Marco’s Pizza Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

MARCO’S PIZZA Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

In this blog post, I will be sharing with you all you need to know about Marco’s Pizza franchise just in case you are thinking of starting a Marco’s Pizza franchise.

Marco’s Pizza is the only pizza franchise in the United States owned by a native Italian. Marco’s Pizza is a restaurant chain that especially deals with well prepared Italian-American foods. Founded in 1978, Marco’s Pizza has gone from one store to more than 800 stores located in several states in more than four countries all around the world.

If you are interested in owning a Marco’s Pizza franchise, this article will provide you with all of the available information regarding Marco’s Pizza franchise such as how much a Marco’s Pizza costs, the franchise fee, etc.

How much does it cost to get a Marco’s Pizza franchise? Is Marco’s Pizza a franchise? What is the best pizza franchise to own? Where did Marco’s Pizza come from?

About Marco’s Pizza Franchise
Founded by Pasquale Giammarco in 1978, Marco’s Pizza is the only pizza franchise that is owned by a native Italian. The first Marco’s Pizza store was founded in Oregon, Ohio in 1978, but today, there are more than a total of 800 stores scattered around different locations in the United States and other countries. The restaurant chain has its headquarters located at 5252 Monroe St., 2nd FI. Toledo, Ohio, United States.

The major focus of Marco’s Pizza is on Italian-American cuisine, with quality and customer satisfaction the major points of emphasis. Jack Butorac currently holds the position of the Chairman and Chairman Executive Officer (CEO) of the business.

Marco’s Pizza franchise is open to anybody who is interested in owning a successful business that deals with food. Marco’s Pizza is well renowned for its Italian artisan pizza well prepared with fresh and real ingredients made in the store each day from their specially formulated flour.

When it comes to quality, Marco’s Pizza is a top choice for most pizza consumers in the United States. The restaurant prides itself on the quality of pizza they offer to consumers each day. Among the many things that make Marco’s Pizza stand out and loved by their customers is the fact that the pizzas are prepared by hand each day, and the quality is impeccable while still being affordable by customers.

To become one of Marco’s Pizza franchisees, much is not required from you. Once you have followed through with the financial requirements, you can be sure of owning your own Marco’s pizza store. Everything you need to fully succeed will be provided to you by the franchisor.

How Much Does a Marco’s Pizza Franchise Cost?
If you are very interested in starting a Marco’s Pizza franchise, then you must be fully informed that it will cost you a minimum liquid capital of $100,000 as part of the financial requirements for you to become one of Marco’s Pizza franchisees.

Marco’s Pizza Franchise Fee
The initial franchise fee which you will be required to pay as part of the financial requirements is $25,000. In addition, ongoing royalty fee comes as 5.5%, while ad royalty fee comes as 1%.

Marco’s Pizza Franchise Startup Cost
For you to become fully counted as one of Marco’s franchisees, you will be required a total investments sum which ranges from $150,592 – $546,592 as well a net worth which amounts to $350,000.

Marco’s Pizza Franchise Membership Training, Requirements and Support
Now, once you qualify as one of Marco’s franchisees, here are the following benefits of training and support you stand to enjoy:

  • First of all, you will be provided with an initial comprehensive training which will afford you everything you need to know about becoming one of Marco’s Pizza franchisees, as well as how you should go about your business. You will be required to complete 266-hour onsite training at the initial stage of opening your store.
  • Financial assistance will be made available to you by the franchisor through third-party sources.
  • You will enjoy, from time to time, ongoing training in the business in all aspects so as to fully equip you. This will come in the form of regular meetings/conventions, etc.
  • At the initial stage of securing a location, the franchisor will fully render assistance as regards site selection.
  • The franchisor will be very interested in providing you with ongoing marketing and online support for you to fully gain ground. This will come in the form of SEO, email marketing, co-op advertising, etc.

Marco’s Pizza Franchise Terms of Agreement /Renewal
Marco’s Pizza franchise offers an initial franchise agreement term which lasts for ten (10) years; after which, if the franchisee meets up with the requirements, they have two additional terms of ten (10) years available.

How Much Does a Marco’s Pizza Franchise Make?
Although there is no available information by Marco’s Pizza regarding how much a franchise makes, we can be very sure that how much a franchise can make depends on the location of the store, the size, as well as how well the franchisee conforms to the successful strategy of the franchisor.

How to Open a Marco’s Pizza Franchise
Go straight to the franchising website of Marco’s Pizza at to get started with the procedures of becoming one of Marco’s Pizza franchisees. Completely fill and submit the online form at the site and proceed to the next step. Or you could call the telephone number 1-800-836-2074 for more enquires and assistance towards starting up a Marco’s Pizza franchise.

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