Microbrewery Business Plan Sample


A business plan is a working document a business is run by. It is the guiding light that shines the path to profitability and stability.

If you are interested in starting a microbrewery, but do not know how to write a comprehensive business plan which will help in establishing the business, this article is for you.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a microbrewery.

– Executive Summary
– Market Analysis
– Target Market
– Competitive Advantage
– Sales and Marketing Strategy
– Pricing Strategy
– Our Payment Channels
– Publicity and Advert Strategy
– Source of Funding
– Sustainability and Expansion Strategy


Rock brewing company will be deploying the best brewing technology to ensure that it produces the highest quality beer that meets up with global standards. Our brewing business will be located at Las Vegas, and have an ambitious expansion plan to cover more than 80 percent of the states in the US within the first 7 years of operations.

The idea for the establishment of a Microbrewery was due to the huge local market potential for our products, as currently, the local market needs is being met by insufficient supply of this product which takes upwards of a day after exhaustion before new supplies are delivered, hence, we plan on plugging this supply gap by providing superior world class service to clients.


Showing an impressive growth pattern over the past 10 years, there has been steady demand for beer brewed locally, and there is a strong belief that this trend will steadily climb.

Although the microbrewery sector has always struggled to meet up local beer needs, Rock brewing company intends contributing immensely in meeting the demand and even exceeding the local demand by distributing our products to other locations through established distribution chains.


At Rock Brewing Company, our target market covers the entire range of beer lovers and those with quality at mind.

However, under-aged persons will not be sold our products. Among the divers range of people who will be sold our beer are tourists, business executives, college/university students among other target groups. Also, we will be forming alliances with hotels, local bars, and resorts for supply of our beers.


Our competitive advantage at Rock Brewery Company is that we will be enlisting the services of the best hands in the brewing business, plus an effective and highly knowledgeable workforce who would be making sure that our brew company is repositioned to provide services that are usually absent at typical breweries.

Although a local brewery, Rock brewery will be using state of the art brewing technology in the production of the highest quality beer.


Our sales and marketing strategy at Rock Brewery will be all encompassing as we would be using all channels of distribution to ensure our products are mopped up within a short period.

Operating in Las Vegas, where there are several hotels, casinos, cafes, bars among so many other outlets of distribution, we intend exploiting these sales and marketing option for our products and services.


At Rock brewery, we boast of one of the best pricing regime in the local brewing industry, providing real value for money and at the same time ensuring that our clients do not have to spend much for our obvious superior services but are provided premium service at attractive rates.


Taking advantage of the great gains made by technology in the financial arena, we will be accepting several payment options such as POS services, mobile money, cash, and bank transfer, thus allowing for payment of our services through means deemed comfortable by our clients.


We intend making our services visible and available to our esteemed customers and potential customers, thus, we will be deploying all forms of media, including the internet, fliers and banners, billboards, radio and TV adverts.

Also, because we know the effectiveness of word of mouth advertising, we intend to serve our clients with unparalleled service as we know they would advertise our exceptional services to friends, family and acquaintances.


Our source of funding for Rock Brewing Company is through a debt financing arrangement, where a loan will be sought through Citi Bank to finance the project.

However, this is not being solely funded with the loan, as there is already $250,000 kept aside for this project, raised through family savings.



Our aim of providing excellent service delivery is a culture that will continually be retained and improved upon.

Within the first 4 years of operations, we intend on adding other beer variants to our already existing ones. This will be done with the client in mind; hence, we would be undertaking a market research to know what our clients will like to have.

Also, our workforce will be highly motivated in every way possible to enable them contribute their very best to the growth of the company. In the next 5 years, we intend to reposition our business to begin franchising, as a means of spreading our services to other states within the US.

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This is a microbrewery business plan sample with the basic requirements of what a good plan should contain. For those who interested in writing their own plan but have no idea on how to, this sample provides help in this area.

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