International Franchise Association was adopted and founded in the year 1960 in California. The chairman of IFA is Aziz Hashim. The president was Stephen Caldeira until September, 2015 when he stepped down. Philip Zeidman, the owner of the largest franchise practice and firm, is the general counsel of IFA.

He has been given award for the ‘Global Franchise Lawyer of the Year’  five times by Who’s Who of Business Lawyers. IFA started mainly when franchising was still in its young days when people were not really interested in it.

The basic function of IFA is to educate prospective franchisees about franchising by informing them about what they want to get into and what franchising is all about. It is with this that the prospective franchisee will make decision about becoming a franchisee or not.

International Franchise Association was founded by William Rosenberg. IFA is the biggest and oldest organization in franchising world and most of the members of IFA are owners of franchised companies in the world. Her mission is to promote, protect and enhance franchising and it consist of organizations and individuals that are ready to promote, protect and enhance franchising.

It was in 1993 that IFA created another membership level where the franchisees were recruited into. It is a very prosperous organization in the sense that it uses large amount of money to oppose against democratic initiatives and also gives out packages to compensate the workers.

It organizes various workshops, seminars and conferences in countries to promote the world of franchising. An example is the workshop that was held in January and also a six-day seminar from October 25 to October 30. The organization helps to create and secure jobs for large number of people and organizations especially for medium and small enterprises.

IFA started by choosing, starting, supporting and financing a franchise. It also ensures that the franchise has potential franchisors and franchisees and also ensures the growth of the franchise. It also gives thorough update and information about franchise organizations, how to possess your own franchised organization  and how to be a franchisee.

Basically, it serves as an intermediary between franchised organizations and franchisees and helps to regulate their activities. It helps businesses to grow and also helps in distributing required resources for creation of job and business.

Many people now have successful businesses through International Franchise Association. IFA is  a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council(ALEC) and has a sub-division known as Franchise Action Network(FAN).

The work of this sub-division is to influence lawmaker’s decision of increasing wage and attacks by workers, labor unions and other special interest groups. IFA  also have another sub-division called “International Franchise Association Education Foundation” and its function is to provide information about IFA so as to educate  those who don’t know about IFA.

IFA protects the interest of its workers tagged “job creators” against democratic decisions.  One of the democratic decision it has fought against is the City Of Seattle in June 2014 because the city wanted to raise minimum wage along with five franchisees.

It also supported and defended McDonald against the National Labour Relations Board’s that said that McDonald gives free rein to labor violation because it is a joint employer with its franchisees.

Some of the funders of IFA are as follows:

(1) William Rosenberg Family Foundation Inc.
(2) Arby’s Foundation Inc.
(3) PepsiCo Foundation
(4) Gary and Diane Heavin Community Fund
(5) Gray Plant Mooty Foundation
(6) ADP Foundation

Some of the groups IFA has formed and helped are:

-Coalition To Save Local Businesses(CSLB)
-Job Creators Network(JCN)
-Job Creators Network Foundation(JCNF)
-Job Creators Action Fund(JCAF)
-Coalition for a Democratic Workplace(CDW)
-More Time for Full-Time
-Council for Affordable Health Coverage(CAHC)
-Employers for Flexibility in Health Care
-Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates

Some of the JCN partners are: American Chemistry Council, Americans For Prosperity, International Franchise Association and Latin Builders Association.

IFA conducts rigorous research about organizations and individuals that wants to be franchised in order to analysis them very well. It is a globally accepted form of business which is very well accepted in many countries, many impacts has been made with the seminars and workshops conducted in several parts of Africa.

The main purpose of these seminars and workshops is to create awareness and full understanding of franchise as a concept. Some of the franchised organizations in Africa are: Tantalizers, Computer Troubleshooters, Mr. Biggs, Avis Car Rental, Chicken Republic, Kentucky Fried Chicken among others.

Some of the challenges of IFA are:

(1) Resolving conflicts that occurs mostly between franchisors and franchisees.
(2) Constructing business strategies and ideas.
(3) Dealing with technologies required in franchising.
(4) Facing oppositions led against the organization.