Franchising is a popular business concept that extends to almost every enterprise area. The energy sector isn’t left out. If you wonder if there are gas station franchise opportunities to invest in, the good news is there are. Here our goal is to identify these opportunities and discuss them.

As expected, there are many gas station franchises to pick from. This could be a bit confusing, especially for persons new to franchising. This article addresses the need to identify the best gas station franchise opportunities for sale. Here, we’ve identified some of the best you can find.

Gas Station Franchise Opportunities

Your desire to own a thriving gas station franchise is shared by lots of franchise candidates drawn to this type of business. Luckily, there are great opportunities to try, and we’re happy to help. Our top gas franchise opportunities list includes LUKOIL Gas Station and Circle K.

More gas station franchise options to buy include Shell Gas Station, BP Gas Station, RaceTrac, Express Convenience, Dash In, and Chevron Gas Station. More opportunities include AMPM, Street Corner, 7-Eleven, Phillips 66, Murphy USA, Extra Mile Gas Station, and  Quik Stop.

You may also be interested in gas franchises like Marathon, On the Run, APlus, Caltex, and Alliance Energy.

i. LUKOIL Gas Station

Lukoil presents a business opportunity for interested parties to leverage. Here, you get the unique opportunity to operate an independent business under the Lukoil brand. In addition to joining a global brand, you also enjoy robust support and training from the franchisor.

ii. Circle K

At Circle K, the process of franchise ownership isn’t complicated. It includes definite steps like contacting the franchisor, meeting with it, discussing the opportunity, submitting an application, getting the approval, and signing the franchise agreement.

iii. Shell Gas Station

This is an industry leader in gas station franchising across the globe. Shell offers retailer opportunities across Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas. To qualify, you’ll need to find out what the requirements are. Consider connecting with the company to find out all there is to know.

iv. BP Gas Station

There are many benefits you get by joining this gas station franchise. These include access to a well-established international brand, full marketing campaign support, reliable supplier of quality products, personal relationship with your local BP representative, and access to BP’s national buying group offer, etc.

v. RaceTrac

RaceTrac is known for its quality services like fuel and merchandise retailing. The ideal RaceTrac franchisee is a person with business acumen, integrity, and agility. You’ll be actively involved in the day-to-day running of your business. Owning this franchise requires an investment of $1,000,000.

vi. Express Convenience

Express Convenience is known to offer a variety of services ranging from general merchandise and grocery sales to lottery tickets and fuel. With Express Convenience, you get the opportunity of owning a gas station as well as a convenience store. Franchisees are given the needed training to succeed.

vii. Dash In

At Dash In, not only do customers get freshly baked goods, but they also can fill up their gas tanks. If this sounds like an opportunity you’ll like to try, you may want to contact the franchise. Of course, franchise candidates must be qualified for this opportunity, with financials forming a critical component.

viii. Chevron Gas Station

Chevron is a global brand that allows you to become its partner through franchising. Its partnership with Techron offers franchise candidates the opportunity to own this business. As expected, you must meet the minimum requirements set to be considered for this franchise.

ix. AMPM

This is one of the major convenience store and gas station brands that offers interested and qualified franchise candidates the opportunity of ownership. This is for a renewable franchise term of 3 to 20 years. The investment required for ownership is around $440k to $10.4 million.

x. Street Corner

The total investment for this franchise opportunity is around $80,000 to $1,500 000. There are many benefits you stand to gain b becoming a Street Corner franchisee. Such include system-wide communications, site construction and design assistance, initial operations training, and ongoing operational and promotional support.

xi. 7-Eleven

To join the 7-Eleven brands, you’ll need to follow its simple application procedure. This process includes a review of your qualifications and application. Other processes include assessments & meetings, picking your stores, offering presentations, training, and celebrating success. You can start the process by filling out and submitting its online form.

xii. Phillips 66

Phillips 66 is a significant energy brand specializing in refining, midstream operations, chemicals, and marketing. Its marketing operations include its gas stations which it seeks to attract investors. If you find this interesting, you might want to inquire further about joining.

xiii. Murphy USA

This nationally-recognized gas station brand is offering franchising opportunities. Its convenience store and gas station operations go hand-in-hand. Franchise candidates are required to have a liquid capital of $100,000 to be considered for this opportunity.

xiv. Extra Mile Gas Station

With locations in California, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, and Alabama, you can own an Extra Mile Gas franchise in any of these areas. To start the process, you must contact the franchisor for details on what’s required.

xv. Quik Stop

This convenience store and gas station chain offer interested and qualified investors franchise opportunities. With over 2,000 locations, it’s a significant brand with decades of experience you can rely on. The joining process isn’t complicated; you only need to make your desire known by contacting the franchisor.

xvi. Marathon

Headquartered in Findlay, Ohio, Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) has one of the largest refining systems in America. Investors can capitalize on the action by taking advantage of its franchising opportunities. You’ll need an investment of about $2,000,000 to join, among other requirements.

xvii. Alliance Energy

A retail division of Global Partners LP, Alliance Energy is a gas station franchise with a network of company-owned and operated gasoline stations and convenience stores. As its franchisor, you become part of a global business with several decades of experience.

Business partnership with any of these gas station franchises has the potential for appreciable growth and profitability in your operations. You have to decide which of these opportunities best serves your needs.

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