Are you interested in owning a salon franchise but wonder what opportunities exist? First, it’s common knowledge that there are many such opportunities. However, picking the right ones can prove challenging, especially for persons with little to no idea of franchising.

To help out, we’ve provided this article to help narrow down your options to some of the best hair salon franchises out there. This isn’t to say any franchise not included here isn’t to be trusted. There will be other great options you may know of. When added to these, you’re good to go.

Some of the Best Hair Salon Franchise Opportunities

The hairdressing industry is massive, with lots of investment opportunities presented. Franchising is a popular business model many investors have embraced over the years. Some top hairdressing franchises include Sports Clips, Fantastic Sams, and Supercuts.

Others include Roosters Men’s Grooming Center, Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids, Hair Saloon for Men, Primp and Blow, and Lord’s & Lady’s Hair Salons. There are more options like Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club, The Weave Shop, Beaners, Cartoon Cuts, and Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids.

You may also want to try other franchise options like Pro-Cuts Classic, Nikita Hair, Great Clips, PB Hair, Mimosa Salon Suites, Cristophe, and The Yellow Balloon.

i. Sports Clips

Sports Clips is a hair salon brand with nearly three decades of experience running an excellent business. This is evident in several awards acquired over the years. Support provided by the franchise includes helping with its technology, providing tips on hiring, and helping with managing recruitment, compensation, and scheduling.

ii. Fantastic Sams

How would you like to own a Fantastic Sams’s Hair Salon? This full-service salon has an impressive presence with hundreds of franchise outlets across the country. Its partnership with Dessange International has further boosted its fortunes as its brand value has witnessed considerable growth.

iii. Supercuts

Supercuts is another excellent hair salon brand that offers an investment opportunity. It works closely with its franchisees to help them achieve their goals while enjoying the Supercuts experience. Since its emergence, this company has won the admiration of both clients and franchisees.

iv. Roosters Men’s Grooming Center

Roosters pride themselves on being the classic barbershop where the authentic barbershop experience is felt. It looks for candidates with the ability to lead & develop teams, persons with solid business acumen, a high level of emotional intelligence, and also investors with excellent communication skills.

Franchise candidates must meet their minimum investment sum of $173,750 to $303,350 and have $150 in liquid assets in addition to a $750,000 net worth.

v. Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids

Shear Madness Haircuts for kids offers an out-of-the-ordinary haircut experience and primarily targets kids. This approach has helped draw a lot of attention from investors who find its business model attractive. You, too, can join the Shear Madness brand, which has excellent profit potential.

vi. Primp and Blow

At Primp and Blow, the benefits for franchisees are significant. These include enjoying best practices & cost-effective measures during build-out, comprehensive demographic research, layout recommendations, lease negotiations, full construction assistance, and a rewarding business model to adopt.

vii. Lord’s & Lady’s Hair Salons

Joining the Lord’s & Lady’s Hair Salon franchise requires an initial investment of $50,000 to $175,000 and an initial franchise fee of $25,000. Its franchise term is ten years and allows for a renewal of another ten years. Support includes field training, initial store opening, inventory control, central purchasing, etc.

viii. Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club

Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club offers the finest haircuts for men. This investment opportunity will cost you around $156,300 to $271,950 to own. No prior barbing experience is needed to apply. Here, available franchise models include owner-operator and absentee owner.

ix. The Weave Shop

This hair salon franchise specializes in hair extensions and weaving services. Its franchise opportunity can be purchased with an investment of $94k to $137k. Franchise candidates who qualify or need financing have available options. What more? As its franchisee, The Weave Shop will provide training and support.

x. Beaners

Beaners is a hair salon specializing in kid’s haircuts and great salon experiences. As its franchisee, you get access to proven systems that guarantee your success. There’s also an excellent chance to succeed due to its robust support and training. You might want to visit its site for full details.

xi. Cartoon Cuts

Cartoon Cuts is another hair salon that seeks to expand its operations through franchising. It looks for willing and qualified franchise candidates willing to commit to its operations. Of course, there are lots of incentives to joining this franchise, including the use of its effective business model.

xii. Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids

Are you looking for one of America’s top kid’s franchise opportunities? Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids is one brand that easily fits this profile. You can apply for this franchise by simply following its application procedure. There’s comprehensive support to help you succeed in your operations.

xiii. Pro-Cuts Classic

Pro-Cuts Classic is a hair salon that offers franchising opportunities to qualified investors. You can apply for this opportunity with an initial investment of $95k to $185k. There are financing opportunities for franchise candidates in need of such. Franchisees also enjoy robust support and training.

xiv. Nikita Hair

The operational model adopted by Nikita Hair has made it attractive to investors. This includes its recruiting, loyalty, sales, and margins. This hair salon plans to expand its operations by selling franchise units. This presents a unique opportunity to be part of something big.

xv. Great Clips

Great Clips offers its franchise opportunity for an investment amount of $178,400 to $376,900. This covers the franchise fee, additional funds for 12 months, initial ad fund contribution, grand opening, training, travel, living expenses, and insurance. To buy, fill out the online form on its franchise page.

xvi. Mimosa Salon Suites

You can take advantage of the chance to become a Mimosa salon franchise owner by investing the required sum. The upsides to joining this brand include an easy-to-learn system, fast start-up, reasonable capital requirement, great ROI, strong brand identity, and a system that’s easy to understand.

Do any of these hair salon franchises appeal to you? If yes, you know what to do. All that’s needed is immediate action by researching and applying to your preferred hair salon franchise.

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