Movie Theater Business Plan Sample Template


Usually this is also known as a theater company, a theater company is an organization that is involved in theatrical performances which include, dance, drama and music.

This company usually is structured to be a promoter of theatrical performances and is usually owned by one person or a group of persons who either have a passion for theater or are into it for the resources they could get.

The funny thing is that a passionate theater person who is in love with the arts is likely to make more money from the movie theater than the person who gets into it for the money.

Theater is said to give the replica of real life situations in whatever form that it takes, in fact theater practitioners see theater as life its self, because theatrical performances paint real life situations and happenings before an audience to open the eyes of the audience to issues that affected them directly, drawing attention to things that have been neglected and require change or to remind them of happenings that have affected them or would affect them In the future either positive of negative.

Whichever of these that the theatre does it aims at achieving change and in most cases, is quite successful. One prominent movie theater company is the Hubert Ogunde theater of the mid-nineties here In Nigeria. The Ogunde theater was a travelling theater company that was owned by Hubert Ogunde, this was one theater that helped fight colonialism during the colonial rule. His theater traveled to many states with plays that carried messages on the importance of independence.

Although his theater received so much resistance from the colonial government to the extent that he had to get permission from the government to stage any plays, he still achieved success in his quest for freedom. Ogunde’s theater was very successful because It was run by someone who was in love with the theater.

This goes to show that the number one criteria to start a movie theater business, is to have passion for the movie theater. I will now identify some steps that you will need to take in starting your own theater business:

Here is a sample business plan for starting a mini movie theater.

First you would need to identify the kind of movie theater you would want to have, the type of performances vary for example there are typical traditional theater, what this theater do are performances that are entirely indigenous to the African culture and beliefs, without any contemporary inclusion in their performances.

They use the local drums, costumes, make up etc. Even though we are in contemporary times, these theaters stick to the typical culture of the African people majorly the aim to preserve culture through the theater.

There are also contemporary movie theater that concentrate mainly on contemporary life styles and issues in their performances, there are also theater that do a fusion of the two creating a different kind of theater, but they all theater only that they adopt different forms. So you need to identify the kind of movie theater that will work for you.

Secondly you will need to choose a name for your movie theater business because it reflects professionalism and artistic repertoire.

But you first have to check with your state registrar to make sure that the name you want is not taken or used by another company, then you register the name, get a license, pay the required filing fee, then you can put up a notice in a newspaper about your establishment.

You could set up a bank account, design a website for your company that will include your production calendar, cast bios, synopsis of plays ticketing information. To help your audience have a one on one relationship with your business.

A movie theater company cannot be run by one person you need a lot of hands on deck to achieve success in this business so you will need to appoint member to your movie theater business.

Although you might make all the artistic decision for your company, there is need for collective brainstorming from other professionals in the field, you also need a legal adviser, public relation personnel, experiences actors to help boost your business because they all have a very vital role to play in the success of your business.

Financially you would need to decide on how you want to get funds to fund your productions. Most theater companies seek for sponsorship from private organizations, companies, governmental organizations, loans from banks etc. funds in a theater is of great importance.

Therefore it is compulsory to have a means of income either from your personal purse or from other sources available to help build your theater.

As a movie theater business, you need space for your performances although this is not compulsory, it is important.

It is more economical as a theater company to own your space no matter how small the space may be, it saves cost and could also be a source of income because you can rent out your space to other theater or rent it out for other functions for a fee.

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