Gym Marketing Plan Executive Summary

Executive Summary Of A Gym Marketing Plan

As with any business that requires patronage of its services, planning a gym business requires a lot of marketing to be put in place if the business is to achieve reasonable profitability.

An executive summary is a very important document which is why we will focus on the Gym marketing plan executive summary sample to shed light on what one should look like.

Writing a marketing plan is a major requirement for the business. However, the executive summary allows the reader to have a peek at what is contained in the marketing plan.

It is necessary to note that without a good executive summary, it is highly unlikely that your Gym marketing plan will not be considered by investors. This also applies to any other business concern.

Because it is highly summarized, it enables the reader to quickly gain an understanding of what the contents of the plan are.

This Gym marketing plan executive summary sample will highlight some of these areas.

Executive Summary

Body Build is a Gym business that is to be established in Maine and will be providing a variety of gym services which include group fitness sessions such as AB attack, Strength training, Hoop fitness services, Pilates, and TRX suspension.

Our gym is fully equipped with cardiovascular machines such as treadmills, elliptical trainers, cardio entertainment, recumbent bikes, upright bikes, stair climbers, and circuit machines.

Others include circuit machines, iso-lateral machines, plate load machines, and free weights among several other services.

These services are offered with the client in mind as we seek to make Body Build the most equipped gym in Maine within 2 years of commencement of operations.

Service excellence is our driving force as we seek to provide highly satisfactory services to a wide range of our clients, and in the process making our business become a reference point for exceptional gym services.

We are also concerned with treating our clients with the utmost respect and care they deserve.

Our customer services will be second to none in bringing total satisfaction to clients.

Market Analysis

With an increasingly overweight population, there are increasing concerns over this problem and calls for adopting healthy lifestyles.

This has greatly influenced the perception people to have towards gyms as the climate for this type of business is increasingly becoming more attractive with one in five Americans heading to the gym.

Most patrons of gyms pay for memberships. The fitness industry is becoming increasingly diverse with gyms and weight loss centers which are creating investment opportunities for businesses and enabling people to adopt healthy lifestyles in exchange for a fee.

Competitive Analysis

Most of the services and products available at Body Build are top of the range while also being within the reach of customers.

Our workforce gives us a critical edge over our competition as they have been carefully selected with most having several years of experience which they bring to bear.

Our customer services are exceptional with professionals who share our passion for providing nothing short of the best services to customers.

Also, while improving on services offered, we seek to improve upon the weaknesses of our competition no matter how insignificant they may seem.

These add up to give us a strong edge.

Marketing Strategies

Body Build will be adopting a variety of marketing strategies which include conventional methods as well as unconventional marketing strategies. The internet is a strong marketing tool which will be exploited by us in making our services and products known.

Apart from having a functional website where our customers can easily inquire about our services and make payments, we are also going to be using all social media channels in spreading the word about our services.

In addition to these, we will have paid advertisements running on TV and radio channels as well as the mounting of billboards at strategic locations to advertise our services.

Word of mouth marketing is still very effective in reaching out to people. This method of marketing has existed for ages and has not lost its relevance one bit.

In using word of mouth as a marketing tool, we will encourage our satisfied clients to help in spreading the word about our services to friends, acquaintances, and family.

As a measure to encourage them, we will have an incentive to reward them for every new client the business gains through them.

Financial Projections

The fitness industry is currently enjoying a renewed surge in the number of people interested in using such services.

As a result of this, we have researched the market potential and have discovered an enormous growth potential. This information has been used in drafting a 3-year profit projection which sees our profits growing significantly during this period.

This information is summarized in the chart below;

  • First Year $220,000.00
  • Second Year $590,000.00
  • Third Year $900,000.00

This gym marketing plan executive summary brings to the fore the major constituents. It should be able to summarize the entire gym marketing plan comprehensively and should be clear and concise enough to the reader.

Doing a good job on this can make the difference between getting the funding or not.