Kiddie Academy Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

Kiddie Academy Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Kiddie Academy is one of the fastest-growing educational franchises in the United States.

Founded by George and Pauline Miller in 1981, Kiddie Academy offers world-class education-based childcare services. This company is seeking to expand to newer locations across the United States.

Looking for educational businesses to start? This might be what you seek.

Why the Kiddie Academy?

Anyone seeking an investment opportunity in an educational or any other franchise would want to know what makes the opportunity unique. Kiddie Academy holds a lot of potential for investment.

According to the franchisor, the following are reasons you should consider becoming its franchisee;

  • Brand Strength

Kiddie Academy has established itself as an industry leader in franchising. Its specialization in the provision of the highest quality child-care service has made it become a trusted name.

Thus, helping it create a national brand known for excellence. This is seen in its acceptability among existing franchise partners.

  • Industry Leading Presence

This franchisor prides itself on its track record of providing quality childcare services to thousands of families over 4 decades. Since it began, it has only grown stronger with improved innovative services being incorporated.

Above all, it has become an increasingly viable option for investment.

  • Well-Rounded Learning For School And Life

Kiddie Academy provides childcare services through the incorporation of its technology, health & fitness and character into its curriculum. The franchisor terms this as “Life Essentials” and has helped create well-rounded learning for kids.

You can become a part of its success story by investing in this opportunity.

  • Steady Growth

Kiddie Academy has witnessed steady growth both in revenue and the number of outlets or locations.

Today, the Kiddie Academy franchise has over 228 academies. In 2018, it saw a 22% growth in revenue. This franchisor seeks to continually embark on an aggressive expansion drive through the opening of franchise units across the country.

  • National Recognition

The Kiddie franchise is recognized nationally as one of the most trusted educational brands. this is seen in its several rankings. This franchise has been ranked by Forbes among the best franchises to buy in 2019.

In 2018, it ranked as the only childcare center on the Fast & Serious list of the smartest growing franchise brands.

Kiddie Franchise has ranked consistently on Entrepreneur’s franchise 500 in addition to being ranked on Franchise Gator’s top 100 franchise list. This is no mean feat and provides an added layer of confidence for investors.

Kiddie Academy Franchise Requirements

This franchise opportunity has a list of requirements for its prospective franchisees. This section seeks to discuss these requirements to provide you with the needed information to make informed decisions.

  • Experience

Are you experienced in the provision of childcare or educational services? If you are that will be helpful.

However, you don’t need to have such an experience because the Kiddie Academy franchise has a proven business model that helps you get started. This is in addition to ongoing support services that include training.

New franchisees undergo 40 hours of onsite training plus another 81 hours of training at its headquarters.

Additional training is also provided online too. This helps entrepreneurs get started in the right direction. Its ongoing training ensures franchisees are kept updated with current trends and updates.

  • Financial Requirements

This is crucial to getting started as its franchisee. First, you need a liquid capital of $250,000 if you’ll be leasing. Investors interested in purchasing are expected to have liquid capital of $500,000.

Don’t have up to that amount? No problem, as long as you have liquid assets, you’d be fine.

Prospective franchisees must have a net worth of $750,000 when leasing or $million if they wish to purchase. The net worth consists of assets alone and shouldn’t be calculated with liabilities. A credit score of 650 or higher will be great to start.


All new and existing Kiddie Academy franchisees benefit from a wide range of support services. These include site selection, financing, construction, initial support, and marketing as well as support after opening.

  • Site Selection

Psychographic and demographic data are used in helping franchisees select the ideal site for their Kiddie Academy franchise. The franchisor’s real estate team plus their years of commercial real estate experience means you are given the best results when it comes to site selection.

  • Financing

Do you need lending services? If you do, this franchisor assists you with the process. Its solid relationship with regional and national lenders puts it in the position to help you secure the financing you need. It helps you review your business plan before submitting it to lenders.

That way, you stand a better chance of obtaining such loans.

  • Construction

Construction support is offered to Kiddie Academy franchisees. This has been the franchisor’s tradition. It starts from the concept plans, designs as well as helping out with the zoning process among other things.

That way, it eliminates guesswork and guides you in meeting your construction targets.

  • Initial Support

Initial support is provided by way of training. As mentioned earlier, this gives you hands-on experience in running your franchise smoothly. This training is provided at the franchisor’s headquarters in Maryland.

  • Marketing

Kiddie Academy deploys new technology, expertise, and innovation in the provision of customized marketing support. This support is ongoing and helps within promoting your business.

  • Support After Opening

A dedicated business consultant is attached to a franchisee to help out with additional training, in addition to other critical areas of your operation. The aim is to ensure your franchise operates at full potential.

Getting Started

If you feel this franchise opportunity is right for you, you can begin the application process right away by filling its preliminary questionnaire. After submitting this online form, The franchisor contacts you for further discussions in addition to guiding you through the application process.

These are the basic information required to begin your journey as a Kiddie Academy franchisee. Any questions you have will be fully answered by the franchisor during your application process.