Loan Officer Service Business Plan Sample


Loan Officers provide an important service to individuals, groups and businesses.

However, this skill requires training.

Apart from that, if you need to set up a business where you exchange your expertise for money, then you need to have a plan. This is the purpose for which this article is written.

This loan officer business plan has been provided to serve as a template. It is interesting to note that setting up a business goes way beyond being a skillful loan officer. You need to be able to run a business successfully

If writing your own plan has proven difficult, we will help you through the process with our sample

Of course this is only for illustration purposes only and doesn’t represent a real business.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a venture as a mortgage loan officer.

– Executive Summary

FinTech ™ is a financial consultancy service that specializes in the the provision of loan origination services.
Our loan brokerage firm offers a wide range of loan products and services to individuals, groups and businesses.

Loans are an important part of the daily transactions of individuals. Thus, we are well positioned to provide such services in a highly professional manner.

In order to provide such services successful, we followed laid down banking guidelines. These include having all required documentations, banking rules as well as regulations. We are a business guided by professionalism and dedication to client satisfaction.

  • Products and Services

Client are offered a variety of loan brokerage services. These cover term loans, working capital, lines of credit, equipment loans, SBA loans, business acquisition loans as well as unsecured loans.

Other types include funding for healthcare providers, secured bridge financing, asset based lending, and inventory financing.

There are also real estate loans among others. We first screen loan applications and offer the best assistance possible.

  • Mission Statement

As a loan brokerage business, we strive for the best. We are a new business with ambitious growth plans. Hence our determination to break into top tier status. With the right amount of work and effort, we will achieve this target within 6 years.

We are resolute in our desire to bring our expertise and experience to bear.

  • Vision Statement

We have a vision to provide professional services that makes us stand out. In other words, our brand means everything to us. Thus, we are determined to create a positive impression about our business.

This will be achieved through dedication to client needs as well as satisfaction.

  • Financing

Several sources of financing have been considered. However, we have decided to adopt a bank loan option. Before now, we have realised the sum of $50,000.00 through savings. This is only a fraction of the capital needed as we seek to source for $350,000.00.

This sum will be spent on equipment, payment for rent wages and operational costs.

  • SWOT Analysis

A test of our competitiveness has been done. This is a way to identify our areas of strength. It’s also a a measure to identify grey areas and fix them where necessary. We have gotten a positive feedback as shown below;

i. Strength

At FinTech ™, our capacity to deliver has been a major strength. This is coupled with our vast experience in the financial services sector. During our active years, we have made a lot of useful contacts. These have turned into strategic partners.

Consequently, our business will utilise such strong partnerships to further advance our brand.

ii. Weaknesses

As a business that values growth, we see our weakness as an opportunity to readjust.

Hence, we see a capacity for breakthrough. This has made us quite attentive to signs occasioned by weakness. Thus we are always working towards improving such areas. We believe that no matter how little the improvements we make, it contributes to in no small way to further our interests.

iii. Opportunities

Loans have become increasingly attractive to individuals, groups and businesses. This is where we see opportunities.

That is to say, the larger the market, the more opportunity it presents. To exploit such, we plan on opening more outlets to cater to a growing demand. This will include effective publicity.

iv. Threats

Threats are ever present. These are in the form of liability and an economic recession. In the case of an economic recession, loans dry up. This creates a dire situation as people and businesses have no access to funds. This affects our business adversely and poses a severe threat.

  • Financial Projections

This part of our operation as a business is important. It is so due to the information obtained. Thus, it enables us assess the viability of our undertaking. We have done a three-year projection that shows the following;

  1. First Financial Year.   $200,000.00
  2. Second Financial Year.  $450,000.00
  3. Third Financial Year.    $900,000.00
  • Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage as a business lies in our staff welfare. The quality of our loan officers is also a plus to us.

We have had a painstaking recruitment process. Thus, we’ve been able to get the most experienced persons. These would handle all forms of loan services to clients.

  • Marketing Strategies

We are adopting a variety of marketing strategies for our business. These are preferred due to their success rate.

They include social media marketing, TV and radio advertising, and other tools such as fliers, billboards and banners. We are also collaborating with banks. These will help direct clients in need of our services.

There you have it. We have made this loan officer business plan template to help you with putting your plan in place. You should be able to write a unique plan that reflects your situation. After it is successfully written and reviewed, diligent implementation should follow.

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