Green Franchises

The rush to reverse the effects of climate change on the environment has sprung up a lot of opportunities on many levels. These are generally called green businesses and specialize in a range of areas geared towards harnessing renewable energy sources such as wind power, solar power, thermal power, and biogas.

More renewable energy sources being targeted by such businesses include tidal energy, biomass, radiant energy, hydroelectricity, compressed natural gas, and nuclear energy. Based on these considerations, we’ve identified and discussed green franchise opportunities.

It’s also important to say that green franchises don’t always involve energy generation. Any action targeted at protecting the environment is considered green. As you’ll read below, there’s a whole industry offering tons of products and solutions aimed at environmental protection.

Green Franchise Opportunities you can Buy.

Every investor desires to establish or own an efficient business system that can offer a great return on investment. The best green franchise opportunities easily meet this expectation. While that is true, searching for such opportunities carefully is crucial.

Luckily, we’ve helped you identify these: Ambit Energy, Mowbot, Green Doctor, JunkAway, Eco-Friendly Maids, and Filta. More green franchise opportunities include Green Home Solutions, Gotcha Covered, SuperGreen Solutions, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, and USA Insulation.

If none of those mentioned above sounds interesting, the following may help The Green Queen, Bactronix, ANDY’S Sprinkler Drainage & Lighting, Smash-It, OMG! Carpet Cleaning, Conserva Irrigation, Wiltshire Farm Foods, etc.

i. Ambit Energy

As an Ambit Energy franchisee, you are an independent consultant trained to offer an array of green energy solutions, thus helping people save on products like natural gas and electricity. This recession-proof business opportunity provides you with flexible hours and works location.

ii. Mowbot

Mowbot is a robotic mowing service that was started in 2017. It began franchising the same year and offers you the unique opportunity to join its family. You’ll need an initial investment of $62k to $130k to join, plus a franchise fee and cash requirement of $39,000 and $50,000, respectively.

iii. Green Doctor

With Green Doctor, you can become a lawn care and pest control expert. More importantly, you had the opportunity to operate a successful business through its franchise program. There are many benefits attached to joining its program. These include having a profitable & growing business, comprehensive training & support, and adopting its tradition of excellence.

iv. JunkAway

There are no guesses with JunkAway. As its franchisee, you’re given all the necessary tools, including training and support. Is this the right business opportunity for you? You can find detailed answers and more by reading through its franchise brochure. The application process is also easy.

v. Eco-Friendly Maids

The services offered by Eco-Friendly Maids are categorized into three: regular, add-on services, and commercial services. Franchisees enjoy support in various forms, including corporate website management, senior staff onsite support, regional target client identification, toll-free technical support, and networking with strategic partners.

vi. Filta

Filta offers you the opportunity to own, develop, and manage a multi-van service franchise. This international brand specializes in cooking oil filtration services. With Filta, you can build multiple vans offering all services, weekly repeat service, a mobile business based from home, minimal overheads & stock, etc.  

vii. Green Home Solutions

This mold removal and home disinfection service provide odor elimination services. By joining its franchise, you can serve various clients, including environmental specialists, home inspectors, homeowners, real estate, property managers, and health professionals.

viii. Gotcha Covered

Gotcha Covered is yet another green franchise opportunity that requires candidates to have a total investment of $75,000 to $85,000. This custom window coverings franchise provides a home-based business opportunity that’s also flexible. The potential for earning a high income is also there.

ix. SuperGreen Solutions

SuperGreen Solutions is a company that provides solar solutions, air purification, and EV charging services. Its franchise model gives its franchisees a proven success roadmap to follow. This is in addition to the company’s competitive advantage and dedicated support.

x. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is a market leader deploying green technology through cleaning services. Its franchise operations are backed by years of experience and excellence. It offers domestic and international territories, thus making it widely accessible to franchise candidates of diverse backgrounds.

xi. USA Insulation

This national insulation franchise requires an investment of $170,900 to $270,700 to open a single territory. As its franchisee, you can enjoy a whole range of proprietary products, the backing of a superior brand, prime and exclusive territories, strong unit performance, and impeccable training programs.

xii. The Green Queen

The Green Queen is a company specializing in home cleaning, pest control, wildlife control, and turf & lawn maintenance. It offers franchise opportunities in locations like North Carolina and Georgia. New locations include Tennessee and South Carolina. Franchisees offer support services covering operations, marketing, accounting, audit, and legal.

xiii. Bactronix

There are multiple reasons to become a Bactronix franchisee. These include incentives like its complete start-up package, exclusive territory, and advanced technology. Other benefits include a proven method of running a business, professional training, and the use of its brand name. This is a brand renowned for providing high-tech sanitizing & disinfecting.

xiv. ANDY’S Sprinkler Drainage & Lighting

At Andy’s, you get different franchise options to pick from. These include its owner-operator model, semi-absentee, and expansion models. Andy’s Sprinkler Drainage & Lighting’s over three decades of experience have earned it the respect of industry players and clients.

xv. Smash-It

Smash-It is a compacting waste service founded in 2011 and started franchising operations in 2016. Its unique operational model has helped it achieve multiple objectives, such as reducing spending, reducing the number of hauls, reducing the risk of downtime, and reducing its footprint.

xvi. OMG! Carpet Cleaning

With an investment of $15,000, you can join the OMG! Carpet Cleaning franchise. The company seeks the ideal candidate desirous of becoming their boss, is interested in a simple yet fast business to start, and investors looking for businesses with repetitive customer demand.

These franchise opportunities give you the information you need to get started. Getting started will require identifying the most preferred option and further exploring what it offers. Of course, you’ll have applied for the franchise offering.