Jani-King Cleaning Prices [Service Fee Estimates]

Are you thinking about hiring a reputable cleaning service for your cleaning needs? Is Jani-King among such services you wish to hire but have no idea on cleaning costs? We’ll help you.

Jani-King is among the foremost commercial franchise cleaning companies known for its excellent services.

Apart from cleaning, Jani-King also offers disinfection services for all sorts of structures. Its services include healthcare environmental cleaning, office & building cleanup as well as manufacturing & facility cleaning.

Additional cleaning types include stadium and event cleaning, bank cleaning, government building cleanup, and school & university cleaning. There’s more! Jani-King is also known for hotel and resort housekeeping service, restaurant cleaning, and retail store cleaning.

Here, we’re more focused on the cost perspective of things.

Different types of cleaning services are offered to come at a cost. So, we’ll be looking at the cost for specific as well as general cleaning tasks.

What or where do you want to have cleaned or disinfected?

To have an idea of the cost implications, your cleaning needs need to be compared with Jani-King’s pricing model.

As stated earlier, there’s a long list of cleaning services offered by this company with attendant costs.

Let’s begin with the cleaning services offered.

Jani-King Services

When it comes to cleaning services, Jani-King can be as detailed as it can get.

Its range of cleaning services includes carpet vacuuming, cleaning of fingerprints from entrance glass, spot cleaning of partition class, as well as cleaning & polishing of drinking fountains and water coolers.

Others include the inspection and pick up of items at the entrance, damp-mopping of the entryway, and the emptying of trash receptacle & liner replacement.

There’s more! Jani-King also carries out damp-mopping of hard flooring in soiled areas, dust-mopping hard flooring, damp-wiping of horizontal surfaces, and dusting of all horizontal surfaces.

Disinfection also follows where necessary. These are only the broad cleaning categories offered as there are lots of other detailed services. So, why dwell on these when the focus is on Jani-King’s cleaning prices?

It’s important to include the information covered to help with a better understanding of how its pricing model is set.

How Much Does Jani-King’s Cleaning Service Cost?

Jani-King sets its pricing based on the space or area to be covered.

In other words, pricing is largely determined by the square foot area to be cleaned. The prices stated here are only averages of cleaning costs. Exact costs will be determined by an assessment of your property.

The larger the facility, the more you’re likely to pay. If you wish to have a small office cleaned?

It will cost around $200 per month to perform such cleanup. Based on your agreement, you may decide to enter into a one-time, month-long, or yearly cleaning contract with the company.

Cleaning an average office will cost around $650 per month while a 10,000 square foot facility may attract a cleaning fee of about $1,500. As the size increases, so does cleaning prices.

Jani-King will charge clients around $2,000 for a facility measuring 20,000 square feet.

It’s logical to expect that a facility with a size of about 40,000 square feet will be charged higher. Jani-King charges an average fee of $3,500 for such. Cleaning costs for 50,000 square foot property are about $4,500.

How Do I Estimate My Jani-King Cleaning Costs?

The cleaning prices provided above are quite vague as a lot of readers are likely to get lost while trying to relate the cost parameters with their property size.

There’s an easier way to estimate Jani-King’s cleaning prices for your property.

Remember we said cost is charged per square foot.

On average, the asking fee for Jani-King’s cleaning services is around $0.20 per square foot. The per-square-foot pricing for smaller properties tends to be higher compared to larger properties and that is understandable.

The economies of scale kicks-in whenever cleaning costs are assessed in terms of property size. Larger or bigger properties attract a per-square-foot billing of about $0.05.

There’s a significant difference when comparing such with those for smaller properties costing about $0.20.

So, the estimation of cleaning costs boils down to the size of your property. How big is it? To benefit from its $0.05 billing per square foot, your property must be around 50,000 square feet or more.

  • Pricing Dynamics

Jani-King’s cleaning prices don’t drop sharply between large and small properties. Consider the fact that between small and large properties are medium-sized facilities that may require cleaning.

So, if your property falls under the medium-sized category, expect a decrease per square foot of about $0.15 for every 10,000 square feet increase. Jani-King’s cleaning costs may also be influenced by the inclusion of specialized services.

Such specialized services may include waxing and buffing of hardwood floors among others. For such, you may end up paying around $0.20 depending on the scope of the job among other factors.

Jani-King’s Cleaning Plans

Jani-King has a planned cleaning program in place that’s meant to organize its services.

Here, cleaning is either provided on a nightly, weekly, or monthly basis. The client gets to choose a plan that fits their cleaning needs.

  • Nightly Cleaning Service

Under this arrangement, areas covered by Jani-King include fingerprints on entrance glass, cleaning and polishing of drinking fountains, damp-mopping of the entryway, (including hard flooring), and spot cleaning partition glasses among others.

  • Weekly Cleaning Service

Jani-King’s weekly cleaning service includes buffing flooring where needed, thorough vacuuming, as well as coverage of areas such as underneath furniture, corners, and edging.

What more? All vertical surfaces such as chairs, desks, tables, and filing cabinets are dusted.

  • Monthly Cleaning Service

Monthly cleaning covers the vacuuming of upholstered furniture, cleaning of fingerprints around light switches and doorframes as well as disinfection of gadgets such as telephones.

There’s also scrubbing, rinsing, and finishing of hard flooring and dusting of higher levels which aren’t usually covered in other types of cleaning.

By now, you should have an idea of what it takes in terms of cost to hire a cleaning service such as Jani-King. As mentioned earlier, the costs included here are only estimates.

The actual costs for cleaning your facility will depend on the assessment performed by experts from Jani-King.

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