Digital Marketing Plan Executive Summary

Executive Summary Of A Digital Marketing Plan

Digital marketing is currently the most effective way of marketing and having the capacity to reach the widest audience at the lowest cost. Several businesses have keyed into this strategy and are reaping huge benefits.

However, our focus is not to discuss digital marketing but we are concerned with writing an executive summary to enable the reader to develop a good digital marketing plan.

Before writing the marketing plan, the executive summary section is used to chart a course for what should be included in the marketing plan.

As a matter of fact, the marketing plan executive summary is a window to what is contained in the marketing plan document. This is where anyone going through the marketing plan will focus on, as it reveals if the marketing plan is worth reading or not.

From the executive summary, mistakes can be easily spotted, and this will determine if you get the much-needed funding or not.

The marketing plan itself is essential to the success of the business enterprise as every business exists to meet a need.

Therefore, no matter how good the product is, without effective marketing strategies (marketing plan) the business would at best remain stagnant. Proper marketing will result in higher patronage.

Executive Summary

Clemens’ is a major player in the provision of cutting-edge digital marketing solutions to businesses through the internet and also through its use of mobile devices such as phones as well as the adoption of digital marketing strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO) influencer marketing and search engine marketing (SEM).

Other channels of marketing include social media optimization, direct email marketing as well as social media marketing.

The above methods and strategies are used in helping businesses get the needed visibility they need, which directly leads to more client enlightenment about services they provide, and positively impacting on sales.

Clemens’ is a channel where businesses get to benefit from its ability to easily leverage the power of the internet to provide the much-needed exposure to these businesses. the internet has created a world without borders, and Clemens’ takes advantage of this promoting the businesses of clients.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a global player in the provision of high-quality digital marketing services to our clients through the adoption of global best practices.

These services will also have attractive pricing to ensure our customers get to enjoy the best digital marketing services at the lowest cost possible.

Market Analysis

There is a major shift in the way businesses are being run; an important factor responsible for this shift is the internet.

Today, almost every company has an online presence with websites being built for newly established businesses daily. Some of these businesses are 100% online businesses.

These include online shopping sites where products are easily purchased or sold. Some of these include Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay among others.

The need for digital marketing therefore is on the increase, and Clemens has positioned itself as a strategic partner in the provision of high-quality and reliable digital marketing for businesses.

Competitive Analysis

Because we understand the advantages of having an edge, we are focused on providing highly innovative digital marketing services for our clients to ensure they continue using our services and also give recommendations about such services.

We are not focused on competing with other digital marketing businesses but are determined to stay ahead of them through our highly innovative services.

To make this possible, we are committing our resources to hire the services of the best brains in the digital marketing world. This group of professionals will drive our innovative services by bringing their experiences to bear on the job.

Marketing Strategies

Our marketing strategy is simple! Satisfying the needs of every client!

We understand how powerful recommendations can be. This will form part of our marketing strategy in reaching more businesses and expanding our capacity as a business to provide high-quality digital marketing services to more clients.

We will also be making use of the social media channels as well as placing paid adverts in electronic and print channels.

In addition to these, we seek to build alliances with businesses and individuals to give us the much-desired leverage required for maximum performance.

Financial Projections

With the current trends in the digital marketing industry, there is no better time to invest in this business than now.

We have used data drawn from the last 5 years to date to draw a sales projection for the next years. The result obtained has shown impressive growth potentials which will see our revenue climbing steadily.

This information has been summarized in the chart below;

  • First Year $400,000.00
  • Second Year $500,000.00
  • Third Year $990,000.00

This digital marketing plan executive summary sample has highlighted the major components which a marketing plan executive summary should possess.

With the information provided here, the reader is given a guide to follow in writing his/her unique marketing plan executive summary.

Without a well-written executive summary, there is a high likelihood that the marketing plan will not be written, as the executive summary section should be able to contain the most important information contained in the marketing plan.