Hotel Marketing Plan Executive Summary

Executive Summary Of A Hotel Marketing Plan

Starting a hotel business requires a lot of planning for any meaningful progress to be made. Just like any business, the hotel business depends on patronage to succeed.

To get this patronage, you need to effectively market the business.

This explains why our focus is on the hotel marketing plan executive summary sample.

The success of the business depends on the planning stages, and if you do not plan well, then your plans may as well be derailed. Attracting patronage starts with the marketing plan.

For many investors, the marketing plan executive summary will determine if they should get into the details contained in the marketing plan or not.

If your marketing plan executive summary is not compelling enough, they will simply ignore your marketing plan which translates to losing the opportunity to get funding for your business.

Here, we will consider this subject by providing a sample hotel marketing plan executive summary to work with.

Executive Summary

Regal Hotel is a hotel providing a variety of efficient customer services which includes a 24hour room service, restaurants, laundry service, massage rooms, fitness gyms, conference rooms, lockboxes, business center, non-smoking floors, and rooms, helicopter service, as well as currency exchange services.

All of these services are tailored to suit the needs of our highly esteemed clients as we believe they deserve nothing less than the best. We are a hotel business that seeks to expand its services to cover more locations as well as include more innovative customer-centered services.

We understand how important keeping to schedules and appointments can be, which is why all services are centered on helping the customer keep up with their schedules by delivering highly efficient and prompt services.

Our workforce works as a team in delivering the best, with customer expectations being met and in many cases even exceeded.

We take advantage of our common purpose which is to establish a thriving hotel business to streamline our efforts to create a potent business reputed for the provision of exceptional services.

Mission Statement

Our Mission at Regal Hotels is to build a super brand synonymous with service excellence and also to be among the top 3 hotel brands in Tucson.

Our desire as a business is to have all our employees share our mission and making deliberate efforts at achieving the same.

Marketing Analysis

The hospitality industry has witnessed a lot of transformations involving a slowdown in growth as well as accelerated growth at different points.

During periods of a slowdown in growth which may be caused by a weak economy or accelerated growths caused by positive growth in the economy, the business has been sustained by innovations that have aided the survival of hotels including ours.

Innovation has kept our operations afloat and still growing. The future of the hospitality industry in America is bright as the rise in global terrorism has made people less likely to travel abroad for vacations.

This has opened more investment opportunities for hotels to cater to this growth in opportunities.

Competitive Analysis

At Regal Hotels, we are focused on delivering our promises of providing high quality and exceptional services to clients. We do not oblivious of the fact that there are several competitors in the Tucson area offering similar services.

However, we desire to offer superior services to our clients and to create an unforgettable experience for them so that when they leave, they will have lasting memories and in the process likely spread the word about our superior service.

The areas of weakness of our competitors are an important area of consideration for our business. We intend to focus on these weaknesses to improve on them, no matter how small they are.

We understand that customers will likely take notice of a better service no matter how little it is by comparing the same with a previous and similar experience they had to go through at some point in time.

To the customer, this will stand out and will mean a lot! This is why we are leaving no stone unturned in bringing efficiency and quality to all our services.

Our customer care is also highly responsive to the needs of the customer as we try to offer unbeatable services.

Marketing Strategies

We are using a variety of approaches in achieving high impact marketing.

Some of the strategies include the use of effective marketing tools such as the internet which involves building a website or our business as well as using social media to promote our hotel business.

We also have paid adverts running in both electronic and print media as well as billboards mounted at highly visible locations.

Word of mouth marketing is also not left out of our marketing strategies as our clients are encouraged to spread the word about our services.

Financial Projections

After putting all of these strategies in place, and using the current trends in the hospitality industry, we have conducted research which has revealed impressive growth figures for our business.

This 3-year financial projection plan sees our profitability increasing considerably

This is summarized in the chart below;

  • First Year $800,000.00
  • Second Year $1,600,000.00
  • Third Year $2,100,000.00

This article has focused on providing enlightenment on hotel marketing plan executive summary. The information made available here seeks to draw attention to the basics of what a good summary should contain.

Without following the right procedure, your business proposal is dead on arrival as investors may likely reject your marketing plan executive summary if it does not encourage them to read on.