Furniture Franchises

The furniture industry is one multibillion-dollar industry you can join with many opportunities to take advantage of. The major players in this industry offer opportunities by franchising would-be investors to become part of their growing brand. Does this sound like something you’d love to do?

If you’d love to own a furniture franchise, this article will help you find some of the best available opportunities. Here, the goal is to set you on the right path to actualizing your desire. The sole decision on what furniture franchise to go for rests on your shoulders.

The good thing is we’ve identified some of the best, making it a lot easier to find a more suitable franchisor.

Furniture Franchise Opportunities to Consider

This section of the article dwells on identifying and briefly discussing the different furniture franchises to buy. Some of the best opportunities include Aaron’s, Real Deals on Home Décor, Wallbeds N More, OTA World, Budget Blinds, Rent-A-Center, Buddy’s Home Furnishings, and Mattress by Appointment.

More furniture franchise opportunities include BoxDrop Mattress & Furniture, Floor Coverings International, American Freight, and Relax the Back. More options include Slumberland, KozyVEND, BoConcept, EasyHome Furnishings, ProSource Wholesale, etc.

i. Aaron’s

Aaron’s is a reputable company that not only deals in furniture but also electronics, computers, appliance leasing, and sales. This franchisor requires candidates to meet its initial investment sum of $283k to $853k. Aaron’s provides financing options to qualified candidates and training and support.

ii. Real Deals on Home Décor

You can turn your passion into profit by joining a booming industry with Real Deals. This business helps homeowners hand-pick pieces for every personal style and season. If you feel this is the right opportunity, you must carefully fill out and submit the online form provided at the bottom of its franchise page.

iii. Wallbeds N More

Are you looking for a furniture franchise with low overhead, high-profit potential, and a unique product line? Wallbeds ‘N’ More might be the right partner. This company offers franchise opportunities and welcomes qualified candidates to apply. It presents you with three opportunities: setting your schedule, flexible operating hours, and a unique product line.

iv. OTA World

You may also be interested in partnering with OTA World as it is also a furniture franchise with great incentives for interested candidates. To qualify, you’ll need an initial investment of $59k to $156k. Qualified franchise candidates can benefit from its financing provisions while new and existing franchisees get the required training and support to succeed.

v. Budget Blinds

Budget Blinds offers you the chance to change your life by investing in your future. It has something for everyone, with veterans offering discounts while financing is available to qualified franchise candidates. The financial requirements include initial fees of $89,950, a minimum working capital of $50,583, and a total investment of $140,533.

vi. Rent-A-Center

This company specializes in services like rent-to-own furniture, computers, tires, electronics, and appliances. It began franchising in 2013 and has since grown to over 2,000 units. To join this opportunity, you’ll need an initial investment of $363k to $570k. This qualifies you for intensive training and robust support.

vii. Buddy’s Home Furnishings

Buddy’s Home Furnishings offers rent-to-own home furnishings, electronics, and appliances. Prospective franchisees must meet their initial investment requirement of $350k to $840k. Since its franchising arm opened, it has grown to over 330 units. Franchisees enjoy impressive unit economics, recurring revenue on inventory, and a business model built for franchising.

viii. Mattress by Appointment

By joining its franchise program, you can also leverage the investment opportunity presented by Mattress by Appointment. Its proven business model and decade-long operation create the perfect environment for franchise owners to grow their businesses.

ix. BoxDrop Mattress & Furniture

BoxDrop Mattress & Furniture gives you access to its simple and proven business model. As its franchisee, you’re given comprehensive ongoing training and support. If this sounds like something you’d love, you can find out more by filling out and submitting its online form.

x. Floor Coverings International

Own a Floor Coverings International franchise by meeting its low startup investment of $165,400 to $235,100. Other details include a franchise fee of $30,000, a territory fee of $35,000, and a net worth of $200,000. Consider requesting more information for full details on joining its business.

xi. American Freight

American freight is a furniture business known for its product categories like furniture, mattresses, and appliances. To join, franchise candidates will need a total investment of $521,900 to $948,900. This is in addition to $150 in cash and $150,000 in liquid assets.

xii. Relax the Back

Relax the back offers many relaxation solutions with masterfully designed furniture. To buy this franchise, you’ll need a franchise fee of $5,000 to $29,500, a total investment of $186,580 to $381,510, liquid capital of $100,000, and a net worth of 500,000.

xiii. Slumberland

This is a family-owned furniture business with over five decades of experience. With franchise stores spread across 12 states, it’s an opportunity you should consider. Slumberland offers franchisees support in critical areas like merchandising, site selection, and store planning & design.

Other support areas include sales training, advertising, marketing & social media, use of technology & systems training, and operations training & support.

xiv. KozyVEND

At KozyVEND, franchisees enjoy benefits like daily sales reports on the KozyVend Kiosk, access to the franchisor’s professional staff, site selection, and full payment of all logistics, deliveries, and service issues. You’re given comprehensive support in all areas of operation, including training.

xv. BoConcept

This global furniture franchise offers its franchisees multiple reasons to join its family. Such include its growing B2B sales channel, quick generating cash flow model, unique interior design service, and exceptional training and support. Learn more about the opportunity and what it takes to get started.

xvi. EasyHome Furnishings

EasyHome is a furniture company that came on board in 2007 and began franchising operations the following year. Since then, it has opened over 200 franchise units. This rent-to-own business provides home furnishings and consumer merchandise with no credit requirement.

xvii. ProSource Wholesale

You may also find ProSource Wholesale a viable investment option due to its many incentives. You’ll need an initial investment of $816k to $823k to own this franchise. Financing options are also available to candidates that require such.

With the information provided, all that’s needed is action. Taking action includes finding out more about your most preferred furniture franchise and contacting the franchisor for a detailed guide on how to start.