Instahealthy Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

InstaHealthy is a food vending and micro markets company based in the United States. The business is focused on giving the people of America an easy access to healthy food and beverages.

Since it was established, it has experienced massive success and is rapidly spreading by opening more operation units.

InstaHealthy is a relatively new company but has already dominated the food vending industry and one can only imagine the future.

They offer franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs and if you want to be a part of this financial revolution, read further to know more about the company and the way they do business.

About InstaHealthy franchise

In the year 2015, InstaHealthy was launched in San Diego with the aim of facing the issue of healthy food and distribution. The founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ryan O’Keefe started the business after seeing the need to educate consumers on how making healthy choices can positively impact their lives and control the issue of sickness that comes from poor food sources.

Before any product is accepted on any of InstaHealthy’s vending machines and micro markets, it is vetted to make sure that the standards set by the company are met. The products must not contain high-fructose corn syrup and preservatives. This measure was taken in response to the revelation that every year, many Americans (about 360,000) die of obesity related disease and those who survive it spend a lot of money on medication and a lot of time on sick beds.

Even as a new company, less than three years old, the company has been able to meet and surpass expectations, spreading to multiple units all over the United States. InstaHealthy currently offers franchise opportunities to interested entrepreneurs. Even if this is a business, the founder has stated that the most important thing is not making profit, but making a positive impact on the society and making their partners successful and fulfilled.

A huge part of the success of InstaHealthy can be attributed to their unique way of rendering services, picking strategic locations which make people see that they can indeed get healthy options at their finger tips.

InstaHealthy makes it easy and convenient to do business as their partner, one of the things they do for their franchisees is to seek good location for them. They have an entire team dedicated to this because it is a very important factor in determining how the business succeeds. The InstaHealthy location procurement team picks places close to schools, hospitals, fitness studios, sports complexes and areas that are known to have consistent traffic.

Having seen that as a franchisee of InstaHealthy, you will make a huge amount of returns while saving a lot of lives, I am sure you are already making a decision to start. But before you do that, read further to know the necessary requirements and terms of agreement.

While the company does not look for people with specific degrees, a good relationship and managerial skills are required to run this business in a way that will bring huge returns and more fulfilment.

How much does an InstaHealthy Franchise Cost?

An InstaHealthy franchise would cost you the sum of $50,000 along with other financial requirements.

InstaHealthy Franchise Fee

You will be required to make a one time payment of $10,000. This payment will give you the right to use InstaHealthy’s brand name and logo anywhere in the world.

InstaHealthy Franchise Startup Cost

Starting up your business with InstaHealthy franchise would require money ranging from $30,000 to $300,000. You must also have a net worth of $50,000 minimum.

InstaHealthy Training and Support

This is a business where the success of a franchisee is directly proportional to the success of the franchisor. InstaHealthy is aware of that and they have put up an outstanding support system for you so that your business can thrive. Here is a picture of it;

  • InstaHealthy will sort out a suitable location for you
  • There is training available for you and your staff at the headquarters
  • There is training available for you and your staff onsite
  • You will have a heavy presence on the company’s official website
  • There will be third party financing in case you need one.
  • There will be periodic meetings where you and your staff can share your challenges with the experts in the field.

InstaHealthy Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement

There will be an initial agreement which will last for ten years. On expiration of this agreement, the franchisee has a right to renewal and such renewal has a five years validity.

How much does an InstaHealthy Franchise Make?

This information is not explicitly published, see the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). However, the success of your business is hinged on factors like population, pricing, your location and generally how you make use of the support system given to you by InstaHealthy.

How to Open an InstaHealthy Franchise

To begin, visit this website and fill in all the required information, then wait for a reply from the company. InstaHealthy is headquartered at 2629 Ariane Dr, San Diego, CA. 92117 and currently has over 40 franchising units

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