Jack In The Box Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

Jack In The Box Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Jack In The Box offers a unique quick-serve restaurant investment opportunity to interested investors seeking to invest in a respected brand. Its journey began in 1951 when its founder Robert O. Peterson opened its first outlet in San Diego.

It wasn’t until 1982 that this restaurant brand began franchising.

Since then, it has grown into a formidable QSR brand that serves a rich menu consisting of salads, tacos, breakfast, chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, shakes, and sides.

It currently seeks franchising partnerships with select multi-unit franchise operators of non-competitive brands to franchise its unique brand in core & emerging markets.

Why Jack In The Box

There are lots of reasons to invest in Jack In The Box brand. These are due to its support & services, marketing, and menu strategies as well as its food safety and brand protection. Let’s discuss each of these.

  • Support And Services

From its humble beginnings with started as a single restaurant outlet, Jack In The Box has grown to become an investor’s delight. This is mainly due to its wide range of support services it provides which include;

i. Design & Construction

New franchisees are given the needed help required to set up their new locations. This is done in several ways that include real estate site selection. Site selection services are offered with the help of its proprietary market optimization models.

The franchisor also provides restaurant design & construction support, new franchisees are also given equipment purchasing options. Franchisees having existing restaurant businesses are given conversion, refresh, reimage & remodel consultation services.

ii. Training

One of the ways Jack In The Box helps its franchisees succeed is through its training services. This takes approximately 10 weeks of full-time training provided in a designated franchise training restaurant.

The training process takes effective and comprehensive approaches that include computer-based training and on-the-job training. Other approaches include classroom training and meetings with key contacts.

iii. Information Technology

Information technology is deployed by the franchisor to ensure and guarantee efficiency. This includes its use of a single Point-of-Sale System and around-the-clock support for the POS & back-office systems. Franchisees also get access to daily business intelligence reports.

iv. Regional Marketing

Jack In The Box offers regional marketing support that includes customized marketing plans that help franchisees launch into new markets. There are also coordination and execution of local marketing initiatives.

Franchisees get to use its proprietary and interactive local marketing web tools. What more? An additional marketing strategy deployed includes the sports sponsorships, use of social media, cinema advertising, radio remotes, and billboard ads.

v. Operations

This franchisor is about helping its partners grow their sales. As such, its expert business consultants help you with quality initiatives, labor allocation & equipment utilization, menu implementation that includes new products & programs, and advisory committees.

Additional areas of your operations the franchisor helps with include field operations & facility audits, and national franchise advisory council.

vi. Procurement & Distribution

The franchisor actively seeks to lower the cost of doing business. This is done through low prices, providing access to a reliable network of quality food, small ware supplies & packaging. Jack In The Box also ensures the adoption of the highest food-safety standards.

  • Marketing Strategies

The marketing and branding strategies adopted by Jack In The Box has endeared it to millions of people. Its creative TV ads have helped cement the brand as one of the most innovative and most profitable quick-serve restaurant brands.

This is something investors can trust. By joining the Jack In The Box family, they benefit from this marketing innovation and brand strength.

  • Food Safety And Brand Protection

One of the factors adding to its brand strength is its food safety standards. This restaurant brand ensures it only uses fresh and quality supplies. This is seen in its farm-to-fork food safety program. Its dedication to quality has not gone unnoticed. The U.S Department of Agriculture including California’s health services department has praised the franchise.

This among many others is what you stand to gain as its franchisor. The trust loyalty and respect it has garnered over the years cover your operations.

Minimum Franchisee Qualifications

Prospective franchisees need to meet Jack In The Box’s minimum requirements. So, what are these requirements like? An interested investor should have a minimum of 5 years of multi-unit restaurant operating experience. This should be within the last 7 years.

Other requirements include the operator being an equity partner, you must have real estate development experience and must also be passionate about the restaurant industry. There are minimum financial requirements too. They include;

A $250,000 minimum for 1 to 2 unit acquisitions, minimum of $500,000 for 3 units and above and $750,000 for new restaurant development. $750,000 is the minimum commitment to developing 5 restaurants.

  • Initial Investment

Prospective franchisees must have an initial investment sum ranging from $1,481,500 to $3,336,600. This is the total amount needed to open a Jack In The Box franchise. The initial investment includes real estate equipment expenses, business license expenses, supplies, and working capital expenses.

  • Net-Worth

You must have a net worth of $1,500,000 to be considered for this franchise opportunity. This should consist of the value of your assets only. Assets such as cash, real estate, retirement accounts, and stocks are all considered in calculating your net worth.

  • Liquid Cash

The liquid cash requirement has a lower and upper limit of $250 and $750,000 respectively. There’s also the ongoing royalty and ad royalty fees of 5% each. This is removed from your monthly restaurant gross sales.

  • Financing

This franchisor seeks to assist qualified prospective franchisees to get access to financing. It has relationships with third-party sources who offer to finance covering vital aspects like equipment, inventory, franchise fee, and startup costs.


If you wish to begin your application or to find out more information on Jack In The Box franchise, you can begin by filling its online inquiry form. After submitting the form, the franchisor reaches out through are representative for further discussions and guidance.

Has this been helpful? This information is meant to help prospective franchisees to find the most basic information on the Jack In The Box franchise. You can begin the process right away by contacting the franchisor.