Sandwich Restaurant Marketing Plan Template

A marketing plan is an all-inclusive document that summarizes the advertising and marketing efforts of your business for the following year.

You need to have a marketing plan for your sandwich business as having it will not only give you the chance to win new customers but also ensure you retain the old ones.

Sandwich Restaurant Marketing Plan Sample

The sandwich restaurant marketing plan should have all the activities that are involved in providing the achievement of sales targets and other parameters within the given timelines.

A Sandwich Restaurant Marketing Plan has all the steps the business needs to take to achieve the set targets.

The primary aim of creating a sandwich restaurant marketing plan is to make your sandwich restaurant the premier lunch destination downtown where fresh and healthy sandwiches are served.

A Sandwich Restaurant Marketing Plan has the following sections:

Executive Summary

In the first section of your Sandwich Restaurant Marketing Plan, you should give a brief description of your sandwich restaurant business.

In the same article, remember to state your business goals.

The set goals should be reasonable and achievable; for instance, you can indicate that you need your sandwich restaurant to attract an economic coverage of 40% new customers a year after the following year and will reach the expected profitability by the end of the second year.

In this section, you will need to identify the keys that will contribute to the success of your sandwich restaurant.

To counter competition, strict financial controls, should first be implemented. The second prerequisite is that the sandwich restaurant offers high-quality, fresh, and nutritious food to and finally, proper visibility must be ensured.

The sandwich restaurant also needs to run a targeted marketing campaign in support of the opening of the sandwich restaurant as this will attract many customers.

This section, in essence, has a summary of each of the other parts of your marketing plan.

Marketing Mix Ingredients

The marketing mix ingredients are highlighted in this section. They include the product, which is all about the on-shelf availability, the price, the place, and the promotion. The four are generally known as the 4Ps of marketing.

A proposition can also be used in the marketing plan as it means the call to action.

Here, you should highlight your exciting menu of pita sandwiches, salads, coffee beverages, and desserts. Remember to indicate that your restaurant will offer Pita bread and Middle Eastern flatbread to the community.

The two-meal is used as a tasty foundation, nutritious and healthy assortment of sandwiches.  The customers will have the choice to choose according to their different tastes and preferences.

Also, indicate the promotional tactics you will use to get a more significant market share, for example, the bakers’ dozen promotion.

Target Market

In this section, indicate the group of customers that you are targeting; for instance, the college students, the professionals, or the locals.

The market in most cases consists of tourists, university students, downtown workers, and families going out for dinners. Tourists often make up the most significant market segment as they visit places for recreational and shopping activities and stop by to take a bite in sandwich restaurants.

Also, quite a significant population of the workforce is targeted as only if a small percentage of them will buy the sub shop sandwiches daily, the sales will go high.

Additionally, demographics have shifted in the past few years from traditional households which include more non-traditional families.

Consequently, many adults feel that their free time is minimized.

Accordingly, they eat out more often to free up the time usually that could have been used to cook and use that time to enjoy with their families while taking advantage of other leisure activities. This results in boom business for your sandwich restaurant.

Do thorough research on this demographic, and your sandwich marketing plan will be the most effective.

Marketing Strategies

In this section of your sandwich restaurant marketing plan, describe all the promotional tactics you planned in the marketing mix section.

You will have to look for areas where you can beat your competitors and succeed. The most significant side should be about its healthy and delicious menu.

A good competitive edge should be customization.

Customers should be given a variety of ingredients to choose from. It should be the primary goal in your sandwich restaurant, to satisfy the customer as it is needed in all capacities.

Financial Objectives

In your financial projections part, you need to include all the information that you documented in your marketing plan. Also, touch on the promotional budget and the expected return on investment.

The section should have the financial target, for example, to end the year 2018 with a 25% increase in the profit margin and to increase the monthly sandwich sales by 15% during the first year.

Use your financial projections to calculate the promotional expenses and other schemes that give you the highest return on investment.

Furthermore, completing your economic will guide you, set the goals for your sandwich business to achieve by staying ahead of the competition.


Take your time to complete all the above sections, and your sandwich restaurant will not only strive in sales but also in winning and retaining customers.

Also, encourage ground-breaking product suggestions from both the customers and staff for excellent results.