Hair Salon Marketing Plan Template

If you are planning to own a hair salon then explore the various tips you will need to create a winning hair salon marketing plan, and important factors to include to command higher profits and more customers.

A hair salon can pay you a decent income, mainly when you have an actionable hair salon marketing plan. Like any other business, the success of a hair salon business depends on customers’ satisfaction.

In the case of a hair salon, however, you need to go an extra mile in bringing the best look out of your clients. And since you are largely dealing with naturally volatile women, your marketing plan must be unique in all ways.

Hair Salon Marketing Plan Sample

Let’s look at some factors you must consider in making your hair salon marketing plan.

Targeting Right Customers

The success of any business depends on the ability to satisfy customers/clients. There is no guarantee that your marketing plan will help raise your profits if it is centered on the wrong customers.

For instance, if your market demographic consists of old customers, a marketing plan that is centered on young clients won’t do any good.

Also, you must identify the kind of professionals you are dealing with. What is the availability of these professionals? What style suits them? What type of incentives can I offer?

These are some questions to ask yourself to craft a marketing plan based on the right customer target.

Give Incentives and Discounts

Does your hair salon marketing plan appreciate free services and discounts? You might be targeting the right customers, but they will eventually get hooked by salons with discounts and incentives.

The power of “discount and free service” has proved to be a magic marketing strategy. Most businesses are continuously focusing on this magic to attract more customers. You have multiple options for incentives in your hair salon.

Consider supplementing your customers’ comfort with a free cup of coffee, snacks, or tea. You can even install a free internet connection in your salon.

Sufficient Use of Social Media

In this digital world, perhaps every business understands the power of social media.

Despite this, many companies are still unable to maximize their social media use. This is characterized by an unfavorable impact that social media makes on these businesses.

In your hair salon, are you only using one type of social media? Are you just posting updates with no follow-ups on your salon’s Facebook page? If you respond affirmatively, you are making errors. It is incredible that even older people (45+ years) are using social media, specifically Facebook.

A good marketing plan should appreciate the need to keep a long-term customer relationship. As a result, use social media sufficiently.

It will involve diversifying your hair salon social media accounts and be keeping in touch with your customers.

A Flexible Hair Salon Marketing Plan

As a hair salon owner, your customers are always looking for unique styles.

They are looking for creativity with a sense of current hairstyles. You won’t be able to keep these clients for a long time if you are using the usual and old techniques.

You won’t attract new customers if you are only using traditional marketing methods. In short, your marketing plan is inflexible if it can’t shift with the changing marketing trends.

To avoid this erroneous mistake in your hair salon business, make sure the marketing plan can sustain new market changes. Ensure you adapt to new trends in marketing. You can even participate in seminars and workshops, or take online courses that can expand your marketing skills.

To be more explicit, treat your hair salon business the same way you would run a multi-million-dollar business.

Who knows, you can turn a small hair salon into your dream business, but only if you are flexible enough to face changes in marketing.

Budgeting For the Marketing Plan

Unless your marketing plan is aimed at making no profits (which is ridiculous), you have to spend cash. Have you ever wondered why they say, “Free is expensive?” or the common business phrase, “Use the money to make money.”

Now is the most excellent time to do away with that insufficient marketing plan. That plan has no financial budget to help achieve your goals. That plan doesn’t allocate resources to help grow the business. What is the aim of a business if not expand by making profits?

You should now start focusing on diverting part of your turnover to growing the business. Usually, 10% of your profits is sufficient. But you can allocate more depending on the size of your business and your budget.

Organization Using a Calendar

Do you have a calendar for your hair salon business? If not, your marketing strategy will suffer due to a lack of proper organization. Running your salon with a virtual schedule might not help you realize your goals.

Instead, an appropriate plan of marketing needs to outline activities to perform at specific times. Keep in mind that opportunities to expand your profits will show up during certain seasons, and take all the necessary changes.

In summary, a good marketing plan for your hair salon business is instrumental in expanding your profits.

It can take you some time to realize the fruits of your plan, but the above tips give you the necessary foundation to build a profitable hair salon using a proper marketing plan.