Friendly Computers Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

FRIENDLY COMPUTERS Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

This article contains well-detailed, and comprehensive information about Friendly Computers franchise, as well as other key information regarding the initial startup financial investments requirements; the opportunity benefits and training available to you as a Friendly Computers franchisee; the ideal qualities that are required of you to possess and any other requirements; how to join the franchise business; as well as other necessary information you need to keep abreast with before taking a bold step towards starting up a Friendly Computers franchise.

Are you seriously interested in joining a reputable business franchise in the computer services industry, and are looking forward toward starting up a Friendly Computers franchise?

In this article, you will be clearly presented with all the necessary information you need to get started with Friendly Computers franchise.

About Friendly Computers

Friendly Computers was founded in 1992, and the company started franchising seven years later. They have since been franchising for more than a decade now. They have their corporate headquarters at 3616 N. Rancho Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89130. The Chairman Executive Officer (CEO) of Friendly Computers is Bryan Ward.

The company specializes in the following major services: computer upgrading, computer repairing, networking, database design, website design, and computers building. Friendly Computers is arguably the number 1 computer repairs business in the United States.

Friendly Computers was established in 1992 in a college apartment; today it is a rapidly growing business franchise that provides the services of on-site computer repairs and support to both consumers as well as businesses.

Apart from that, Friendly Computers also offers setting up and installation of computers and networks to big businesses and companies, as well as implementation of e-commerce solutions.

Friendly Computers has so many successful franchise locations all over the United States alone. Their goal is to deliver quality service to their clients at all costs. As a franchisee, you can run and operate a Friendly Computers franchise from the comfort of your home, at your own convenience.

In other words, absentee ownership is permitted at Friendly Computers. You do not require a lot of employees, only one or two employees would be sufficient for the operation of the business. Friendly Computers is a recession-proof business that has a very high consumer demand. They always have a high profit margin when relatively compared to other businesses in the computer services industry: they have arguably close to $300 billion annually as sales revenue.

Franchise owners are always in position to enjoy ongoing support and marketing support (co-op advertising, national media, ad slicks) from the Friendly Computers management.

There will always be a market demand for the services of Friendly Computers basically due to a number of trends, which include the following: the immense number and subsequent growth of everyday people who are reliant on the modern computer; and the growing attack of computer worms, viruses, spywares, etc that have become alarming.

Required Startup Investment to Join Friendly Computers Franchise

How much does it cost to open a friendly computers? 
Is friendly computers a franchise that is expensive?  What is the average friendly computers franchise fee? If you are interested in starting up a Friendly Computers franchise, the financial requirements include: an initial investment capital that ranges from $51,000 – $143,980, initial franchise fee that amounts to $25,000, a minimum net worth of $250,000, as well as 8% ongoing royalty fee. For veterans, there is a 20% incentive off the franchise fee.

Friendly Computers Franchise Benefits and Training

Once you qualify to become one of Friendly Computers franchisee, the following are a number of key things you are to benefit:

  • You will enjoy access to using a proven and experience-based franchise programme.
  • You will enjoy the dedicated support (such as newsletters, meetings, internet, security, toll-free line) from their management team in all aspects of your business, to help you successfully establish your business.
  • You will be offered a 3-day on-site training at startup, as well as one-week training at their headquarters at Las Vegas.
  • You will also enjoy additional training that will be offered to you and your employees monthly concerning technical and marketing roundtables.
  • You will get to enjoy being a part of a recession resistant business.
  • You will also enjoy access to their advertising programmes.
  • You will get to be a part of a rapidly growing computer business franchise.
  • There is financial support to cover the initial franchise fee. However, every other financial assistance is through third-party sources.

How Much You Stand to Make

How much you stand to make largely depends on your business work ethic, your ability to completely follow the set out business systems by Friendly Computer franchise, and a whole lot of other factors such as location, size of business, etc.

Ideal Candidate for Friendly Computers Franchise

The ideal candidate for Friendly Computers franchise that can apply and be accepted is anyone who has an entrepreneurial spirit and is interested and ready to work with them. The ideal candidate is anyone who meets the financial requirements that have been stated above, and who is ready to work and establish a reputable brand with them.

The ideal candidate is not required to possess any special experience and/or computer technical know-how before he/she can become one of their franchisees. All the needed tools and resources for qualified candidates to successfully launch their businesses have been put in place for them and their employees.

How to Open Friendly Computers Franchise?

If you are so interested in starting up a Friendly Computers franchise, all you need do is to proceed to their website on or call 1-888-(723-7436) and request for more information concerning the sign-up procedure.