13 Great Marketing Plan Software To Buy

Are you interested in online marketing plan software? Do you need a free marketing plan software for MAC and a good one that works on Windows?

A Marketing Plan Software is an important business tool needed by small, medium, and large-scale businesses.

This software allows for adequate and proper planning of all marketing activities. The marketing planning software is under focus due to its importance for doing business. Businesses have embraced this due to the value it adds to planning.

Every marketing plan carries a message. Your message needs to reach the right people.

No matter how small, medium, or large your business is, you still need the marketing plan software. You do not need to have an MBA or be an accountant to use marketing plan software. It simplifies the technical stuff thereby enabling users to enjoy its many advantages.

Best Marketing Plan Software

There are lots of such marketing plan tools to choose from. Most of these come with a variety of features. Some of these include push notifications, email campaigns, and automated Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM), among others.

So, in light of the above, which is best to use? Everyone wants the best marketing software that will fit his/her needs.

To answer the question, we will list some for you to choose from.

How Does the Marketing Plan Software Work?

Now that we know how important the market plan software is, how does it work? Giving the right answers to this question gives clarity to users.

A marketing plan software encourages teamwork among users. It allows each member of the marketing team to collaborate on marketing projects. A huge advantage of using this software is that it simplifies the entire process.

The software keeps all marketing team members on the course. A benefit you can derive from it includes getting a centralized record system for marketing. It also guides a business towards its goals. To achieve this, you can keep track of marketing campaigns, calendars as well as expected results. Most marketing plan software comes with a built-in expert recommendation guide.

You can use A marketing plan software to answer “what if” questions, develop a contingency plan as well as predict outcomes. Essentially, marketing plan software encourages greater productivity.

Encouraging the marketing team to keep abreast of current development ensures a streamlined process.

Important Marketing Planning Questions

Marketing planning tools such as marketing plan software enable us to answer important questions. These include the effect of marketing on revenue. Also, you need to ask yourself how to avoid unpleasant budget surprises that may arise. These surprises may emerge outside a target date. Another question this software helps you answer is if you will meet your lead and budget goals.

Are your business plans streamlined with revenue targets for each product? How do you facilitate cooperation among members of your marketing team? The marketing plan software enables you to find answers to these and other questions.

How to use the Marketing Plan Software

As mentioned earlier, there are several types of marketing plan software to choose from. Each of these has specific features that differentiate some of its functions from others. However, all of these perform the basic function of helping you plan your marketing strategies. In addition, they come with basic operational information to guide you through its use.

The best part of most marketing plan software is that they are not complex to use. They are comprehensive enough to help business owners follow simple instructions to input necessary data.

Are There Free Marketing Plan Software?

This is a crucial question when it comes to choosing a suitable marketing plan software.

Most marketing plan software comes with a trial version. This is for people/clients who want to test how good the product is. It allows full access to the software for a specified duration of time. Most of these have a trial version lasting for 2 weeks. After the trial period, you will need to purchase a license to use it.

What to Look Out For in Marketing Planning Tools

When selecting a preferred marketing plan software for your business, there are things you should consider. It is necessary to go for a marketing plan software that comes with a mobile app platform. This is necessary for people on the go, who carry their work with them. This provision makes it possible to work seamlessly on all platforms without interruption.

A marketing plan software with a variety of templates is a better option. This provides more options to work with.

With this feature, your chances of success are significantly increased. Marketing plan software having instructional videos is a great pick. Users are provided with a detailed guide on how to operate the software. These are some of the things you should pay attention to when choosing one.

Limitations of Marketing Plan Software

Just as there are advantages, there are limitations as well. For your marketing plan to be effective, you need to have a better understanding of your target market. However, this can be challenging. Concentrating on smaller segments of your market requires more content. Developing personal interactions means you need to have personal information on our clients.

Getting this can be difficult. You will also need to use the information obtained to develop the right message. This involves a whole lot of time and resources. Creating the ideal content is also a challenge as well. This is because such content may not be suitable for your audience. Substantial investment is required to achieve good results.

Great Marketing Software Packages you can Choose From

As mentioned earlier, there are tons of marketing software packages you can use. Your choice of any will depend on what your needs are. Also, the size of your business matters. Although most of this software is built to function for either small, medium, or large scale businesses.

Hence, this section will provide you with some of the best marketing software you can choose from. It also highlights the features and pricing as well. Find below our list of highly effective marketing software;


Sales and Marketing Pro

Sales and Marketing Pro is one of the most efficient marketing software you can rely on. It works on Web, Android, and IOS platforms. What more? Sales and Marketing Pro can be used by small, medium, and large-scale businesses.

Harvard Business School and Entrepreneur Magazine have given this software a thumbs-up. With Sales and Marketing Pro software, you can easily design your marketing and sales strategy without needing expert help. You will need to activate a one-time license before using it.

In addition to the above information, it also includes two supported languages. These consist of English and Spanish.

The Sales and Marketing Plan Pro software has a starting price of $179.95. This software is also available for markets outside the United States. These include the United Kingdom, Africa, Canada, and China.

Others include Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia.


This marketing plan software has a lot of useful features. These include lead capture, quote management, sales analytics, real-time data, and sales tracking. Others include forecasting, email integration, activity dashboard, API, collaboration tools, and automatic notifications.

What other features are there? There are also customizable templates, data import/export, activity tracking, and third-party integration among many.


Do you want a marketing software you can easily plan, share, and track your marketing campaigns? Then you may want to use Kaboodle. This marketing plan software is web-based only. It is available for small and medium-scale businesses. This software is subscription-based and available from $50/mo. A free trial is available as well.

Unlike the Sales and Marketing Pro software, Kaboodle only supports English. Available markets include the United States, United Kingdom, China, Europe, and India.


Kaboodle has several interesting features. Some of these include customizable branding and an activity dashboard.

Others are real-time analytics, multi-channel marketing, and social media integration. Third-party integration, tagging, reporting and statistics, and social network marketing are additional features.

You stand to benefit from several other functionalities of this software.


This is a cloud-based service that allows users to effectively manage and collaborate on marketing projects. Users can track their progress with ease as well as receive and send feedbacks. If there is a need for adjustment on marketing projects, it is easily communicated and managed. It allows project members to prioritize their assignments.

Changes to existing projects are sent or updated on personal dashboards by the project managers. Wrike is subscription-based. Under its professional plan, it starts from $9.80/mo., per user, and is billed annually. Its Business plan subscription is billed annually at $24.80 per user/mo. There is also a marketer subscription plan. This is billed annually at $34.60/mo.

Under its Enterprise plan, you will have to contact Wrike directly for details.  It is suitable for small, medium, and large-scale businesses. It also has web and mobile platforms.


This software has a collaborative workspace, activity tracking, activity dashboard, Gantt charts, and project time tracking.

Other features include task tracking, third-party integration, projections, a drag and drop interface, and timesheets among others.

Its security and privacy options include the encryption of sensitive data, HTTPS for all pages, and multiple location data back-ups.


If you are interested in a marketing plan software that offers simplicity, offers a free trial, and value for money, then this is for you.

It allows you to effectively track, share files, manage resources, and coordinate all marketing activities conveniently. It supports web-based and IOS mobile platforms. It is also useful for all categories of businesses that include small, medium, and large scales.

ProWorkflow is available for the Asian, Canadian, American, Australian, and UK markets. Its pricing plans include Solo; starting at $10/mo., per staff.

Others are Professional at $20 per month/staff as well as Advanced at $30 per month/staff.


What features does the ProWorkflow software have? It includes third-party integration, projections, task management, Gantt charts, and a drag and drop interface.

Others include collaborative tools an activity dashboard and automatic notifications among several others.


Aha offers you a safe and effective option to organize all your projects with ease while working as a team.

You can assign or define the roles of each member of your team with real-time updates. This allows every member of the team to keep abreast of every progress made. New ideas are scrutinized and the idea vetted.

With its effective communication tools, team members can share updates and deadlines among others. This is only web-based and suitable for small, medium, and large-scale businesses. Markets covered include the Middle East, Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia, and Africa among others.

Its pricing plans include a premium subscription starting at $59.00/mo/user. Others are Enterprise plan at $99.00 per user/mo and Enterprise+ at $149.00/user/mo.


Aha! has a projections feature, a drag and drop interface, collaborative tools for easy project management, and an activity dashboard among others. These offer a more streamlined work environment.

With these and many more, you can build visual roadmaps as well as monitor every aspect of the project in real-time.


The slope is a cloud-based marketing planning tool that facilitates seamless collaboration between marketing team members. Among its several features are status reports, work requests, unlimited task management, and many more.

Tasks can be color-coded and sent to a specific member of the team with set deadlines.

Its chat feature enables team members to share and exchange ideas in a threaded form about current tasks. Slope offers you value for money. It also has a free trial and supports medium and large-scale businesses only.

It is available in Basic, Premium, and Enterprise plans. These go for $15 per user/mo, $25 per user/mo., and custom pricing respectively.


Choosing this marketing plan software will offer you several features that include an activity dashboard and progress tracking. Others include a provision for tracking, project planning, prioritizing as well as commenting. You can share files, exchange ideas on discussion boards, calendar management features, and customizable reporting, etc.

Marketing Mate

With Marketing Mate, organizing, tracking, and reviewing marketing activities are handled effectively. This marketing plan software incorporates design flexibility as well as its helpful tips and rich tips, samples and templates make it the ideal planning software.

An exciting feature of marketing mate is that it has a huge database of resources. You can make use of these to create a result-oriented marketing plan.

Marketing Mate is web-based only and available for small and medium-sized businesses.

Markets covered include the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Europe. Its Basic plan starts at $10/mo. There are also Professional and Corporate/Educational Plans for $20/mo., and $40/mo., respectively.


Marketing Mate has exciting features that help your business. These include its design flexibility, its huge library of resources and ideas, and its event analysis.

Others include customized branding, a marketing plan creation, cloud data storage, marketing plan wizard, and results tracking capability among many others. With these, users can make more effective use of their time.


With Allisian, businesses can effectively manage clients and marketing teams through the use of extensive communication tools. These include file sharing, Gantt charts, progress monitoring, email reports, and many more.

With Allisian, users can communicate online through the sharing of project information using its cloud services.

Users are kept in the loop as they are provided with the real-time status of projects. Deadlines are also set and adhered to. All of these contribute to making marketing plans more potent. This software has a free trial version and is web-based only. It is most suitable for small and medium scale businesses.


Some key features of Allisian include deadline tracking, assignment management, project time tracking, and status tracking.

Others are goal management, goal tracking, task view, task automation, communications management, and customizable time zones among many others.


Atomized is a strong brand that helps businesses create effective marketing plans.

This is achieved through its visual marketing calendars that help bring together all marketing tools and team members. This brings about flexibility in how people make contributions to projects. They can work remotely on the platform using an internet connection.

This feature makes it much easier and effective to keep up with marketing planning activities. Atomized is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Markets covered include the United States and Canada.


Atomized has tons of useful features businesses can use in planning their marketing activities. Some of these include format management, brand management, multi-channel publishing, social media management, and content management.

Others include secure data storage, third-party integrations email notifications, and several more.


With ActiveCollab, your marketing planning needs are fully met. It offers extensive organizational tools some of which include an all-in-one calendar, task filtering, a centralized dashboard, etc.

This tool keeps the user in control and allows seamless handling of all activities. A free trial is available for persons who would want to test ActiveCollab is available across web-based and mobile platforms including IOS and Android. Markets covered include Asia, Brazil, the Middle East, Australia, and several more.

This software is connected to a cloud service starting from $25. Other plans include a 15 member $49/mo fee. There are 30, 60, and unlimited member subscription plans for $99, $199, and $299/mo.


ActiveCollab has several useful features. These include progress reports, Gantt charts, file management, team calendars, and project collaboration.

Others are task planning, collaborative writing, task planning, expense tracking, and Customizable branding, and many others. All these contribute to making the planning process much easier and effective.


SendX is a software you can use to plan your marketing activities. This marketing plan software has proven to be quite helpful in coordinating your business.

SendX has a free trial version. This expires after a specified time. You will need to obtain a key to unlock the software after this time elapses. This marketing plan software is suitable for small, medium, and large-scale businesses.

It is available to major markets across the world. However, it only supports the English language. Some of these markets include Africa, Canada, Brazil, the Middle East, and Asia among others.


There is additional and helpful information you can use. These features include behavior tracking, email tracking, multivariate testing, and campaign management.

Others include behavior-driven rules, analytics/ROI tracking, marketing plan creation, A/B testing, and API. These are not all as lots of other features are included in this marketing plan software.


Trello is easy to use marketing plan software businesses of all sizes can use. Its added advantages include an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Creating a marketing plan with this software allows for seamless monitoring and collaboration among team members. Everyone is kept updated on current developments. This allows problems to be effectively tackled with dispatch.

Trello is also available on the web as well as mobile platforms that include Android and IOS. Supported languages include Chinese, Dutch, Finnish, English, and over 10 more languages. It has four different plans.

These include the free Standard plan. Others include the Gold, Business Class, and Enterprise plans. These have pricing of $5/mo (45/year), $9.99/user/mo, and $20.83/user/mo respectively.


This software has a lot of important features. Some of these include a provision for real-time updates, collaborative review, and collaborative workspace.

Others include third-party integration, boards, lists, API availability, and search functionality. It also has secure data storage, security, and encryption, due date tracking, data synchronization, and task scheduling.


Your marketing team will find Asana an exciting tool that helps the development of marketing plans.

With this marketing plan tool, you can plan, track progress, organize, and share updates with whoever you are working on your plan with. It is available on mobile as well as web platforms for all business types.

It has Basic, Premium, and Enterprise plans. The basic plan is absolutely free. The premium plan goes for $9.99/user/mo while you will have to contact Asana for its Enterprise pricing information.


Some features of the Asana Marketing Plan Software include completion tracking, email bridge, an activity feed, task reminders and notifications, project sections, and search views. Others are calendar management, dashboard creation, and task conversions. You will also find a configurable workflow, subtasks, user access controls, and assignment tracking among several others.

When creating a marketing plan, the marketing plan software helps you create the right message. It also enables you to send the right message to the right audience. These marketing planning tools listed above are some of the best in the industry.

With these, small business owners are given the advantage of developing a working marketing strategy that fits their needs and those of their clients.