KITCHEN SOLVERS Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Do you have love for beautifying kitchens with good designs, and you would like to start a business around it? I know you must have been considering starting a kitchen solvers franchise and that is why you are reading this post at the moment.

Most people think because the business involves the kitchen, the business is uniquely designed for women only. Don’t get it twisted, they are a lot of men out there who are living their dream as a business owner with Kitchen Solvers franchise.

In this post, I will be sharing with you information regarding Kitchen Solvers franchise, a little about their history, their franchising fee, startup cost, supports and training, and finally how to start a Kitchen Solvers franchise.

About Kitchen Solvers Franchise
Kitchen Solvers franchise is a home-based business founded by Betty and Gerald Baldner in La Crosse, Wisconsin in 1982 and started franchising in 1984. The business focuses on remodeling kitchens with high quality custom kitchen cabinet.

They presently have outlets throughout the United States and Canada. Kitchen Solvers has helped more than 42,000 home owners to remodel their kitchens nationwide. They are pioneer when it comes to the craft of kitchen storage solutions and kitchen cabinet refacing.

Franchisees do not need any experience on carpentry to make it with the franchise. Once you decide to become a franchisee with kitchen solvers franchise, you are given the necessary tools that will help you operate your business profitably and efficiently.

One good thing about the franchise is that it can be run from home. It is a home-based business that only need 1 to 2 (max) employees.

Though Kitchen Solvers franchise is all about cabinetry and kitchen accessories, franchisees are given the opportunity to expand services to cabinet restoration and recoloring, countertop etc.

How much does a Kitchen Solvers Franchise Cost?
Kitchen Solvers franchise will cost any interested franchisee $75,000.

Kitchen Solvers Franchise Fee
If you are interested in becoming a franchisee with Kitchen Solvers franchise, you will need to pay a compulsory franchise fee of $35,000 and this gives you the license to do business under the name Kitchen Solvers. Veterans get a 15% discount off franchise fee.

There is an ongoing royalty fee of 6% and an Ad royalty fee of 1% which should be paid 120 days after signing the franchise agreement. The franchise fee covers the training and other supports and benefits you will get as a franchisee.

Kitchen Solvers Franchise Startup Cost
The total amount you would need to start a kitchen solvers franchise goes between $80,000 to $90,000 with a net worth of above $100,000.

Do you have such an amount? Would you love a financing option? Read on!

Kitchen Solvers Franchise Membership Training, Requirements and Support
Kitchen Solvers franchise don’t joke with supporting their franchisees with training programs that best meet their unique needs and leverage their strength. It is mandatory that all franchisees undergo the pre-opening training program to the satisfaction of the franchisor before they are allowed to start a kitchen solvers franchise.

The pre-training program is always held in La Crosse at their headquarter and also with the use of telephone and the internet. This program is set to last for two months. Though the training has already been paid when the franchisee paid the franchise fee, but transportation, meal and general living expenses will be cover by franchisee.

Aside that, there is always a convention/seminar every year in La Crosse, Wisconsin or any location being announced sponsored by Kitchen Solvers. If there is any additional training that will be useful and helpful to your business, you will be contacted by the franchisor and they have the right to charge the franchisee a fee to attend.

For financial support for franchisees that would love to start a Kitchen Solvers franchise but don’t have the available capital, there is an in-house financing option that offers financing to only cover franchise fee.

Kitchen Solvers Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement
Kitchen Solvers franchise terms of agreement is usually 10 years which can be renew if the franchisees the renewal requirements.

How much does Kitchen Solvers Franchise Make?
There is no fix amount to how much Kitchen Solvers franchise makes as it is dependent on some factors like location, size, your business experience which should entails knowing how to market to potential customers and to be able to satisfy customers.

How to Open a Kitchen Solvers Franchise
Haven read everything about this franchise, are you happy with what you have read so far and would love to start a Kitchen Solvers franchise of your own? If you want to become a franchisee with Kitchen Solvers, kindly visit their website and fill the form directly on their website.

You can also contact with inquiries via or if you live in Wisconsin, you can visit their office at 301, 4th St. South, La Crosse, WI 54601.


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