10+ Furniture Making Business Ideas for Your Workshop


Do you enjoy working with woods and you want to start a business around your passion?

Furniture plays an important role when it comes to beautifying our homes and offices. An office or home without furniture seems boring and unwelcoming.

The furniture industry is one of the largest industries in the world and there are lots of opportunities in this industry for any entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur. One good thing about the various furniture business ideas is that some of them can be started from home after which you can expand to getting a location.

I am sharing with you 12 innovative business ideas in the furniture industry that you will want to consider if you love to venture into the furniture industry.

  1. Bookshelf

This is one area any furniture maker can make money from. You can specialize your furniture business in making different types of bookshelves. You can also go for customizing bookshelf according to the client’s taste.

You will be marketing your bookshelf to business organizations and residential homes.

  1. Beer Bottle Crate

Beer bottle crates with lid are a very popular item. Beer bottle crate is used in traveling and household storage. It is very simple to make using woods and any serious furniture lover can start with this business as its demand is still very high and sell to households.

  1. Furniture Blogging

You don’t have the skill to make furniture but you have broad knowledge about the industry? You can kindly start up a blog that focuses on the furniture industry. You can be updating your blog on the latest furniture items and their designs.

Consumers can have your blog as a one-stop blog when they want to purchase furniture but don’t know which is better. You then become a furniture consultant with your blog. As you start attracting huge traffic, you can pitch top furniture making companies come to place their adverts on your blog and you start making money from sales of advert space on your blog.

  1. Having a Furniture Store

This is another business idea in the furniture for those who still don’t know how to make furniture but have good knowledge of quality material. You can open a furniture store if you have the capital.

Your furniture store will be used to display different furniture from different companies.

Companies will come and display their furniture in your store and you get paid a commission from the sale of each furniture.

This is a business idea in the furniture industry that can make you rich if your store is located in a good place and how strong is your network because you will have to attract buyers so you can continuously get a commission from sales.

  1. Bamboo Furniture Artisan

As an artisan in this niche, you can weave bamboo and produce quality products like tables, chairs, sofa-sets, raking-chair, etc.

Bamboo artisan furniture is very popular as decorative furniture. It is one type of lightweight furniture. And it is a home-based handicraft industry.

  1. Business Card Holder

Wooden business card holders are mostly used by corporate organizations as promotional gifts. It is a million-dollar industry now. Different varieties of wooden business card holders can be made with some simple tools.

You may want to consider this business idea and start working with corporate organizations helping them produce wooden business cards.

  1. Cabinet

The cabinet is one useful furniture in our homes and offices. It has a wide range of use and it is in high demand too. As a furniture business person, you can make different innovative styles of furniture and sell to potential customers.

It is not capital intensive and can be done with simple tools. You can also create customized cabinets as per the client’s specifications.

  1. Selling of Used Furniture

You can start a business where you will be selling used furniture for people who cannot afford to buy new furniture. This is a very lucrative business with a wide market if you will give it a shot because they are some people who may love to buy new furniture for their bedrooms but can’t because of the prices.

  1. Online Furniture Store

Selling furniture goods online these days is a trendy business opportunity an aspiring entrepreneur can start with some adequate capital investment.

  1. Storage Box

This is another essential household furniture and decorative item. A storage box with a sitting arrangement is a very popular concept. You can make different types of storage boxes with innovative patterns. You can also make customized storage boxes as per the client’s specific requirements.

  1. Wardrobe

This is another business idea in the furniture industry with less capital needed to start. This is another everyday household furniture with very high demand. You can make different types of wardrobe with door and without door also.

  1. Furniture Training School

This is a very lucrative business idea in the furniture industry if you have the capital. If you are that technically buoyant in furniture making and you can teach people as well as manage them, you can start up a furniture-making training school where you will be training those who want to become a professional furniture designer.