Are you interested in cool and creative hair salon business name ideas?

One of the first things that need to be sorted out is what such business will be called by. Now, choosing an appropriate hair salon business name suggestion can be quite challenging. Nevertheless, we’re here to help out with choosing the most suitable name.

Apart from tips on how to choose your preferred name, we’ve also included name ideas which can be of great help.

You might be lucky to find one which fits your needs or use different combinations to form your own unique hair salon business name.

Finding The Best Business Names For Your Hair Salon

Before providing our name ideas for your hair salon business, it is necessary to first provide you with tips on choosing a good name for your business. This is because finding the right name can have a significant impact on your eventual success.

  • The Name Should Never Be Hard To Spell

In finding the right name for your salon, you should be careful to pick only names that easy to spell. You don’t want potential clients struggling to pronounce the name. This might turn them back.

  • Is Your Name Restrictive?

Every forward-thinking entrepreneur wants their hair salon business to grow. However, choosing a name that is quite restrictive or narrows your operations is likely to affect the business.

For example, if you want to expand into selling of hair salon equipment and supplies, a name such as “Hair Cutz N Dyes” will be considered restrictive. In choosing a suitable name, you don’t want to limit your operations as such may expand in the future.

  • Conduct A Search

It isn’t enough to choose a name for your business and head straight to register such a name. You’ll need to search to determine if the name is available or not. It may surprise you to find out that your preferred name may already be in existence.

A thorough internet search helps you avoid this problem as you can always go back to pick another.

  • Using The Right Domain Name

While any domain name may work for your salon business, we strongly recommend you use the “.com” domain name. The reasons are simple; most clients prefer using .com domain extensions and perceive such salon businesses to be more established and reliable.

  • It Should Be Meaningful

The name you choose for your salon business should be able to convey some meaning. Clients should be able to decipher their meaning.

In other words, your preferred name shouldn’t be vague and confusing.

  • Trademark Search

To further create a great name for your business, it will be beneficial to conduct a trademark search to find out if you can get a trademark for your preferred name.

  • Secretary Of State Name Search

If you’ve got growth plans for your hair salon, it will be necessary to conduct a Secretary of State name search. This can be done through a corporate lawyer. The Secretary of State database contains a record of all businesses.

As such, it prevents you from duplicating or using an existing business name.

Unique Hair Salon Names

There are tons of names available to choose from. As long as you can brainstorm, you can come out with as many names as possible. There’s no limit to the number of great names to choose from.

This section of the article will consider some of these names. As you read on, you’re likely to find one that fits your needs.

You’ll also see suggestions if you are looking at generating hair Instagram name ideas.

  1. Strands Care Salon
  2. Undercut Salons
  3. Razor Sharp Cuts
  4. Color Chic Salon
  5. Beauty Mark
  6. Highlights Salon
  7. Styles Studio
  8. Curly Girl
  9. Spritz Salon
  10. Turning Heads Salon
  11. Hair Inspirations
  12. Mirror Mirror Stylists
  13. Fly-Away Hair
  14. The Colorist Hair Stylists
  15. The Hair Lair
  16. Hair Castle
  17. Styles N’ Smile
  18. Serene Hair Studios
  19. Live or Dye
  20. Blunt Cuts
  21. The Hair Color Palette
  22. Bam Hair Studio
  23. Color, Cut n’ More
  24. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
  25. Ala Mode
  26. Cute Cutz
  27. Razor Sharp
  28. Stay Sharp Hair Cuts
  29. Beyond The Mirror
  30. Halo Hair
  31. Hair With Flair
  32. A Little Off the Top
  33. Styles Studio
  34. Sweet Pixie Salon
  35. Snip Snip Hurrah
  36. Curly Cue’s Lavish Locks
  37. Scissors N’ Razors
  38. Beehive Cuts
  39. On Point Hair
  40. Castle of Cuts
  41. Luscious Locks
  42. Sassy Life Salon
  43. Clepomia
  44. Cliptologist
  45. Style Citizen
  46. Wave Lengths
  47. Stelar Strands
  48. Snips & Tips
  49. Hairography
  50. Hairlequin
  51. Hair Happens
  52. Clipsplicity
  53. Rusty Blade
  54. Hair Republic
  55. The One & Only
  56. Style Street Salon
  57. The Hair Project
  58. Smoke N Mirrors
  59. Mon Petit Hair
  60. Bliss Hair Cuts
  61. Clippers & Cutters
  62. Masterpieces Hair Salon
  63. Big Hair Beauty Salon
  64. Curl Me Crazy
  65. Color Me Crazy
  66. Lavish Locks
  67. Bombshell Studio
  68. Walk-In Trim
  69. Just Curls
  70. A Little Off the Top
  71. The Makeover Place
  72. Cutting Line Studio
  73. Stylin’ Chic
  74. Hair Wizard
  75. Spectrum Hair Salon
  76. Unique Creations Salon
  77. Epiphany Hair Cutz
  78. Salon Solitude
  79. Salon Clouds
  80. Nuxe Hair
  81. Eternal Touch Salons
  82. Silver Screens
  83. Viva Glams
  84. Salon Burlesque
  85. Back in the Days
  86. Attitude Cuts
  87. Retro Beauty Salon
  88. Kings & Queens Salon
  89. Groovy Salon
  90. Behind the Scenes At (Your name)
  91. Planet Hair
  92. Renewable Cuts
  93. On Trend
  94. The Hair Show
  95. The Lighthouse
  96. Salon Couture
  97. Personalized Cuts
  98. Salon Destination
  99. The Beauty Spot
  100. The Getaway
  101. Grand Salon
  102. All At Once
  103. Hand and Head
  104. Paint It Black Hair Cuts
  105. Hair N’ Nail Bar
  106. Tip and Top Salon
  107. Everything Color
  108. The Need to Stand Out Cutz
  109. Skin and Scalp Care
  110. Head to Toe
  111. Salon Activists
  112. The Shag
  113. Valhalla Salon
  114. Angel’s Touch
  115. The Second Combing Salon
  116. Anointed Hands
  117. Crowed with Glory
  118. Hair Don’t Fade
  119. A Little Off The Top
  120. What’s the Buzz
  121. Chop Shop
  122. A little Help From Your Barber
  123. Jack the Clipper
  124. Off with this Hair
  125. The Razor’s Edge
  126. That’s Cut!
  127. Fro-Ternity
  128. Hair Force
  129. That Was a Close Shave

These are just a few of the best hair salon names you can choose or play around with to come out with your unique name.

At the end of the day, finding a befitting name for your business is what matters. Also, narrow down your picks to about 10 and ask friends and family to help you decide which should go or stay.

That way, you’re able to fine-tune your pick to the most applicable for your hair salon.