Pie Nails
  183. Picture Perfect Nail Boutique
  184. New Nails New You
  185. Nails Come Alive
  186. Foxy Mama Nails
  187. Sweet Nails Boutique
  188. Ladies Look Nails
  189. Daring Diva Nails
  190. Deep Wave Nails
  191. Envy Nails Salon
  192. Devious Nails Boutique
  193. Flash Nails
  194. Silver and Gold Nail Salon
  195. Sweet Girl Nail Boutique
  196. Dazzle Nails

These funky and clever nail salon name ideas are ample options to choose from.

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There’s the possibility of not finding one that fits your needs. If you don’t you can still make some modifications to these to come up with something entirely unique to your pedicure and manicure business.

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