9 Fun Business Opportunities that Make Money

Small Fun Business Opportunities to Invest In

Here are some best fun business ideas that can turn one to become a millionaire in the future.

Fun is a good thing and there are different ways to make money while having fun. In this age and time, you can sit at home and make good money through some of the simple fun business ideas I am going to share with you today.

An idle mind they say is the devil’s workshop it’s nice to use your fun time to make money.

There are now more options than ever when you want to do fun businesses from home.


One of those businesses you can do from home is being an event planner. People always need help when planning an event and they call on friends and families who do not have the experience and the event ends up becoming a disaster. If you are good at planning and working with people in planning events then this is a business you can do from home.

Although you will have to meet your client from time to time to keep him informed to plan his event the way he wants it. It’s still a business to do from home.


Secondly, baking and cooking is a good fun business you can do from home. You can bake for events and even for weddings; you can also bake snacks and supply. I have a friend whose hobby is cooking. She just likes to be in the kitchen and her clients are bankers who barely have time for themselves. She cooks (soup and stew depending on what they demand) for them weekly and gets paid.


Thirdly, daycare providers, if you enjoy the company of kids, this business is for you. With the growing hardship due to financial crunch, both men and women work hard and pursue their career and will barely have time for their kids. You could take care of their kids and get paid.


Fourthly, becoming a blogger is a good fun business, once you can dedicate your time to feeding the world with your ideas; you can stay home and get paid. Blogging has made people billionaires of the 21st century. Linda Ikeji is an example of one of the many people that made their money from home via blogging.

You can also go into music from home, with the invention of software that can help you mix good sounds and even do your voicing. You can also mix songs and convert them to mp3, all you need is a little space to do your studio, you can do audio mixing, sing your songs, sell song lyrics and also help others who want to go into music achieve their aim right from the four walls of your house.


Also, you can become a dance instructor, people like me feel bad when I go to parties that I need to dance and I don’t know where to start from.

Now, this is a business for you if you are very good at whining your body to any rhyme. You teach people how to dance and you get paid. Some people are willing to pay anything to learn the salsa dance if you are talented with dancing, then you can make money from it because dancing is also a form of exercise.


Becoming an interior designer is a very good fun business you can do from home. All you need to do is make research constantly to put yourself in the know on recent designs.

Furthermore, you can design a mobile application from home, building an app is one way to make money from home if you have the technical knowledge to do it. You could build mobile apps for churches, banks, etc. and make cool money.

Tie-dying shirts and customizing t-shirts is another kind of business you can do from home. People feel special when they wear a customized shirt and appreciate it as a gift especially when you add special effects in your writing to make it look unique.


Laundry is another kind of funny business you can do from home. People barely have time to do their laundry especially when work is demanding. Having a washing and drying machine will make your job easier.


Portrait photography is another kind of funny business you can do from home. Adeola Olagunja whose work was exhibited at Lagos photo won the young Artfund Amsterdam award in 2013, George Osodi, Aisha Augie-Kuta, Ade Adekola are just some African portrait photographers who started from drawing and are doing great today.


Fashion designing is a fun business you can do from home. You could start with sowing for your family members and it becomes big. People are captivated by ideas and they put their money in unique things, when you do a very neat job for even yourself, you attract a customer and you make good money.