Mortgage Bank Business Plan Sample

Here is a sample business plan for starting a mortgage bank.

Mortgage brokerage is a serious business and requires all the tools necessary to help with achieving such objectives. One of the primary tools every business needs is the plan.


Your business plan is considered the compass that directs your operations. Here, we provide a template for a mortgage bank business plan with tips on how to write one.

How do you proceed to create your own unique mortgage bank business plan? Well, it has to do with what you know about the contents of a great plan.

Of course, the process isn’t haphazard but follows a definite pattern. Also needed is an appreciable level of diligence on the part of the entrepreneur to create a good plan.

Your Business Plan should follow an Order

One of the most important things anyone writing a mortgage business plan needs to know is that the plan must be structured. In other words, some certain components or sections cannot be left out.

These include the executive summary, the company description, and the products & services sections.

Others include the market analysis section, the strategy & implementation, organization & management, as well as the financial plan & projection sections.

Each of these is critical to producing a great plan and must be carefully researched on and written to achieve desired outcomes.

i. Executive Summary

 The executive summary is an overview of the plan. It summarizes it and prepares the reader for what’s contained in the main plan.

Although it appears first in order of arrangement, it’s best to have it written last. It should present a concise and optimistic view of your mortgage bank business.

There are components of the executive summary or subsections that shouldn’t be left out such as your business name and location, the products and services you offer, as well as your mission and vision statements.

Also, a mortgage business plan must have a specific purpose which should be added to the summary.

  • Business Name & Location

As with any business, your business concept should have an identity. Here, the mortgage company name is the primary identity of the business and should be picked beforehand.

Also, you need to state where this mortgage bank business will be operating from. In other words, you need to provide its location.

  • Products and Services Offered

A lot of research and planning should go into identifying and preparing the products and services you plan on offering. They should be those which are in demand and will be of benefit to your clients.

Although there’s a whole section dedicated to products and services, provide a summary of such here.

  • Mission and Vision Statements

Your mission statement defines your banking business by stating the reason for its existence.

It should identify your company’s purpose. It should be precise enough and easy to digest. The vision statement on the other hand is a representation of your dream for the company.

Here, a long-term perspective view is adopted in crafting the vision statement and must align with the mission statement. What more?

Your mission statement must also be in sync with your core values, culture, and strategic planning.

  • Specific Purpose of the Plan

Your mortgage bank business plan won’t be complete without a specific purpose.

Here, you want your readers to know what your aims are and such may include securing investments or simply setting strategies. Both of these can also be the main purpose of your banking business plan.

ii. Company Description

Investors will want to have some detailed knowledge about the business through the company description section.

This section is a high-level view of the business highlighting your goals, how you operate, as well as who you are.

Key aspects covered here include the legal structure of the business as well as a summary of your short and long-term goals. Also, provide information on how you intend to make a profit.

Consider including a brief history of the business, its nature, and problems or demands you wish to fill.

iii. Products & Services

Although this has been covered to some extent in the executive summary section, this is where a more detailed view of products and services is performed.

You’ll need to describe such products and services with an emphasis on how they benefit clients. Also, information on the market role of your products is crucial.

What advantage do your services and products have over those of your competitors? Include other details such as trade secrets, copyright, and patents where applicable.

Are there any research and development activities in the works? Include such within this section.

iv. Market Analysis

Marketing analysis conveys your understanding of the mortgage banking business. Of course, this requires a great deal of research to arrive at key findings.

To demonstrate that, you’ll have to include a sketch of your target customer segments with possible demographics where necessary.

Assess your competitors by identifying their strengths and weaknesses. What’s the industry outlook like? Describe in that regard.

Data on historical, current, and projected marketing demand for our services should be provided as well.

v. Strategy & Implementation

Marketing and sales strategy should form an essential part of your business operations.

Through your operating plan, you should be able to explain how your mortgage banking business will be promoted and how it will launch into the market.

vi. Organization & Management

A mortgage banking business is only as good as its management team.

Here, provide an organizational chart with clear descriptions of departments as well as key employees within such. Who are the owners? Provide names, percentage ownership, and level of involvement in its operations.

Also to be added are profiles of your management team. Details such as their names, positions occupied, prior experience and key responsibilities will be of help.

Include the board members, attorneys, and accounts here.

vii. Financial Plan & Projection

The financial plan and projection section will better be handled with the assistance of an accountant. Key areas to be analyzed include historical financial data, in addition to realistic prospective financial information.

With these sections carefully developed, you’ll have a great mortgage bank business plan to guide your operations. It’s important to avoid rushing this through and seek expert help where necessary.

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